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Greetings on a beautiful Sunday here in Norman, Oklahoma. Just a head's up that we realize that we are having issues with our site and that upgrades are coming soon. Plus, our JR's brand of products are only in Norman Homeland Grocery stores on the retail side plus online at and in Manchester, England's        Let's Grill!    All the VIP tickets for our four, UK Spoken World shows in late August are sold out. Some regular seats are still available in Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow via http;// HUGE week of TV production for the WWE team beginning Monday and concluding Thursday evening in Texas. Unless one has actually been immersed in a week such as this there is no way one can accurately describe the intensity and pressure on so many to produce so much.  It's akin to a NBA team playing back to back to back to back ROAD GAMES. Some of the talents get to tag out after two days to begin a ball busting travel schedule while others will be engaged all four days. The TV production folks and the other WWE personnel will be working LONG hours over four days while driving the Texas loop.  I wish all safe travels and the best of luck producing a Texas sized load of television all leading into what is shaping up to be an intriguing Summer Slam.  These are the types of  trips where being able to enjoy a late night, WHATABURGER after an 18 hour day becomes a slice of R&R. Some talents are packing for an 18 day trip. That in itself isn't easy. Thinking that @JohnCena vs. @WWEDanielBryan at Summer Slam could resemble a Cena vs. @ShawnMichaels or @Real KurtAngle match vs. anything that we've seen from the WWE Champion in recent years. Bryan's pace and skill set will sternly challenge Cena on a night where we could readily see the @WWE Title changing hands in Los Angeles. Bryan's speed would seem to be problematic for Cena....or anyone.  The Q&A's here on the site have been updated. Send your's along and please keep them succinct.  Just for the record and to update the many questions that seemingly never end on the same topics... No...I never expect to go back on the road on a weekly basis to broadcast WWE television. I'd love to return for the occasional cameo if WWE needed my services at the announce table. Yes...I love working with Talent Development. It's the future of WWE. No...I don't have a favorite match of all time. Danny Hodge is my all time favorite wrestler and, yes, he should be in the WWE HOF. If people can't find their way to the WWE Corporate Website to look for job openings are they really ready for a job at the WWE level? Yes...I watch TNA periodically as I have many friends who work there and, no, I don't have any 'solutions' to their alleged woes that I care to share. I do hope TNA all the success in the world.  No...there will NEVER  be a WWE/TNA partnership unless WWE owned TNA and that's highly unlikely to ever occur. Please don't start that rumor but some brain surgeons will.  WWE has zero to gain in said 'partnership.' Amazing how when people ask an opinion of a NXT talent and I provide it,  then it becomes a manure storm on Twitter because I merely expressed how I felt per their question. Amazing times that we live in, right? I was asked if NXT's Paige was ready for the next level and I simply said "No" because  she was only 20 years old and needed more time in development before being elevated to the main roster. One can't even rent a car in the USA until they are 25 and, no, I'm not suggesting that the talented Paige will be in development for that length of time. Point is, I am of the belief that 20 year olds don't belong on the main roster unless it's a rare exception.  I'm a major proponent of developmental talents entering the program at 21+ with a college degree or an established skill set other than sports entertainment and are mature for their age. Being in NXT is a full time job and it isn't an extended, social experience. If a talent places their social life ahead of their professional life at this stage of the game, they are planning on failing. Devoting 6-7 days a week while in talent development, in some form, to 'getting better' isn't optional from my personal, point of view. It's mandatory. That includes nutrition, DVD study, etc. Every day doesn't have to be a workout in the gym or in the ring day for those who are wondering.    It's 41 days until @OU_Football kicks off the 2013 season. I'm just saying.  5-6 teams could realistically win the Big 12. Thanks to the folks @PowerSlamMag for the great article and for helping me promote my upcoming UK Tour. Very slick, well produced magazine as many UK fans already know.  Suggestion for @realmickfoley on his WWE comic book project....subtle product placement. Specifically, JR's products. Hey, it's doable if one's creative enough and Mrs Foley's Baby Boy is VERY creative. Wonder how much Phil Mickelson won betting on himself to win the British Open? Why do NFL players need to own unregistered guns? I do not watch Cricket...I'm not smart enough to understand the rules. #Truth Thinking that the pending @CMPunk vs. @BrockLesnar match at Summer Slam will be really good. Very Physical. Straight forward. Both men have healthy egos which is an essential part of being a major star in any endeavor especially in sports and entertainment. 'Controlled' egos are often hidden within  the term 'self confidence.' Nonetheless, it will be intriguing to see Punk's strategy to counter Lesnar's obvious size and strength advantage plus Brock's athletic skill set. One can't win on heart alone or compel PPV buyers to invest simply on the"I won't quit" sort of attitude. That obviously helps but fans need to know that the underdog (Punk) has a 'plan' and a legit chance to 'overcome.'  All that aside, both Lesnar and Punk will want to steal the show at Summer Slam in a big time way and @HeymanHustle will foster that mindset. There are many, unique elements at play in this main event level bout.  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Enjoy your day/evening. I'll be back on Monday. Boomer Sooner! J.R.       @JRsBBQ        
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 Hey Jr will you be attending SummerSlam Axxess this year? I'm going to both days this time and would love to meet you. 
Yes...not sure what day but likely on the Sunday.