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Beautiful Sunday here in Norman, Oklahoma home of the Sooners especially now that the storms have blown through early this morning. I need to get on it as it relates to buying a safe room for our home for when Tornado Alley truly rears it's dangerous head. Let's roll and stop burning daylight....

 Enjoyed UFC172 Saturday night from Baltimore that emanated from the aged, Baltimore Arena which was the site of many significant pro wrestling event over the years.

It was a card, from start to finish, that delivered entertaining fights and featured, arguably, Jon "Bones" Jones best in octagon performance to date. The 6'4" Light heavyweight Champion poses multiple problems for any opponent including finding training partners to replicate what Jones does.

The prelims on Fox Sports 1 were entertaining as served as a great lead in for the PPV. Fox' commitment to UFC is impressive and they are the perfect broadcast partner for the fast growing, new sport.

I'm hopeful to be able to attend the UFC's July PPV in Vegas if schedules are compatible. Very motivated to see @RondaRousey fight in person.

WWE should be so lucky as UFC has been  with Fox when WWE signs their new, broadcast rights deal in America of which I fully expect to be an enhanced deal with NBC/Universal which will see RAW/Smackdown stay where they currently are. I do think that USA Network and their affiliates can do more to help promote WWE. I'd like to see Smackdown moved to Tuesday and go live. Going live with Smackdown on Friday night isn't financially feasible or schedule friendly for WWE whatsoever.

The Ross Report Podcast is consistently in the Top Ten of all iTunes Sports podcasts every week even though we only record and release one show weekly. We have no plans at this time to increase production to two shows weekly.

I've gotten some amazing feedback from some of the businesses top performers/executives on the Jim Cornette episode of the Ross Report that is airing now at and on iTunes. If you are a true student of the game than it's a 'must listen' in my biased opinion.

The Shawn Michaels interview which will likely become a two parter because of the amazing amount of  content that it contains will be the talk of the biz I can assure one and all. HBK discusses what it was like to be sitting at the 'Gorilla Position' when the shocker of the year, The Steak, ended at WM30.  It is a truly riveting conversation of what transpired from a first person account of the history making event.

This week, on Tuesday pm in the States, our show with the amazing Gail Kim debuts in another highly candid, eye opening conversation from one of the best female performers ever who has extensive history with WWE and Impact of which we discuss thoroughly. How Gail balances her personal life specifically her marriage to Food Network star Robert Irvine is amazing.

Tuesday night I will be speaking with Bill Goldberg for a future Ross Report and we caught up this weekend to discuss the show. I'm looking forward to this one too as Goldberg has never held any thing back and has so much that he can discuss regarding his career and varied interests.

In the upcoming weeks guests who will be appearing on the Ross Report include: ESPN's Michelle Beadle, Lance Storm, MVP, Sting, Eric Bischoff and Ted DiBiase, Tony Schiavone and Cowboy Bill Watts, among others including Stan Hansen.  

For those asking about me having WWE talents on the podcast, those talents now have to be cleared/approved through WWE and I am awaiting word on that matter.

Downloading the Ross Report is still FREE and can be done at and via iTunes.

Only a handful of VIP Meet/Greet tickets for our Friday May 9 RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall remain at There are plenty of regular tickets still available. This big event is one night only and one show only in TO and tickets will also be available at the door the day of the show. We will have JR's products available at the event too. Doors open at 8 pm and the show starts at 9 pm.

The Toronto event is the day before the ROH-New Japan event in TO at the Ted Reeves Arena. I've never NOT had a great time when visiting Toronto and am looking forward to my first show in Canada being there.  

Tickets just went on sale a few days ago for our much anticipated RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in Chicago at the House of Blues there on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm. Doors open at 1 pm in Chicago for the matinee and tickets are available at This, too, is one show only in wonderful Chicago which is where it was announced that yours truly would be inducted into the WWE HOF in 2007 on a night that truly touched my heart thanks to the reaction of the fans in attendance.

There's a helluva back story regarding that HOF process of which most aren't aware.

Our Chicago event is the afternoon prior to WWE hosting Payback in Chicago on Sunday June 1.

If you like to read compelling books, I strongly and highly suggest that you check out 'Blood Red Turns Dollar Green' written by Paul O'Brien. If you are truly a fan of the genre of pro wrestling and are especially interested in the territory era of the business, then this novel will be right down your alley. It's a powerslam of literary mastery. Available via amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Check out both volumes and I promise that you won't be disappointed. If a movie isn't' made of Paul's work, then there is something terribly wrong with the film business.

OKC Thunder come home tied 2-2 with the blue collar Memphis Grizzlies in what is now a best of three series with two of those three games set for OKC. Memphis has tested the Thunder's mental and physical toughness but young Reggie Jackson proved to be the spark that OKC needed Saturday night in The King's home town of Memphis. OKC must continue to search for an inside presence offensively and not reply on jump shooting to advance in the NBA Playoffs. Kevin Durant needs to find the los post and take advantage of Tony Allen more if that's possible. Russell Westbrook needs to attack the rim and forget about shooting 3's.    

Twitter talk from @JRsBBQ:

* Jesse Ventura and I under performed IMO because of me. I was offended that he earned more than double for working  part time for what I was getting paid for working full time. I now use his agent. Broadcasters within the pro wrestling business in general are largely underpaid unless they wear multiple hats which is unfortunate. It's a unique skill set that is hard to master.   

* I have no desire to return to weekly, pro wrestling announcing any where and especially where announcer's are heavily produced and cannot be themselves. I don't miss the travel or the politics. I also know that @MichaelCole @JCLayfield @Jerry Lawler don't get the credit that they deserve under the philosophy currently utilized for their roles.  

* The Streak is dead. It isn't being resurrected. Now the key is how WWE addresses Lesnar's situation going forward and any future plans for Taker including when and where he goes into the WWE HOF. Those that are still in shock simply need to get over it and move forward. I did not like it either but I can see where the Streak ending can create unique opportunities on multiple, creative fronts.

* The video feature that I narrated for @FoxSports1 will air Monday night after their boxing event. It's about the journey that the late, Tommy Morrison's son Trey has embarked upon in pro boxing. The young, Oklahoman is attempting to follow in his dad's footsteps. Many will recall that Tommy Morrison appeared in Rocky 5 and also defeated George Foreman to win the WBO heavyweight Title before lifestyle decisions helped end his career and eventually his life at the age of 44.

Remember to order JR's products online via easy and safe online shopping in North America from and in the UK, Ireland, and Europe via and 

Got word this week that business has picked up in our T shirt business at and as I've pointed out there are several designs in which to choose and in all sizes that can be shipped worldwide with rapid service and delivery. 'The Tougher than a $2 Steak' shirt is holding at #1.

I've updated the Q&A section of the site and invite you to check them out. If you submit questions please keep them succinct if you want them to make the cut.

Have a great day and try and do something nice for someone and remember that our tomorrow's are not guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ




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