Sunday Blog, WWE HOF 2014, Mayweather=Old School Territory Owners, Jake, Scott & DDP, Does RAW broadcast team need more debate?

It's a grilling day here at the Ross household but before we fire up our new, @WeberGrills let's heat up some random thoughts.... Getting way too many WWE Hall of Fame questions on our Q&A section to adequately address. While some feel the WWE HOF is not valid, it's as valid as the MLB HOF for sure, I am honored to be a member.  My only take on the 2014 WWE HOF, that will take place in New Orleans, is that it should not, in my personal opinion, have more than two posthumous inductees. One would be ideal for me but two is my personal, limit. It's amazing of how many fans want to talk WWE HOF and don't even know who is already enshrined. Perhaps can do something on their site to make that list more readily available.   Great to see NXT talents Corey Graves, Adrian Neville, Emma, and Paige on the road this weekend with the Raw and Smackdown tours.  I expect Roanoke to sell out Monday night for Raw. I used to enjoy going to Roanoke during the Crockett years as it was one of the markets that the late, Sandy Scott promoted. Sandy was a credit to the business.  Even thought I'm a big time @okcthunder fan, I'm leery of them coming out of this @Memgrizz series which I think will go seven games. It all depends on who on the Thunder team can step up and help Kevin Durant on a nightly basis. Memphis offensive pace may frustrate the Thunder who love to run while Memphis is more of a deliberate, grind it out squad.  @FloydMayweather is akin to an old school wrestling promoter who owned his territory, booked it, worked on top in the main events, and collected most of the cash. Think Eddie Graham, Verne Gagne, Fritz Von Erich and Bill Watts back in their respective days.  I asked Watts why he positioned himself as the director, producer and star of his own TV shows and he responded by telling me that he was absolutely sure that he would not walkout at any time on his own territory in an era where contracts were non existent. I;m sure that the other promoters/owners/stars would have had the same answer. It actually makes sense.  Very impressed with the recent work of @DamienSandow. he's really evolving on the mic and his aggression inside the ring when timely is noticeable. Another driven talent who re-invented himself in NXT after a somewhat inauspicious tenure in with another persona. Was asked if I thought that if either @SCOTTHALLNWO or @jakesnakeDDT could help WWE and especially the NXT brand down the road and my answer is absolutely. Both have brilliant minds and amazing stories to share with the youngsters. However, I'd prefer them to climb one mountain at a time and get completely clean and sober for an extended time before taking on more daily responsibilities like working with NXT if they are even interested in that line of work. I'm pulling for both guys and think of them daily on their "road back." God Bless @DDPYoga for the work that he's doing. Happy that @MichaelCole has added @JCLayfield to the RAW broadcast team along with mainstay @JerryLawler but I wish that JBL and the King would engage each other with a little more debate in a timely fashion. I can envision the 'tense moments' that could occur between the talkative Texan and one of the greatest talkers ever in the biz to be great assets to an already talented trio. BTW...check out the @LayfieldReport.     Trying to write a piece on the late, great Jack Brisco for the re-release of his book co-written by Bill Murdoch. It's hard to write about a hero and say something that hasn't been said. It's too back that so many young fans never saw "Handsome Jack" in is prime. He almost made his craft look too easy.  Legit amateur star who grew up a fan and transitioned into the pro's almost seamlessly. That's why we continue to look at the college level for recruits to train at NXT. at is gearing up for the grilling season with JR's products. I hope that you will support our efforts there as JR's also makes for great gift ideas and Father's Day is just around the corner.  Also, in Manchester, England our friends at are doing an amazing job of distributing JR's throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  Both sites provide safe, efficient, quick service and rapid delivery.  I've updated the Q&A section of the site as of Sunday midday and will continue to address your questions throughout the weekend. Submit yours and I will do my best to respond. You are invited to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ as we are at 3/4 of a million followers as we speak. Happy Cinco DE Mayo to all who observe the holiday! Boomer Sooner! J.R.