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Beautiful, hot day here in Norman, Oklahoma home of the Oklahoma Sooners. Gotta make this quick as the gym awaits. Let's grill....

Enjoyed UFC175 Saturday night. My current podcast guest @RondaRousey was amazing winning in sixteen seconds in an abruptly brutal fashion. My story is that my words of motivation to her on the Ross Report Podcast likely helped her cause. Or, perhaps not. :) Listen to our conversation at

Helluva fight with Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida that closed the show at UFC175. The pressure for the main event to close any major event is often overlooked by many fans. Some talents can't handle it but Weidman and 'the Dragon' certainly did. Great fight.  

This Tuesday part one of my two part interview with Kurt Angle drops at at 9 pm eastern time which I'm thinking will get many folks talking. This interview gets a little 'stiff' at times. If you're looking for BS and lame discussion this won't be the show for you.

Getting lots of appearance requests and one man show opportunities but they are generally on Saturday's in the fall on days that my @Oklahoma_Sooners are playing football. A man has to have his priorities. RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross show resume in 2015.

We will officially start on my autobiography this month even though we have no book deal in place. I wanted to write a book that I felt was honest and a true representation of my career and not what some non, wrestling fan book agent stereotyped me into writing or how another entity wanted to edit it. The desire for salacious "dirt" from these people is uncanny. I expect the book to be finished by 2015 and then we will shop it around. There are plenty of suitors out there I can assure you. Bottom line is that I'm going to have the final say on the edit...for better or for worse 

BTW...if you are curious as to who will be appearing on my upcoming podcasts please take a quick look at the home page of

Mick Foley plays OKC on Monday July 14 and the Mrs and I plan on attending. Mick and I may even do the Q&A's together.

@steveaustinBSR Broken Skull Ranch competition show debuts tonight on CMT . You gotta watch it or at least set your DVR. Gritty, badass competition. It's on at 8/central.

All those trying to resurrect the Boss/Authority roles in pro wrestling pale in comparison to the original, Mr. McMahon, even though some including Stephanie and HHH are very good but the role itself is tired, IMO. What's new that's left to do?

Just remember that a 16X champion, for instance,is also a 15X loser of title bouts. Length of runs has much more credibility than the actual number of runs a champion has, in my opinion. Bruno and Backlund's reigns were jaw dropping.

Yes, I'd love to see Ronda Rousey make an appearance at WM31 even though I know it's a long shot at very best. Ronda could be in someone's corner, a ref, or even compete with a female talent like Natalya or AJ Lee, for example, but please no intergender matches which anyone with a modicum of common sense can't and won't take seriously. Rousey is the hottest star today in UFC and is going to make a big splash in the film business sooner than later with multiple films in the can.

Heading to Waterloo, Iowa (driving this year) for the July 18-19 HOF festivities.  It's the most fan friendly event that I know of and it's always a fun time for fans and talents alike. The museum in Waterloo is a bucket list trip for any wrestling fan. 

Remember that you can order JR's products online at, and It's grilling weather in most places but our products are just as good in the kitchen.

WWE has postponed the taping of Tough Enough, according to Internet reports, until October from July. This had an impact on some projects that Steve Austin and I were going to do together which is unfortunate. Nonetheless we will circle our wagons and release more info when it's timely.

Does any one else feel that this unfortunate incident with Emma has been blown somewhat out of proportion? Not condoning it but it's not exactly like she committed a felony. Should she be punished? Of course, but is it a headline making story on the IWC? Not in my opinion. Emma has received a valuable second chance that she should do all that she can to make the most of. 

Hope WWE re-commits and sets the reset button  to their pre and post game shows now that Renee Young is the host. They're leaving a great deal on the table as the panelists feel too stiff, over produced and should be allowed to be more entertaining and more informative.

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