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Getting back in the groove here after a great week...except the OU Football loss at TCU...and loved the opportunity to broadcast my first MMA fight w/ Chael Sonnen. Let's grill....

Had a blast in Tulsa hanging with Chael Sonnen and the crew and fighters w/ BattleGrounds MMA and broadcasting my first MMA event of what I hope is the first of many. Time will tell on that but Chael and I both feel that we can bring something unique to the process and are motivated to work together more and to refine the chemistry of our team. Time will tell regarding more opportunities but we are both motivated to work together whether it be in MMA or any other combat sport.  

I am grateful to BattleGrounds MMA for providing me the opportunity to be involved in their Tulsa event and wish them success with all their ventures in the future. It's a massive undertaking to launch a brand on PPV and my wish is for them to be able to build their brand via the One Night, 8 Man Tournaments which are unique to say the least. 

To clear up some speculation regarding my return to pro wrestling, while I am a 'free agent' as it relates to broadcasting pro wrestling events, my interest level in pursuing such is moderate at best. Would I re-engage the process in some form? Yes, but I'm uncertain as to what those terms would have to be. I still love the business and get the 'itch' to broadcast the genre that I spend 40 years of my life doing but there are so many things that I'm doing or going to do career wise that I simply don't know where the pro wrestling opportunities fit. Time will tell but I'm still a student of that game and more importantly a fan. 

I have personally had zero talks about doing pro wrestling in the future but there has been some contact with my representative but as I understand it those talks were exploratory and preliminary at best. I've been asked about the New Japan January 4 PPV event but I'd say that jumping on board with that assignment is a long shot at this time although I do wish all involved the best in this endeavor. I can certainly see where the PPV component in the English speaking, worldwide marketplace has potential if it is marketed strategically and aggressively.

Wrestling fans love to experience new concepts and new presentations once and the door is open on PPV for a pro wrestling company, with a great product, to make an economic impact on the business if the product merits the fan's financial investment past their first curiosity purchase of the PPV. 

Folks still talking about our Magnum TA podcast on the Ross Report that you can hear when you subscribe for FREE at iTunes plus you won't miss any of our shows and can go back and hear the archived shows if you chose as well. Terry Allen talked about his life, which is inspiring, plus his career, his plans on going to WWE, the NWA Title, his best of 7 series vs Nikita Koloff after going down three matches to none, his I Quit match with Tully Blanchard and how effective a heel Tully was, and why, plus much more. It's one of our better shows to say the very least that I hope you will check out. You will feel better about yourself after you listen to it, I promise. For a man that has been through SO much in his career, Terry only has one career regret. His is an amazing story.

My Sooners suffered a heartbreaking loss Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth versus a well coached and motivated Horned Frogs team in a key Big 12 Conference game 37-33. To succeed in life everyone of us has to learn something, even if it's a small something, from every life experience including the negative one's. The Sooners still have a shot at their season goals and that fate is in their own hands as it relates to making the Final Four in CFB this season and playing for the National Championship. I was driven to Ft Worth from Tulsa, 280 miles, after our PPV broadcast Friday night and arrived in my OU team hotel room at 6:30 am before catching a quick nap and heading to the stadium at noon. I've made a commitment to support my team, win or lose, home or away, and keeping one's commitments is a great habit for every one to practice. So, I will be in Dallas this weekend for the annual, Red River Rivalry game that features OU versus the Texas Longhorns before 93,000 fans in the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium.         

This weeks's podcast features Professor Ed Ferrara of Full Sail University who formerly was in creative for WWE during the Attitude Era, WCW during the Monday Night Wars, and in TNA. Excellent show from a very bright man who once played 'Oklahoma,' which was a parody of yours truly, on Nitro. I hope you listen and subscribe to the Ross Report on iTunes for FREE. your subscribing certainly helps us. Our shows are also available at which is our official home base. WE have a new show every Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern time. 

This Tuesday I will be interviewing one of the toughest guys I've ever worked with as well as being greatly underrated by many fans when I talk to Bob Holly. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with Bob who has a great book available now that we will talk more about for this podcast that will drop in a few weeks.

Thanks to all who are scarfing up on the new, tee shirts from as business has picked up on that front. We provide all sizes and worldwide shipping is available at newly, reduced costs. 

Our delicious line of JR's products are doing well online via, and who all offer great customer service including quick delivery. Thanks for supporting us.

Working on getting to the Q&A's which are back logged here on the site so stay tuned on that or submit your questions now if you choose.

Appreciate every one following us on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

Boomer Sooner!

JR   @JRsBBQ  


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