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Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Let's roll with a blog loaded with answers to questions presented on this site and to @JRsBBQ on Twitter. 

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Why do indy wrestlers signed by WWE go to FCW even though they are not officially 'rookies?' To essentially go through orientation on a variety of matters plus, as a rule, everyone's work needs to be tweaked to some degree. Being successful in the independent scene certainly helps one's career, w/o fail, but that alone doesn't make one a ready to go fit for WWE.

What will it take to get Warrior in the WWE HOF? I don't know but I know that attempting to barter additional video projects such as a DVD, etc likely won't get it done. I'm not in that loop, luckily, but basic, logical communication usually works best. No one I know has ever argued that Warrior isn't deserving. Personally, I have no issue with his outspoken personality as it is Warrior being Warrior and exercising his First Amendment rights. 

How can TNA allow Ric Flair to attend the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony to be with the Four Horsemen? Logically, how could they not?  How does it hurt TNA? Why would any logical business want to deprive one of their people a well deserved moment of recognition from their fan base? Plus, comparing WWE and TNA as if it was the second coming of the Monday Night Wars is laughable. To me, this matter is much to do about nothing. Ric Flair comes to Miami and is with the Horsemen to be recognized for distinguished service to the business and then he returns to TNA to resume whatever it is that he's doing. 

Why isn't Ole Anderson being inducted? 1. Ole publicly said that he wasn't interested. 2. Ole is unfortunately dealing with health issues. No fan or wrestling professional can intelligently say that Ole Anderson isn't deserving of any honor the business has to bestow. He was an intelligent executive, a tough, physical and sound fundamental wrestler who had a long, productive career. When a wrestler says they aren't interested then a company should respect such wishes and move on.  

How come every incarnation of every Horseman entity isn't being recognized? I'm not aware of why but to me it makes no sense to recognize every wrestler that had a proverbial cup of coffee as a Horseman. WWE decided to go with the group that they felt was the most viable and I happen to agree that the quartet of Flair, Arn, Tully, and Windham, along with manager JJ Dillon, was the best all around in ring grouping of the famous faction. That doesn't mean that statement is right or wrong but only that it's my personal opinion.

I'd bet that WWE can/will sell tons of 4 Horsemen merchandise at WM28. Seems like a lay up to me.

(Get this one seemingly hourly) Will you be at WrestleMania? Absolutely. I have multiple AXXESS appearances that I'm looking forward to plus we will have JR's products featured at the WWE Merchandise area at AXXESS as well. I also have some production to do on a variety of projects. Will I be at ringside for WM28 on Sunday April !? Same answer as before, not at this time. 

Who wins, Bruce Lee or Dan Gable? Interesting. Obviously we will never know and there likely is no wrong answer but I'd be a Gable lean on this one. That would undoubtedly be a helluva, fantasy PPV would it not?

Idea...drain a can of pinto beans (high protein & healthy) into a pan, add chopped onions, JR's All Purpose Seasoning, a drizzle of JR's Chipotle Ketchup and Original BBQ Sauce and allow to simmer for a few minutes. It's easy, healthy, affordable and tastes great. I made this dish Saturday night. 

Advise for wannabe wrestlers? Please get an education first. Have a viable, Plan B established just in case that you don't make it to WWE if that's your goal. Many more will fail than succeed attempting to become a star in WWE just as they do attempting to become a star in the NFL, NBA, etc. I'm not saying don't chase one's dream but be smart and have something to fall back on just in case. Obviously, an athletic look is imperative along with product knowledge. Those two issues can be addressed while one is going to school whether it be college or a trade school.

Did @RealDDP and you almost come to blows during the taping of the current Legends Roundtable? Heck, no. DDP and I agree to disagree on some points but so what? That's what the show is about. A roundtable discussion where differing view points are essential to making an entertaining TV show. We succeeded in doing exactly that. The Legends of Wrestling Roundtable that is currently airing on WWE on Demand is one of the best episodes that we've ever done. I have great respect for DDP and consider him, in the most positive of ways, to be one of the great overachievers ever in the business. 

Do you personally sign all the signed items that are offered in the various packages on Absolutely. I sign each item personally and there are no faux signatures whatsoever. All real...all authentic. 

Are you concerned about the WWE locker room being 'jealous' of @TheRock returning to headline WM28? Not in the least. I say "get over it" if you are indeed so immature and insecure to have such an asinine reaction. If one wants to perform at WM28 make sure that one's in ring work and out of ring professionalism is such that you CAN'T be omitted from the card. Rock is going to assist in baking a LARGE PIE of which many will get an enhanced slice. 

BTW....check out the NEW (Howard Finkel voice) Just re-launched today. 

Would I like to see @steveaustinBSR have one last match at a future Wrestlemania? As a fan, "Oh Hell, Yeah!" But that's a decision that's completely Steve's. Just an assumption but if it is going to happen, one wold think it would be at WM29 OR would he wait until the historic WM30? Personally, I can't see the Texas Rattlesnake doing multiple matches but who knows?

