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Happy Extreme Rules Sunday! Here's my predictions for tonight's PPV...

Cena vs Lesnar-  Will Lesnar's ring rust be a factor? It's been approximately 8 years since Brock has had a bout in a WWE ring. That could be an issue. Cena seems to feel cornered. Competitive people in this situation are dangerous. Is Cena intimidated by the legend and sheer physical skills of the former UFC Champion? If so, will that take Cena out of his game? Too many unanswered questions for me to feel comfortable about any prediction I make BUT I'm going with Cena to win somehow, someway. Ring rust, Lesnar's perceived over confidence, and Cena's sense of urgency fuel my guess.

Punk vs Jericho- Home field advantage should help Punk but it's no guarantee. Crowd will be rabid especially for this one. This could be a great show closer if called upon and I hope it's contested mostly in or around the ring. I've got Punk winning a heck of a match. However, remember that being at 'home' can be a distraction as it relates to family, friends, tickets needed, etc. just something to think about in this WWE Title bout.

Sheamus vs Bryan- World Title at stake in 2X3 Falls...old school from two old school grapplers. Could well be the show stealer. Bryan may be WWE's most diversely skilled mat man. I've got Sheamus retaining in a dandy that I see going three falls.

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes- IC Title on the line in a yet to be determined extreme stipulation. I could see Rhodes as a future World or WWe Champion in 2012 but that won't start tonight. Big Show should win in this one on one outing. That's my pick but I'm not over confident with this prediction.

Orton vs Kane- falls count any where. If it ends in the ring I like Orton but I don't think that it will so I'm a Kane lean in what some may consider an upset. Nikki Bella vs Beth Phoenix- Divas Title bout...not sure how Nikki backed into this one and Beth is the better wrestler but that always doesn't equate. The Bella's retain. Santino vs Miz for US Title on You Tube 30 minutes before the starting of the PPV- I like the You Tube concept. Santino continues to be an engaging personality and Miz seems to be trying to regain his groove. I see Miz' frustrations mounting and Santino putting smiles on faces. Santino retains. PPV meal...grilled steaks w/ warmed JR'S Chipotle Ketchup mixed w/ JR'S Hot BBQ sauce for a spectacular steak sauce. JR'S Main Event Mustard in deviled eggs. Low fat sour cream mixed to taste w/ JR'S Original BBQ sauce to create a top shelf baked potato topping. Follow me on Twitter tonight @JRsBBQ as I'll be tweeting Extreme Rules thoughts during the PPV. Should be a compelling, unpredictable night in the amazing All State Arena which should feature a helluva, live audience. Remember to visit for all our premium, home recipes that make grilling season like your own culinary Hall of Fame. Boomer Sooner! J.R.

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Good predictions but i can't see Orton losing to Kane as this will likely end their feud. And i don't  see Lesnar losing in his first match back in 8 years. I'm expecting Lord Tensai to get involved in one of the matches and possibly the Lesnar-Cena match. 

 I Agree with all these comments but Im not sure with all the talk and specalation and also during the cut-off in the extreme rules promo. I Believe the Undertaker will target Brock Lesnar. It probarbly isn't true we will have to wait.thanks

 I have to agree with you JR. I can also see a couple of surprise appearances happening. I just have to think that Cena/Lesnar is going to have some kind of interferrence. I can't see Cena losing to Lesnar, but I can't see Lesnar and his ring rust having any advantage. I think that there will be third-party involvement, or a screwjob ending. Something to further the fued to another match perhaps. I also think that maybe Kharma will reappear during the Diva's match, and that the Bella's will retain due to Kharma. Tonight will certainly be exciting!!

 I Was wrong great ppv Layla made an emotional return salute to Cena great win