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Beautiful day in Oklahoma and let's get to grilling with a quick hitting, random thought oriented blog. Updated the many, new Q&A's  here on the site as that facet of what we do here is really growing. Got a nice mini lecture from some fan who apparently doesn't like some of my answers to the questions that I receive. I guess I should placate every fan whether I agree with them or not. Well, that's not going to happen. I could easily delete the questions and blow them off completely but at least I respond to the majority of questions unless they are overly redundant. My answers are always honest but often times somewhat tongue in cheek as well. I do them for the fans and not for profit as this isn't a premium site nor do we have our online store open.  Do I want you to visit our site and perhaps end up buying JR's products from or from ? Absolutely!! Anyone that has legit connections with any grocery story chain that might be interested in carrying our products please email your info at Contact Us on the home page of the site and we will get back to you ASAP. Securing retail distribution for JR's, as I've discussed is really challenging but we're not giving u but we need help. Looking forward to attending the annual @CACReunion again this year in Las Vegas at the Gold Coast hotel. I'm hearing that ticket sales for the Wednesday night banquet are brisk. Every fan should learn more about the Cauliflower Alley Club and can do some via Google, etc or at Loved the emotion that the winner of @UFC The Ultimate Fighter had in winning a very close, split decision Saturday night from Vegas. MMA judging not unlike boxing judging still seems to be a work in progress. Solution to that matter is to 'finish' one's opponent and take one's fate out of three judges hands. Love getting new recipes send to us here at the Q&A section or to me via Twitter @JRsBBQ. Got one that included using JR's All Purpose Seasoning in devil eggs and another in egg salad. Simple is always best when it comes to food prep including using fresh food. Feel free to send us your ideas using JR's products which are just as effective in one' kitchen as they are outdoors on the grill.  Enjoyed attending #OU spring football game Saturday in Norman.  with about 30,000 others. Three man race for QB but "Belldozer" Blake Bell seems to have the edge as the young Ben Roethlisberger type QB can run and throw and stands 6'6"-255 pounds. Lefty Kendall Thompson is intriguing at QB as well as he's got a big arm and is extremely elusive. I'd be shocked if a starter was officially named until a week or ten days prior to the first game. Yes...I do believe that Kobe Bryant will return to the Lakers sometime next season. No, I don't think that Kobe was being used too much. Listening to some pundits speak on this matter the past few days one would have thought that the Mama had passed away.  I've invested little to no time watching the Masters so no golf update here. I will say that CBS would never have allowed the disqualification of Tiger Woods who is like John Cena, the game's top fan favorite and the game's top antagonist or so it seems.  However, I am interested in the new, Mick Foley DVD that is on most shelves this Tuesday."For all of Mankind" will be a keeper and I can tell you that the documentary portion of it is highly informative and entertaining.  @steveaustinBSR predicts that @WWEFandango will be IC Champion within a few months. It might not take that long but I could also see Fandango winning the US Title as well at some point. Stars become stars over the long haul and even though Fandango has had an amazing few weeks and change as it relates to recognition, etc, it's how he does long term that writes his story. If Fandango can continue to grow, a key role at WM30 could be in his future and that's generally considered the yard stick.  AS I wrote here weeks ago, bell to bell Fandango can 'go' but using Beautiful Bobby Eaton's Alabama Jam finisher might not be the best over the long haul. That's just my two cents. Just because @Ryback22 is hungry for the WWE Title and the money that comes along with it why does that motive make the powerhouse a villain? Since when did ambition make one an antagonist. Antagonist display a variety of common traits, non of which I have seen yet, I stress yet, from Ryback. I do like the apparent pairing of Ryback vs. John Cena and where this matter may be heading. To me, it certainly feels fresh even though some will take exception to the fact that Cena is in the equation. It doesn't both me and I see this rivalry selling tickets and producing a reaction in the arenas. Too many 'experts' over analyze what is actually a relatively simplistic genre to navigate and to understand. Don't over think things and see how the consumers IE the viewers, fans, etc react. Reactions are easy to measure....TV ratings, tickets sold and PPV's bought. Just do the math.   Speaking of reactions, the live events, RAWS, Smackdown, and the PPVs are the places fans should express themselves and not, as I wrote about recently, at an event like the WWE Hall of Fame. The boorish behavior of a loud, perhaps inebriated, minority of male fans is inexcusable and, believe me, I've heard all the excuses since writing about some of the attendees who acted like morons at the 2013 #WWEHOF Induction Ceremony. I see this behavior as a total lack of respect for all involved in the process not just those being jeered. Finally, the "we pay our money, so we can act any way that we choose" excuse is laughable....and embarrassing.  There will be some UWF footage included in the first Mid South Wrestling DVD produced by WWE that is due to be released in September including an approximate 20 minute bell to bell UWF Title bout between Steve 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams and Terry 'Bam Bam ' Gordy.  I'm going to be interested to see what sort of reaction new, World Champ @HEELZiggler Dolph Ziggler receives on RAW Monday as it seems that Ziggy winning the championship was a popular decision last week in Jersey.  Several unique, developments have my interest coming out of WrestleMania..more so than in some other years. Anxious for some provocative, follow up. I hope that WWE adds @JCLayfield to the RAW broadcast team of @MichaelCole and @Jerry Lawler and that JBL and King can create some electricity while Cole keeps the rudder in the water captaining the ship. I like their chemistry even though I'm having to learn to like a three man broadcast crew better. We old dogs can learn new tricks.  Yes, I really do think that @sonnench has a chance, a long shot chance, at beating Johnny 'Bones' Jones at the next #UFC PPV. The talkative Sonnen is hugely entertaining, knows how to sell a fight and how to create emotions that turn into dollars. When more MMA fighters 'get' the art of selling their fights the entire genre will benefit. None of them have to take their selling over the top and lose credibility but learning how to communicate with one's target audience is imperative in any business.  Be sure and say hello if you see me in Vegas this week at CAC or elsewhere.  Appreciate everyone ordering JR's online at and in Manchester, England from Be well and follow me on Twitter as I just exceeded 750,000 followers @JRsBBQ. Boomer Sooner! J.R.              