What's your favorite match ever that you've broadcast? Get this one daily. Have no answer. Too many great bouts have happened before my eyes. I've been blessed in that regard but can't name just one match of the thousands that I've called as the best ever. Same essentially goes for the best wrestler ever question. 

While you're here, you can see my answers to a ton of questions on many of the previous blogs I've written over the past few weeks. Check them out.

How can @ShawnMichaels 'steal' the show at WM28? He's just the referee? Specifically, I have no idea. Generally, HBK becomes a different performer at WrestleMania events and he could be the only man to actually walk out of the HIAC. That's the element that Shawn brings, the unexpected. I like it.

Where will Peyton Manning sign? Manning likely has 3-4 good years left if his neck doesn't forsake him. It has to be with a team that Manning truly feels can be a Super Bowl contender in that window so said team needs to be close now. Manning signing soon will help any team he signs with in free agency negotiations. Plus, some of the displaced Colts that work well with Peyton are available. The Peyton Manning story/signing has supplanted the NFL Draft as the most anticipated, off season NFL event. 

How can UFC monetize @RondaRousey now. Get her in the mainstream media asap. She needs high scale photo shoots and to appear on any viable, TV platform that's available. Enhance her name identity and display her sex appeal and looks. She's a badass that can break one's heart...figuratively or literally. Bottom line is to strike while the iron is hot because there is no guarantee that she's going to run off a string of wins including her next fight against Kaufman who is a strong striker. 

Again, there is no viable reason of which I am aware that Women's MMA can't be a center for new money for Zuffa/UFC. It broadens the genre's appeal and opens doors for media events/opportunities that may not embrace male fighters. more 'JR vs. Michael Cole in a match' questions. For the love of all that's good, hasn't the TV viewer been punished enough?  That ship has sailed and, at the last report, has sunk at sea....thankfully. 

Been watching FCW TV via DVD for several weeks now. I'm anxious to see them in person this week.

Favorite type of match? Depends on the wrestlers involved and the reason for the match but I'd like to see an occasional 60 Minute Ironman Match featured on PPV perhaps annually. I could also see a 30 minute Iron Man Match effectively used on one of WWE's weekly TV shows. 

does any one remember the one hour, TV bout years ago that was put together by @DustyWWE for Flair vs Windham to showcase their talents? It was one of the best bouts I've ever seen and I selfishly wish I had been there to call it.   

Should be an interesting night in Cleveland for Raw Monday Night as both @ShawnMichaels and The Undertaker will be in the arena live. Could be a potentially interesting conversation or perhaps even more. As a fan, I embrace the long history between all three men who will be inside HIAC at WM28 as HHH/Taker/HBK's professional lives have been forever intertwined. There's lots of history that exists between the three men that will forever be a vital part of the fabric of WWE. 

Not sure what to expect between @TheRock singing and @JohnCena rapping on Monday's RAW  except that I know that Cena will rap immensely better than I did once upon a time.

Hoping to hear more from @CMPunk and @IAmJericho Monday night as they prepare for their WWE Title main event at WM28. As I've said, this one could be the show stealer if both men are on top of their game especially Punk who's physically banged up right now but has the toughness to work through it. Jericho is another highly motivated talent, ala HBK, who will want to leave fans talking about him at WrestleMania.

Speaking of Cleveland...someone asked what my favorite memory of Cleveland is and I have two. 1. the first NFL game I ever broadcast was from Cleveland's old stadium in 1992 vs. the Falcons and 2. meeting Cavs rookie LeBron James who walked with the King and I to our vehicle after a Monday Night Raw. I remember telling King later that night that the young man seemed grounded and like a genuinely, nice person and that I hoped that James would not allow success to change him. Not too long after that LeBron sent me a signed basketball and later a signed jersey without me soliciting them from him. Obviously, LeBron James grew up watching WWE.   

Ponder this, there are many strong personalities immersed and involved at WM28 that seemingly 'need' to validate their professional roles/stature within the business. It's because of that that this year's extravaganza is so anticipated by many of us. Highly motivated, successful people generally perform their best, no matter what the cost might be to others, when the lights are bright and the stakes are high.  

Who steals the show at WM28? Who is the most innovative? Who most maximizes their minutes? What WrestleMania Moment will we be talking about on April 2? 

