Sunday Blog..RONDA ROUSEY TO GUEST ON ROSS REPORT THIS WEEK, MITB Predictions, JR & Stone Cold to Team Up!

Thanks for stopping by our site and I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I'm off to the gym soon to work out with my new trainer who's going to whip me into better shape. I wish him the best on this challenging endeavor. :)  Let's get to grilling..... 

We are very excited to have UFC Superstar Ronda Rousey as my guest on this week's Ross Report Podcast on We will tape the conversation on Monday and it will drop on Tuesday at 6 pm pacific time.

Ronda is my favorite UFC fighter and has revolutionized females fighting in MMA. She is a mega star who's future is amazingly bright but she also has a bull's eye on her chest as she's going to get every woman's best shot in every fight that Rousey is in. We will talk about her upcoming fight this Saturday in Vegas on PPV and her being a fan of pro wrestling as well. It will be a different interview that Ronda usually gives I can assure you. Can't wait to talk about the 4 Horsewomen!!

Getting Ronda Rousey on our podcast is going to take some moving around of our schedule and we will revise that info on the home page of the site ASAP.

It looks like the Kurt Angle episode is SO good that we might make it a two parter. Kurt is bare bones honest about his future, his battles with drugs and alcohol, and his overall health. It's a fascination conversation between two old friends who had been estranged for quite some time.

This Tuesday night I'm talking for the first time with AJ Styles of which I am very excited. He's a big time talent who major wrestling companies are missing on IMO. AJ's interview will make for another great, Ross Report Podcast.  

MITB is tonight in Boston which is sold out and the Beantowners usually are a lively audience of which to work unless they are seeing something that is a total disconnect.  When an audience disconnects, it's up to the talents to call an audible and ad lib and to absolutely NOT go with what they have memorized to do if it isn't working.

The most intriguing match tonight is the MITB match for the WWE World Title, which will likely go on last, that is vacant due to Daniel Bryan's neck surgery. If Cena doesn't win tonight, I'd book Orton to win...Cena wins the title in July and then get to Summer Slam with Cena vs. Lesnar which is the biggest match that WWE can currently book for a major PPV in a high priority market like Los Angeles. Lesnar would win at Summer Slam.  

Roman Reigns winning the WWE title tonight is an ill fated plan because he's simply not ready and Reigns winning the top prize should happen at WM31 and not before.

I'd put the other MITB match on first and it would seem that either Rollins or Ambrose would be the favorite to win that one. Ambrose holding the contract is interesting especially if a villain becomes WWE World Champion sooner than later but Rollins having the contract and the 'prop' brief case isn't a bad concept either. In either case it would be 'new' involved in the equation which is a good thing.

I see no reason for any cop out finishes tonight and having definitive winners and losers will forward stories, personas and will not be examples lazy booking.

Usos should slip over the team of Harper and Rowan because if Bray Wyatt doesn't win the MITB Ladder match then it feels awkward for his boys to be champs and the star of the trio to be empty handed.

Paige should retain the Divas Title even though Naomi winning should not be a shocker. How long has it been since WWE had an African American Divas Champion? Plus, Naomi is a helluva athlete and it's not like the Divas are a high, in ring priority in WWE or so it seems.

In yet another Divas Match, I'm guessing that Summer Rae wins over Layla as the antagonist seems to have the brighter future which doesn't always mean any thing as we've all seen. Summer Rae would be my call but that may be why Layla wins as we all know that I'm out of touch with today's product.

The Rhodes Boys just got together and should defeat Ryback and Axel who are not involved in any tag team issue of note.

Thinking that Rusev beats Big E and let's hope that the strategists who put this one together don't make Big E look too stupid in losing.

MITB matches are glorified battle royals with enhanced stunts created to allow every one in the match to get some shine. The key for me is to see how the WWE World Title picture begins to materialize as now is the time to start planning for WM31 and if that isn't happening then some folks aren't doing their jobs. It's much easier to navigate one's journey if the destination isn't a mystery.

Nice #ufcfightnight from San Antonio Saturday night on @FoxSports1. Solid fights and a good night broadcasting by @Jon_Anik and @Brian Stann. They seemed to feel that on free TV that there would be many casual fans watching and they broadcast to that level of fandom most of the night. In fights without big stars it is imperative to give the viewers a reason to care for the fight and the men or women involved. The premature stoppage by a referee was a head scratcher to put it nicely but the production of the event was very solid.

I will be watching MITB on the WWE Network tonight on our patio on my iPad which has become a tradition at our house at least until the weather runs me back inside. I am looking forward to renewing my subscription when the time comes and encourage all fans to consider doing the same. And no, I'm not being paid to say this. If one is a fan, then the $9.99 monthly price tag is a steal.

The Q&A's are updated at Ask JR here on the site. 

I can also confirm that Steve Austin and I will be joining forces for some two man shows in the future that I'm thinking will kick serious ass. Nothing is booked but we're talking about a light schedule likely in 2015.

Finally, I wasn't barred from Los Angles due to a 'city ordinance.' It was merely a joke I made on Twitter playing off last year's Summer Slam over thought debacle. That weekend in 2013 is going to make for a nice entry into the book we are strategizing. Those who have evil intentions and ulterior motives should never throw stones.

Enjoy MITB and follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ for my thoughts. 

Boomer Sooner!

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