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Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Thought I would address some Twitter questions in this blog. I updated our Q&A section of this site earlier today. Let's roll...

"Is your sauce good?" Even though there are tons of positive feedback from many satisfied customers on Twitter, etc, I get asked this question daily. Obviously, we think that we've developed a great line of products. They aren't 'gimmicks' but if you have doubts about ordering a single bottle to give it a try then don't. Online only at

One match that you would have liked to have announced but didn't? There are many but Hogan vs. Andre at WM3 would make the list. There are Flair vs. Race matches that I would have liked to have called too. Add Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk, Jr one hour draws to the list. 

Does Khali have knees? Yes, two bad ones. 

Will your products be sold at WM28? Not in the stadium but at AXXESS Thursday thru Sunday at the WWE Merchandise Stand. 

Did you have a script for calling King vs. 'Andy Kaufman' on Man on the Moon? Yes, a short one that was discovered by Director Milos Forman to be insufficient so I ad-libbed most of it and Milos loved it. That's why some of my catchphrases made the movie. 

First wrestling broadcasting role model? Gordon Solie. But equally so was Ray Scott, Chris Schenkel, Curt Gowdy, Harry Caray, Jack Buck and of course Keith Jackson. 

Why won't you make WM28 predictions? I have too many dogs in the hunt with several of our 'recruits' competing. Why would I hurt their feelings?

Who gets booed at WM28 in Miami, Rock or Cena? I can't see Rock getting booed in his hometown can you? This is a 'road game' for Cena and should be explained as such by the announcers. I assure you that Cena could care less as he just wants/needs to win. 

Do you have plans to write a book? Yes, but I have no timeline. It might not be too popular in some circles if I tell it all. If something happens to me before I get around to it, my wife knows where all my years of notes are kept. Perhaps she can facilitate someone to handle the task. 

Did Undertaker request that you call the HIAC match at WM28? I have no idea if that's remotely true as it came to my attention via the internet. I've spoken to no one about that matter. Likely just another rumor. 

Do I consider calling the @TheRock vs. Hulk Hogan ten years ago at WM18 in Toronto a professional thrill. Yes, but it's become larger in later years because of the significance of the performance of each talent. I'd like to think that I added a little something to the presentation but if not one can always watch it with the sound muted.

Will Wrestlemania ever be held in the UK? Officially, I have no idea. Unofficially, I seriously doubt it. The time zone difference to make WrestleMania live in North American is an obstacle that can't be overcome easily. 

Will you ever go to TNA? I wish them the best and hope that they achieve success and profitability but I have no interest in working there. I'm a WWE guy and when that's over with I'll explore other non wrestling options. 

Will WWE ever build a HOF/WWE Museum building? I think so. Not sure when or where but I think it's inevitable. 

Who would you like to see in Taker's last match? Depends on when it will be and who's hot. I don't see that happening for a while but a Cena vs. Undertaker bout down the road is likely. 

Do you like Celebrity WWE HOF awards? Why not? They're an honorary award and have nothing to do with true WWE HOF'ers nor do they prohibit deserving HOF'ers from being inducted. I'm amazed that more people don't 'get it' when it comes to the proverbial 'Celebrity Wing' of the WWE Hall of Fame. It's a PR tool. 

Was Dusty in his prime more 'over' than the Rock in Miami? Arguably. Dusty in his prime in Florida was as hot as anyone ever in sports or entertainment. It was just before the proliferation of cable TV, social media, etc but Dream was truly huge.  

Is A Train returning to WWE? I first heard about Matt Bloom perhaps returning to WWE online and I have zero talks with WWE or the talent about this rumor. The talent says that he isn't. I don't know but I signed Matt originally and hold him in high regard. Big, smart, and athletic. He would be a good 'get' if he's interested.

Are more Legends of Wrestling Roundtables on deck? I hear that perhaps another two shows will be produced in May but that's not confirmed nor do I know the topics or if I will be included in the panel. Roundtables are WWE On Demand's most popular shows. 

Why do you talk so much about sauce on Twitter? We're trying to build a family business. I use Twitter to help with that project. Who else is going to promote our family of products? If they were rotten tasting gimmicks I'd lay back but they're fantastic products which is why we have so many repeat customers. If one is offended by my promotion on Twitter just unfollow. I think that I provide lots of other info @JRsBBQ which can be reaffirmed if one simply reads our timeline. 

Is Jericho too personal with his attack on Punk re: alcoholism? It's show biz folks. Personal issues draw money and interest in the genre. It always has and always will. Alcoholism is a serious illness. It's affected many of us but don't confuse real life issues with a sports entertainment storyline. Enjoy it or turn the channel. 

Will you ever return to Raw full time? Likely not. However, I'm a team guy, as I've said many times, and will do whatever it is that WWE needs for me to help them be more successful. Not being on the road over 50 weeks a year isn't offending me. 

Is FCW available on TV outside Florida? I think not but it airs on the Brighthouse Cable Network in Florida Sundays at 6 pm. Others may know the answer to this one. 

Will you do more commentating on FCW in the future? I wasn't expecting to do any commentary the last time I was in Tampa but I did and had a blast. If I'm needed, of course I will but that's not my call. 

What's the best match that you ever called? Can't name one...too many to choose from. Some day I will hopefully stop getting this question. 

Why don't you answer all the questions you receive on Twitter? Time restraints, volume, and the fact that MANY questions have been answered on our blogs on this website but many folks don't take the time or are too lazy to read them. 

