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It's a snowy, Super Bowl Sunday in Norman. No grilling today but JR's products are just as great in the kitchen. Check out for their amazing, special offers on all JR's products. Let's kick this off.....

My thanks to the students and administration at Western Carolina University for their hospitality Friday night. I love talking to students and Friday was no exception. Great time in a beautiful part of the USA.

Getting lots of feedback on the blog that I wrote about the WWE and CM Punk matter. Your opinion is just as valid as mine but no issue can be resolved in any arena without communication and the desire to communicate.

I fully understand that Punk is burned out and frustrated but I personally and perhaps selfishly wish that he would perform and steal the show at WM30 before taking his leave and recharging his batteries. That's just the fan in me talking.

UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem made an empty challenge to Brock Lesnar at #UFC169 Saturday night in Jersey especially considering that Lesnar isn't returning to UFC according to UFC boss Dana White. Overeem has plenty to concern himself aside from Lesnar including staying clean.

Perhaps that was merely the TRT talking.

Quick stoppage of the Urijah Faber fight Saturday night but he was getting pummeled as Barao is the best fighter in UFC that most fans have never heard of ....yet.

Just a note to wrestler promoters, Barao isn't a heavyweight. Talent can't always be measured in pounds and inches.   

Just my two cents, but Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a lame way for athletes to gain a competitive edge that essentially insults the intelligence of many fans and slaps governing bodies in the face.

I can see why Brock Lesnar would love to fight in the UFC again because he's a beast who feels he's left unfinished business behind and he's healthy....finally. I say the former NCAA, WWE, and UFC champion has nothing to prove by returning to the Octagon as he's got a great gig in WWE working part time for what I'd think is substantial cash....and I'm a HUGE, UFC fan. 

Lesnar sells PPV's when he's hot and it's up to WWE to get Lesnar hot between now and April 6.

I could easily see Lesnar challenging The Undertaker and the STREAK for WM31 and letting that matter build for a year. Lesnar gets reborn as a beast and provides the most intense threat to the STREAK that, arguably, anyone has ever presented. Just a thought....

Steve Austin will be my first @PodcastOne guest when my new show debuts in a couple of weeks. I'm meeting Monday with the radio station that is going to handle our production and they are all set up to take calls of which I hope is a major part of our new podcast. More info to come.

Got a tip of 'leaked info' from a non WWE source of who will be joining Warrior and Jake the Snake in the 2014 WWE HOF class. I choose to not spoil the surprise and divulge said info and let those who like to do the 'spoiler' thing handle that matter. Spoiler as in info we don't need and not Spoiler as in the late Don Jardine who was one of the greatest masked wrestlers who ever lived.

The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who would have played the late, wrestling power broker Jim Barnette perfectly on the big screen, was found dead early Sunday afternoon. I've always felt that 'Jimsey's' life story make a great film and/or book as he was a highly educated, gay man who deftly navigated homophobic waters in an alpha male, tough guy world of pro wrestling bosses back in the day. Condolences to Mr. Hoffman's family and fans.

It appears that the weather will not be an issue for tonight's Super Bowl which may allow Bronco fans to breathe a little easier. Peyton Manning, the league MVP, must be able to comfortably throw in order for Denver to win. I look for Manning to use his short passing game to supplement his running game to some degree. The Broncos keeping Manning vertical is crucial.  

My wife is going with Denver because of the potential, happy ending regarding the veteran Manning while I'm going to stick with my original pick of the Seahawks and their young, aggressive defense and overall team swagger to win their franchise's first Super Bowl. I'm also a fan of the 'angry running' of Marshawn Lynch.

Seattle QB Russell Wilson's ability to convert broken plays into first downs is a  big consideration. I'm no Pete Carroll fan but he's assembled a great team of nasty warriors who will be jacked up and barking big time tonight.  

Denver is owned by an Oklahoma University graduate and features OKC's own Wes Welker who is the Daniel Bryan of the NFL inasmuch as he's better than people think and a classic overachiever....just no beard.

So, if Denver wins, I won't be distraught. Nonetheless I'm sticking with my original pick and hanging my black hat on Seattle.

This pick by no means should encourage you to gamble. Just enjoy the game. Don't over think it.....sort of like pro wrestling.

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Loving the blog and Q & A, J.R. I was glad to see you mention Don Jardine's Spoiler. I remember fondly watching The Spoiler feud with Mr. Wrestling II in the Georgia Championship Wrestling days with the great Gordon Solie on the mic. I'd love to see Johnny Walker in the Hall of Fame some day. Keep up the great work.

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