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Ric Flair's world title wins:

1) beat Dusty Rhodes in 1981 for NWA world title

2) beat Harley Race in 1983 for NWA world title

3) beat Harley Race in 1984 for NWA world title

4) beat Kerry Von Erich in 1985 for NWA world title

5) beat Dusty Rhodes in 1986 for NWA world title

6) beat Ron Garvin in 1987 for NWA world title

7) beat Ricky Steamboat in 1989 for NWA world title

8) beat Sting in 1991 for NWA world title

9) beat Tatsumi Fujinami in 1991 for held up WCW world title

10) won the Royal Rumble in 1992 for WWF world title

11) beat Randy Savage in 1992 for WWF world title

12) beat Barry Windham in 1993 for NWA world title

13) beat Big Van Vader in 1993 for WCW world title

14) beat Ricky Steamboat in 1994 for held up WCW world title

15) beat Randy Savage in 1995 for WCW world title

16) beat Randy Savage in 1996 for WCW world title

17) beat Hollywood Hulk Hogan in 1999 for WCW world title

18) beat Jeff Jarret in 2000 for WCW world title

19) given the WCW world title by Kevin Nash in 2000 after being stripped of the title a week earlier. Flair lost it back to JJ later the same night and this is his last official reign. Some consider the last 2 to be just 1 reign.

And Shawn Michaels will probably steal the show at Mania by costing either HHH or Taker the match. Possibly by accident like at Summerslam 1997 with Taker vs Bret Hart.


Warrior told me personally on Facebook that if WWE makes a new DVD, along with admitting the truth and giving him the respect that he deserves, Then he will accept the Hall Of Fame.

Ask him yourself about this and he will tell you the same.


 Dan Gable over Bruce Lee?  You're high, Ross.

Hey there JR, long time since I posted anything.  Some random observations I've got in my head that I'd like to put out.....

I heard a rumor recently that Triple-H made an executive decision, freezing talent being brought in from FCW unless the WWE writers has a good build-up and solid story-line for them.  If that's true it's a good decision.  There's no second chance to make a first impression, I've seen too much talent brought in without any direction and just end up drifting until released.  Now, as you've said before, part of the blame is the talent themselves, it's their careers and they need to speak up about what they want to do with it, but the writers should earn their pay too.

Case in Point, Brodus Clay.  I've been rather dumbfounded by what the heck he's doing.  First he's presented as a brutal ring-monster, then I see "Funkasaurus", dancing to the ring to Ernest Miller's rehashed music, spending half-a-minute pointlessly destroying some other wrestler, then going back to his dance routine.  No mic time, no decent matches, where is he going?  He used to be a Gorilla, now he's a monkey on a victrola.

Teddy Long vs John Laurinitis, personally I don't see why they only need one GM, but if it's going to happen then let it be Long.  As I've said before villains come in three forms: those you love to hate, those you hate to love, and those you just want to see go away.  When I hear the crowd booing Laurinitis it's the boos of apathy.  He may be a good guy behind the scenes (or maybe not, I don't know) but in front of the camera he makes Mike Adamle look like John Cena, Jim Duggan's 2x4 is less wooden.

Speaking of When Will It End, When are they going to finally put NXT to bed?  I've heard season 5 is STILL going on, nearly a year going now half of it being just between the Final Three.  Pick a winner and move on.

Whenever Psych goes off the air James Roday would have a great career as a WWE ring announcer.

I've been YouTubing FCW matches recently.  I've been very impressed with Richie Steamboat and Raquel Diaz (Eddie would be proud).  But most of all I've been just wild about Dean Ambrose.  This guy is incredible, he reminds me alot of Roddy Piper with a bit of Brian Pillman thrown in.  His feud with William Regal was especially impressive.  When he gets to the main rosters this guy is gonna blow the roof off.  He just screams "I'm the bad guy".

Many other thoughts running through my head but I'll save them for later.  Thanks for the time and enjoy Wrestlemania..

Santino has managed to do something that I hope is not being lost on blind eyes ! He is THE TOP BABYFACE IN WWE. If he tones his character down just a smidge I see him being a VERY OVER.....MERCHANDISE SELLING World Champ. This no joke J.R. Santino has captured my attention and the wife and kids flat came unglued when he won the U S Title. He got a STONE COLD POP that night. He has a good skill set and he "Hulks up" with perfect timing. Will the Powers that be drop the ball on this Lightning in bottle situation ? What say you ?

J R said nothing of the sort. If you do your research and quit acting like a Liberal you would know all about the exchange. It's people like you Diane Cook that judge before you know the FACTS. You owe MR. JIM ROSS an apology and it needs to be soon. You don't want any bad KHARMA.

Diane Cooke hit the nail on the head with that one. Anyone with any common sense can see that.

As a War Games/The Match Beyond fanatic, I have picked a team that I fear cannot be beat LOL

Road Warrior Hawk

Road Warrior Animal

Big Van Vader

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen

Bruiser Brody

And my second team:

Andre the Giant

The Big Show

The Undertaker


Don Leo Jonathan.

What do you think?

The King of all Monsters

Oh just a add on to what WISSRATSOUNDS stated, I just received a note from Warrior from his Official FB page (I found it via his website) in response to what WISSRATSOUNDS posted here and below is his response not 1 min before

Warrior Not true. Team Warrior

Nuff Said

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