Do you have any interest in the proposed movie re; Coach Barry Switzer? Absolutely! I hope that I can audition for a role such as a radio announcer, football official, assistant coach, etc.

Do you follow England's football? No but I respect the game and the passion of the fans. I watch occasionally but have no favorite team.

Why do you think that the Oklahoma Athletic Commission is misguided? Because WWE isn't a combat sport and should not be governed like MMA or Boxing. WWE is closer to the Harlem Globetrotters or the Ice Capades than it is MMA. However, I do think a resolution to this ill fated matter is closer than most think. 

Do you 'hate' Michael Cole? Last plays a fictional character on an entertainment TV show and is not supposed to be embraced. I also don't believe in the Easter Bunny.

What's the best match you personally ever participated in? Honestly, none really stick out. I never wanted to be a 'wrestler.' Nor do I enjoy the occasional in ring misadventures that I've encountered. However, being in the ring as a 'wrestler' in Madison Square Garden was a big thrill, more of an honor, and I appreciated that opportunity. I just always felt that I wasn't a very good in ring performer and was better suited to do play by play.   

Will the WWE Title bout go on last at WM28? Not this year in my view. That's Rock vs. Cena's spot or so it would seem. I hope that the WWE Title bout goes on somewhat early so that there's less likely to be any timing issues on Punk vs. Jericho. 

Where do you think Manning goes now? Peyton will go to either Tennessee or San Francisco if I had to make a call. I think Denver is out of it but I'm merely guessing. I'll be glad when this never ending tale ends. Feels WWE storyline driven as in it is the lead in for the NFL Draft or so it seems. 

Why don't you answer my questions? Because many your questions can easily be answered simply by Googling them. Don't be lazy. 

Are you on Yahoo Sports Radio at the same time each week? Yes...Saturday mornings at 10:30 central time and you can listen online at You can also find it on their site's podcast area.

How do we get JR's in Wal Mart? Not sure but tweeting @walmart and @walmartspecials with great frequency won't hurt. Request, demand and ask for JR's to become a part of Wal Mart. We might get lucky.

Fav Divas bout? Many that I've liked but Trish vs. Lita and Trish vs. Lisa Marie were two that I can easily recall. I was proud of how athletic and tough our Divas were back in the day. Hopefully, today's Divas will earn the same amount, if not more, of notoriety as their predecessors. 

Has Rock spoken to you about calling his WM28 bout with John Cena?  @TheRock doesn't make those calls but the answer is no. I haven't spoken directly to Rock in a good while as he has his hands full preparing for @JohnCena and managing a movie career. 

Do you miss announcing with King? Sure. But that's not my role at this point in time. Jerry and I had a great time working together and, I think, brought out the best in each other. I wasn't as effective after leaving Raw and becoming Todd Grisham's sidekick as I was working with the King. I'd like to think that King and I had natural chemistry plus the product we had to work with in the Attitude Era, not because of the era, but because of the talent base made our work a great deal easier. 

What advise do you give wannabe wrestlers? Get an education first or have a viable trade so that Plan B is attainable/available as most won't make it in the wrestling biz. Plus, get great, wrestling training while being in the best physical shape one could attain in a legal, common sense manner. always make good out of the ring decisions. Provide management no reasons to not consider you because you were a knucklehead.  

Who provides the ring names for the talents in FCW? Not sure...Larry Flynt? Vivid Video? Only kidding as I really don't know but there are some dandies down there. 

Who's on your Mt Rushmore of Wrestling Broadcasters? Solie, Heenan, Monsoon, Russell, and McMahon. 

I don't get it. How can @ShawnMichaels 'steal' the HIAC match at WrestleMania? Because he's HBK and that's what he does. He can't help himself. How Shawn does it this year as a referee is something that I can't wait to see. It is WrestleMania and he is Shawn Michaels. You do the math. 

Most underrated pure athlete you can recall in WWE? Hmmm, there are many but Billy Gunn would be near or at the top of the list thinking just off the top of my head. Amazingly gifted athlete in multiple and diverse sports who possessed many skills. 

Can you see Jericho winning the WWE Title at WM28? Of course, but it won't be easy. Love the chances that this match steals the wrestling spotlight on the April 1 PPV. It's too close to call for me.  

That's it for now but you can order JR's 7 days a week at as we prepare for WM28 paties, grilling season, and gift giving notwithstanding every day use. Thanks so much for helping us build our family business.

Be sure and take just a moment to read our blogs here on the site. You're here so why not?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Never doubt how much we appreciate your support and each and everyone of you for being a fan.  

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Thanks for the bonus blog this weekend. I think I have read every blog you have ever put up.  Im very impressed with the repeat questions you get asked daily. Anywho, I hope to meet you at axxess in a couple of weeks

Good blog again JR. And yeah i think that Cena seems like the natural opponent for Undertaker next year if he don't retire. But i've also heard about Rock-Cena 2 or 3 next year and possibly at Summerslam this year.

I also hear that Money in the Bank was cancelled from Mania this year  cause Wade Barrett got injured and he was supposed to win it so they're waiting for him to return this summer and he'll win it then.

Mania is 2 weeks from today. Can't wait.

Let me be the first one to say it: Tim Tebow, we wish you well in all your future endeavors.

Wrestlemania XXVIII - Best card in years

 JR: I'm excited for Wrestlemania! I really hope to see you have a spot on the show in the commentary. What are your elaborative thoughts on the whole Wrestlemania card? Each match has its exciting expectations, and I wondered whats saucing it for you in each respective match.


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