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It's been a stormy weekend here in Oklahoma with a tornado roaring through Norman Friday afternoon about 4 p.m. It touched down about 1/2 mile from our home. We suffered no damage but many others did as the tornado skipped through town. Thanks for all who follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ for their many well wishes. It's grilling time.....  

We're looking forward to this week as we will be attending the CAC annual banquet and activities in Las Vegas. The event is April 16-18 headlined by the star studded banquet on Wednesday night at the Gold Coast Hotel. Several WWE folks will be there including Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat, Bill DeMott, Sgt Slaughter and yours truly, among the many others who annually attend this great event.

I've met men like Dick 'The Destroyer' Beyer and Don Leo Jonathan there and encounters such as that took me back to my childhood when I kept up with pro wrestling via the wrestling magazines that would hit newsstands monthly.  

For more info on the Cauliflower Alley Club and all the wonderful work that they do visit

WWE is doing amazing business on their current international tour and it seems like the talents are enjoying themselves despite of the challenges of constant travel. From what I've heard, the WWE fans in the various countries have been enthusiastic which always is a guaranteed cure for jet lag. 

Saw many fans and athletes Saturday in Norman who attended the OU Spring Football Game that commented on how much they enjoyed Wrestlemania 28 in Miami. Many had been to the stadium before but they never saw it look like it did with the staging, etc not withstanding the record crowd for the venue of 78,000+. 

Had a great visit with @AdrianPeterson in Norman on Saturday after the brief ceremony where AD was acknowledged for giving $1M to OU's Athletic Department. #28 is recovering well from ACL surgery and looked lean, strong and was  optimistic about this NFL season. He'll soon be getting some JR's Premium Products shipped to his summer home in Houston. 

I remember several years ago when I took WWE HOF'er Ric Flair to an OU Football practice and Coach Bob Stoops stopped practice to allow Naitch to speak to the team. AD was loving every minute of it and was WHOO'ing louder and longer than any one. Peterson is a once in a lifetime athlete who I hope the Minnesota Vikings can surround with better players to take advantage of AD's skills that we likely won't see again for years.

I love our Twitter followers, over 400,000+ of them, but we get some real 'classic' tweets and questions. If you ever have any spare time, read our timeline. Most are excellent, don't get me wrong, but others are legit, hilarious eye rollers. 

Random observations from near & far thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter:

Jose Canseco CAN'T be that dumb. Classic example of an athlete who made big bread but who apparently didn't prepare for his future. He's a member of a significant club that has many members of ex athletes & entertainers. 

Jose wanted to reach out to 'Lorne Greene' to help Jose get booked on Saturday Night Live. Mr. Greene might have helped Jose get booked on 'Bonanza' back in the day as Greene was Ben Cartwright but the guy Canseco wants to hook up with is Lorne Michaels. Small details. 

Very sincere with my complete recommendation of the new, Edge DVD. WWE Home Video hit another four bagger with this production. Highly suggest that you check it out especially the documentary aspect of it. It's a great DVD.

Just got an advance copy of WWE Home Video production of "the Best of the Clash of the Champions' which will be released soon. I haven't had the opportunity, with dodging Mother Nature's wrath this weekend, to watch it but I'm certain it will bring back many memories. The first Clash was big for WCW/TBS and launched Sting, further cemented that Ric Flair was an amazing in ring talent to a national, cable audience while garnering a nice, cable TV rating. I worked that show with Tony Schiavone, sitting right at ringside, which I enjoyed as Tony and I seemed to mesh well.   

We get lots of questions regarding the popularity of the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable discussions that are produced by WWE and that air on WWE On Demand. Personally, this is one of the most enjoyable productions that I do and I look forward to being a part of them whenever asked. I am unaware of the production schedule or topics that may be addressed in the future but feel confident that more Legends of Wrestling Roundtables will be produced. As I understand it, these broadcasts are the most popular programs that air on WWE On Demand. 

I made a comment about Bells palsy that essentially said that I refuse to allow adversity to make me a coward or to cause me to fail. Three attacks Bells palsy that left me with lingering paralysis around my mouth, etc has had a profound affect on my career and my appearance but I see SO many others with worse issues/afflictions with which they must address that it makes my issues and others in the same boat seem miniscule.  

I'm not a proponent of "poor me" or "woe is me" but some on Twitter feel that I'm too harsh when addressing these matters. When asked my opinion be prepared for just opinion.

Star product of the week seems to be JR's All Purpose Seasoning which also makes for a super, dry rub if one chooses to utilize it in that matter. We use it on many items prepared in the kitchen instead of using a variety of seasonings. It's available at

We have a limited number of personally autographed JR's Cookbooks still available at of which I sign every copy. However, when they are gone they are gone and I'm not planning, at this time, on penning on a 3rd cookbook but one can't say never.  

Getting tons of folks asking for predictions for the upcoming Lesnar vs. Cena bout at Extreme Rules in Chicago on PPV. The only thing that I know for sure is that the live audience in Chicago will be restaurant quality. Is Cena 'due' after losing to Rock at WM28 or will Lesnar lose his first WWE bout in years? It makes for some compelling, episodic TV, in my opinion, but one has to consider Lesnar's likely 'ring rust' when analyzing this main event and making educated guesses. 

