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Hoping everyone has had a great weekend and is enjoying what's left of it. Low key weekend here in Norman with my Sooners playing on Thursday night in Waco. Hard to believe that the holidays will be here before we know it and I'm suggesting that you consider JR's Family of products for some of your gift giving ideas. Easily order online at, and Efficient, safe, online shopping with quick, home delivery. My family appreciates your support and every order, no matter the size, helps us.  

Good weekend of college football. Looks as if Alabama and Florida State are the cream of the current crop as we speak. Expect the deck to be shuffled again to some degree before season's end but a Bama vs. FSU national title game would be a great attraction featuring outstanding coaching, deep talent rosters and rapid, loyal fan bases. Plus, it would garner a terrific TV rating.

Enjoyed @UFC Fight Night last night on Fox Sports 1 by and large. Was hoping for more time out of the Henderson vs. Belfort main event but I'm sure that Hendo was too. Deadly ending to the contest in the first round. Belfort is hot right now and will be a handful for any UFC fighter that Dana White pits him against. Love Dan Henderson's fighting spirit and lethal right hand and hope that the 40+ year old vet resigns another deal with UFC if details can be negotiated on what would likely be his final MMA contract. Hot crowd in Brazil Saturday night and any time that I can distinctly hear the live audience and the announcers have to fight to get through the noise it's a good thing for me. It makes me feel more a part of the event.

Low key announcing, and that doesn't mean jacking the levels up every second of the event either, doesn't generally work for me in boxing, wrestling or MMA as the 'storytellers' need to bring some passion and spontaneity to work with them to help me emotionally invest at home in what they are seeing in person.

Plus, every fan doesn't know every fighter so succinct, background info on the fighters especially on a Brazilian laden card is critical to insure that the casual/new viewers  can make some connection to the fighters.  

In pro wrestling, the time filler matches, which are obvious on virtually all TV wrestling shows, often times expose announcing as that's the time when humor is forced and when humor is over staged and isn't organic it generally sounds like a bad, sophomore class, school play.

So, what does one do during these filler IE "let me up bouts?" One might try getting the talent over and embellishing the talent's  positive qualities so that said talent's value increases. Stay within the level of the match but do all that one can to make the talents more than just a prelim, comedy act.

Some parody Twitter accounts are highly embarrassing and perplexing. I have one twitter account and it is @JRsBBQ. Any thing else with my name in it is bogus.

News flash...NFL player Richie Incognito spoke on Fox Sports today, BTW good get by @JayGlazer, and the former Nebraska Cornhusker confirmed that he is not a racist or a a bully. I'm happy that ordeal has been finally cleared up. (SMH.)

Incognito's alleged actions in the Dolphins locker room would not have played well in any pro wrestling locker room I ever entered. Wrestler's Court would have administered some harsh justice especially if the 'judge' assigned someone like Dan Hodge to carry out the punishment.

Funny how Chris Benoit questions to me run in spurts. I haven't changed my take on the Benoit into the WWE HOF quandary. Chris doesn't belong there. End of story. If inducted, it would all be about the last few, horrific hours of Chris' life and that would not be fair for the family's that were affected, the other inductees, or the fans. For those fans who loved Chris' in ring work, and I consider myself one of those, then watch him on You Tube, etc and call it a day. I do not speak for WWE on any topic but I'd be surprised to see Chris any more prominent on WWE content in the future than he is now.

As for Chris's son wanting to get in the pro wrestling business, I have mixed emotions. My gut says stay away, learn a trade, get educated and lead a normal, productive life. One the other hand, I'm not big on telling anyone to not attempt to live their dreams just as I did. 

I'm just happy that I've got no horse in that race.

 If you are a wannabe wrestler and you go to any wrestling school and you are taught or encouraged to deliver as many clotheslines as you want, then you are likely getting sub par training. 

If you are not taught the difference in "grabbing a hold" and "applying a hold" then you are likely getting sub par training.

If your instructors, coaches, mentors, etc don't discuss with you the importance of filing your quarterly taxes, then they are idiots and you are naive for ignoring the reality of being an independent contractor.

This is about the time of the year that many WM30 rumors will begin making the rounds especially regarding talents who have "one more match in them" or that are simply looking for any gig or are with WWE on a part time basis ala Brock Lesnar.

I look for Lesnar to play a major role in WM30 in New Orleans but in order to max out Brock's box office appeal his TV persona really needs structured attention and to get 'hot' before April. Not overexposed....just get the Hereford Bull hot.

Nice idea from a fan who had a nice Twitter photo of using JR's HOT BBQ Sauce on their pork chops. Can be grilled, broiled or pan fried. JR's products just as useful in the kitchen as they are on the grill.

Don't miss the travel component of being in WWE as I would be in Manchester, England by this time preparing for RAW Monday night. @MichaelCole and @JCLayfield are already there while @JerryLawler generally arrives on the morning of the event and is gone on the first flight out Tuesday morning.

 Vividly remember when Shawn Michaels wrestled Davy Boy Smith on a UK PPV years ago where HBK & company had immense, real heat when all was said and done. Great execution by all involved for that one. The outcome, as I recall it, actually made the European Title have equity.

One of my favorite stops on my Spoken World tour last summer was in Manchester at the Comedy Store. Hope to return some day.

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