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Concerning the «too many experts over analyse» things paragraph... Well, what can you expect? There will always be over analysing, because we DON'T know how WWE truly functions. We are never told buyrates, attendances, reasons why certain talents are pushed and some are not. I for one would love more behind the scenes coverage of WWE, how managment functions, what's important and what's not. So, of course the «fans» dont know what they are talking about, we dont really know how it works! Sure, it may take some of the magic away, but it would give us a better understanding of how a wrestling organisation truly functions. But since that wont ever change, the speculations will never ever end (and you will have to answer the same questions on a regular basis till the end of time).
HOF was a fantastic night but like you say, embarassed by some of the fans in attendance.   The HOF should not be treated as a Raw or Smackdown "Wrestling event".  If fans cannot understand this then they are not true fans in my opinion. Regardless of the price of my ticket I felt honoured to be there and see so many legends being inducted.  Happy the WWE chooses to hold these events in front of WWE fans.
I don't really know what's going on with the WWE either, so i've stuck to what i know best & that's i grew up with, where there was no or little info then & the fans went nuts more than they do today, stomping their feet & chanting 'go king go' etc, Kids are fine but it's the older fans crying out for the attitude era & are confused with today's product & your not making it any easier by saying the current "broadcast" is the best going when so many fans have looked up to you for 20 years, for me though King, Heenan was the best because they've been in the ring & dealt with it enough call a match as they saw it, but that's a personal opinion. K. Lambert
I choose to be positive and I know that things will never be as they once were. It's my choice to view today's product psitively. I live my life that way too. Constantly complaining about a fictional, TV show seems mindless to me with our tomorrows not guaranteed for any of us.  
JR, two questions, if I may... Can you explain the sudden popularity of a guy (Fandango) who, at least in my eyes, seems no more than a mid-carder right now? I mean, the guy wrestled once at WM and once on Raw and all of a sudden he is trending on Twitter and has a "Fandangoing" movement. I just don't get it. Perhaps, as you say, he will wind up doing big things one day down the road, but I just don't get the reaction he has gotten thus far after doing no more than backing out of matches with the "Say my name right" thing. Also, in a more general sense, why do so many people despise John Cena? Have we truly become a society (or a "universe", if you will) that no longer likes the good guy? I've been a WWE fan since the [WWF] Rock & Wrestling Connection days in the mid-80s. At that time, nobody would have DARED booing Hulk Hogan out of the building like they do with Cena today. They're both similar, in my eyes, in that their wrestling personas are/were both this larger than life, über-squeaky clean good guy. One could argue that Hogan's "say your prayers, eat your vitamins" shtick was far more over-the-top saccharine than Cena's. I mean, the "Let's go Cena-CENA SUCKS" thing is really fun to watch most weeks, I gotta be honest. The energy of the crowds and Cena's responses make for really entertaining television. Just curious as to when the WWE Universe™ became so villain-obsessed. Still miss seeing and hearing you on Raw.  --Johann @JDS62704
I don't quite understand how John Cena "sells tickets". I'm not in WWE, I don't know their profits or anything.  But from my eyes, I go to every event in my area, watch every show and buy every PPV.  I don't do it because of John Cena. I notice there are a lot of John Cena shirts sold, but surely a lot of this is to do with the fact that he has a) more television time, b) more merchandise available and c) is marketed towards children who primarily are spending their parents money. I would imagine if a more popular person was given the prime merchandising slot and main event status they would make just as much, as they would hit markets beyond just children.  CM punk doesn't count because he wasn't main eventing shows despite being the champion.   Yes, I believe certain individuals can sell.  Fandango has just made a ton of money I imagine, as did Punk last year.  But John Cena isn't over.  He's booed more than he's cheered, and it isn't "everyone has an opinion" as Cole likes to say.  He isn't controversial. He's getting X-Pac heat plain and simple.  People wish he wasn't there.  The PPVs are selling themselves, and people are buying the undertaker, CM punk, Fandango (more UK publicity in a weekend than Rock/Cena got in 3 years), Chris Jericho.  John Cena being in the main event isn't in my view why people are buying them.   We had a wrestlemania replay on in my house, 7 people were sat watching Brock vs HHH.  4 of those hadn't seen wrestlemania already.  When Rock/Cena came on, it emptied the room, no lie.  
 Mr. Ross: You might be referring to my question about your website's search function where you mentioned a "mini lecture" from "some fan".  I was just trying to be helpful... didn't mean to offend.  Certainly appreciate all you do on this site to interact with the fans.  Cheers! As for Kobe Bryant, he'll be back, but likely won't be able to match his previous standard of individual performance.  Torn Achilles tendon is a B of an injury.