Cena vs. Lesnar is what a main event should be, too close to easily call a winner.

Wrote an article on the Blackjacks for that should be posted in a few days. It was fun doing the research on one of the great, villain tag teams of their era. 

Notice that I stopped, by and large, answering most WWE HOF questions? It was like a dog chasing his exercise in futility. 

At least most have stopped contacting us about what the weather will be like on April 7, 2013 at WM29. 

Many are just discovering that "JR" is a downloadable character in WWE12. 

Plans are for me to return to Tampa and FCW soon. It's easy to immerse one's self in the development of WWE's next group of main event stars. I love working with the next generation of athletes. It keeps me young or so I tell myself.  

I can't honestly give a young person, especially a teen, viable advice on how to get in the WWE as a wrestler. I'm a major proponent that one either needs a college degree or has learned a marketable skill before attempting to become a sports entertainer. Why? Because the huge majority attempting the daunting task won't come close to making it thus coming into such a venture without a realistic, Plan B makes no sense.

Yes, I'm interested in the @RealMickFoley and @DeanAmbrose Twitter war of words but I have no idea where it's headed. Could Foley actually have a match some day with FCW's Ambrose who has also had issues with @RealKingRegal. 

I mentioned on Saturday that Ambrose reminded me somewhat of a young, Roddy Piper. Hope that I didn't jinx the kid who would have huge shoes to fill if my assessment is accurate. Ambrose, like several currently training in Tampa, has a legit shot to be successful in WWE at some point in the future. 

We're answering many more questions at our Q&A locale here on the site. If you haven't read them in a while, they are succinct, at least the answers are, and some of the questions are timely and interesting. 

I might be naive and I know that I'm out of the loop, which, BTW, isn't a gripe, but IF Undertaker was going to retire, don't you think that WWE would make a HUGE deal of it? Can you think of another wrestler's retirement that would be as impactful as the Undertker's at this point in time? So....I am still of the mindset that Undertaker will return to the ring at the approiate time. 

Rock says he wants to be WWE Champion again. Time will tell if he can pull that one off but if that were to occur it would likely be following some intriguing, episodic TV leading into the big match. I think that it's going to be a compelling year regarding the WWE Title. 

I'm not interested in: 

Kelsey Grammar's new, hip tattoo.

American Idol.

What Lindsey Lohan does or doesn't do. She's not a main eventer any longer.

Anyone's 'Baby Mama' soap opera-like tales.  

Stars or athletes who fail to file or pay their taxes and pay the child support. 

Knowing more about former Arkansas Football Coach Bobby Petrino's 'harem.'  

Dishing dirt via Twitter on wrestlers who 'underachieved' or had 'issues.'

Trying to figure out the 'greatest match that I ever called.' 

Trying to explain why NO ONE can guarantee who will be the next, WWE mega star.

Predicting if WWE will ever have a Wrestlemania in the UK. I DON"T know.

Slowing down on promoting our family brand of premium condiments. We've started this in my late, Mom's honor and I plan on seeing it through by continuing to promote our two excellent flavors of BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, 5 flavors of 97% Fat Free, custom made Beef Jerky and All Purpose Seasoning which also is a super, dry rub. 

Visit our little slice of the world at

If you live in our area or are passing thru Norman, Oklahoma on I35, take the time to hit one of the four, Norman Homeland Stores as they stock all our products and it will save you money on shipping, handling, etc. The Homeland Store on Alameda in East Norman has an especially HUGE selection of JR's products.

Thanks for stopping by and perhaps I'll see some of you in Las Vegas this week at the Cauliflower Alley Club function at the Gold Coast. 

Take care and beware of Mother Nature's wrath. Prayers to all affected. 

Boomer Sooner!

J.R. @JRsBBQ   


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Yeah i don't see Undertaker retiring yet either. WWE should promote it as Taker's last match win or lose at Mania with the streak on the line when it does happen. Question is who would be his opponent for an historic match like that?

As for Rock going for the WWE title well i have Brock Lesnar beating Punk for the WWE title somewhere down the line and then Rock vs Brock for the title at Mania 29.

I'm thinking that Punk will go HEEL by late summmer and Rock can get the title that way. One thing is for SURE, Rock will get the title again, probably before WM 29. 

I'm hoping Punk goes heel, he's better that way. He was floundering his first couple of years as a straight good guy. Then he started the SES and the feud with Mysterio and that's when he got entertaining. 

Look for Cena to win or a no-winner to extend the feud with Lesnar. WWE always (smartly) puts guys returning from injury, etc in non traditional matches for the first one back. Thers are more opportunities for resting and BL needs that right now. Putting him in a straight match with Cena now would be embarrasing. They'll mess around outside the ring a bunch, brawl and hit a few big spots in the ring.    

I am looking forward to meeting you at the CAC. As a lifelong fan of wrestling and now an independent promoter, the seminar you are hosting on Tuesday will no doubt give me great insights and knowledge to hopefully find success as I branch out here in Las Vegas.

I agree about Dean Ambrose 100% he reminds fans so much of Hot Rod. How about having Piper do a Pipers Pit on Raw, have him praise Ambrose to fans then have Ambrose come out and they do a face to face jacking their jaws at each other.

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