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Huge Monday Night Football game this week with the HBO-made 'Hard Knocks' New York Jets vs. the Minnesota Vikings with tabloid headline QB Brett Favre and controversial wide receiver Randy Moss coming to Jersey. I hope that Monday Night Raw, which I will be watching, gets off to a hot start because this NFL game is loaded with a multitude of provocative storylines and some of them even concern football. Too much turmoil for the Vikes who feature several Oklahoma alums on their squad, the Jets have one, as I see new York winning a nasty, physical game where Rex Ryan may attempt to do a run in and sack QB Brett Favre as if the not so large Rex was channeling Captain Lou Albano.

Read the New York Post this morning where Jets DB Antonio Cromartie has 9 children, all under 5, with 8 different women who live in 6 different states. Cromartie is endanger of being dubbed 'The Father of our Country' and should utilized in Trojan Condom commercials. Cromartie will be paying child support ,or will be in jail, at some point for most of the next two decades. Some how some one will blame the Jets defensive back's childhood for his lack of common sense. Cromartie might be a great  football player but he's obviously not class valedictorian.   

When I visit wrestling websites, I enjoy seeing how fans vote on a variety of polls but one that always sort of stumps me is the "Best Wrestler' polls featuring a grocery list of stars of which one can vote.  What criteria is utilized to determine the 'Best Wrester?' Legitimate wrestling skills, show biz skills, box office appeal, longevity at the top of the card, etc?

With that said, an emailer said that if Dan Hodge ever wrestled Bruno Sammartino that Sammartino would likely win. If it was show biz rasslin' and the event was held at MSG or the old WWWF territory then I concur. If it was a legit wrestling bout then picking against Hodge isn't a wise decision. Hodge was a take down machine and when a bigger, stronger man is taken down much of his offense is taken down with him. For you Bruno purists out there this isn't an indictment on the great Sammartino's abilities but Hodge was in a different league when it came to legit athletic wrestling and not strictly a show biz presentation.  For the record, I have the utmost respect for the Italian strongman from my wife's hometown of Pittsburgh but any pro wrestler beating Hodge for real isn't too likely.  

People ask me all the time to critique TNA which is a no win situation for me. First of all I don't watch TNA regularly so for me to act as if I do and make across the board judgments of the brand would not be fair nor accurate. Secondly, I work for WWE so any thing I say good, bad or indifferent about TNA will be looked at as a biased opinion. Let it be known that I hope TNA becomes very profitable some day and wish them well. They have a nice, talent roster that needs to wrestle more and talk less but that could be said about the majority of pro wrestling entities over the past decade or so.  Bad acting is simply bad acting no matter what show it appears on.

The TV spots for the movie 'Red' appeal to me because of the hook line from John Malcovich that says, "Too old my ass." The retired, former CIA agents storyline looks interesting. 

Watched Strikeforce on Showtime Saturday night and thought the show was average or so-so as I answered in a Tweet. I picked Diaz to beat Noons which Diaz did in a non controversial, unanimous decision in a good main event. All striking for the most part. At times the event produced by CBS/Showtime was somewhat oversold by the broadcasters but I've been as guilty of doing the same on many, many occasions. Strikeforce's TV presence is controlled by Showtime which puts the MMA promotion in a precarious position in my view. Showtime produces the fights in a  formulaic fashion much like they would any other sporting event on their schedule, or so it seems, while UFC handles their own TV production and UFC doesn't have to answer to any broadcast entity on how their product should look or its basic content. 

I am not anti Strikeforce but feel that they will be challenged to show exponential growth as long as a TV network dictates so much to them or until the network more embraces the genre.  

Batista fighting for Strikeforce is a big deal if made such by the promotion and the network. Parlaying Dave's global name identity and overall look can pay dividends if done throughly and with a big picture game plan. It seems that the former WWE Champion and the promotion are not exceptionally close on money as of yet based on how I interpreted a recent Batista interview. I actually don't know if a Batista vs. Bobby Lashley bout is the best for both fighters as each man seems to have viable marketability and one beating the other only forward one man as a rule. MMA insiders say that Lashley is at a career crossroads and if that is true then that theory will be validated if Strikeforce signs Batista vs. Lashley for Batista's first fight. If CBS/Strikeforce promotes a MMA contest between Batista and Lashley like another day at the office then my theory that the network doesn't know how to properly promote a major fight is accurate. That's akin to NFL legend Herschel Walker not fighting on Showtime or CBS during the NFL season so that Strikeforce can be promoted on CBS's NFL games. Perhaps the pending December,  Walker fight will make CBS air on their coverage of the National Football League. 

Where are all the rumors coming from regarding the retirement plans of the Undertaker? Some emailers are contacting us as if these rumors are fact and are etched in stone. These are the same, unfounded rumors that begin making their rounds after each Wrestlemania. My take on this matter is that Undertaker isn't retiring after WM27 in Atlanta. I can easily see the Deadman competing for another three years or so if his schedule is well managed. If forced to speculate, and that's all I'm doing, wouldn't calling it a day after, say, Wrestlemania 30 make more sense? Bottom line is that Taker will retire when he's damn well ready to retire plus I still stand by what I have always said that he will never lose a match at Wrestlemania. 

Speaking of 'bottom lines' an emailer took me to task when I said that Steve Austin's turn to become a villain was, in hindsight, ill conceived. Why? Well, it didn't work, plain and simple. I thought it was akin to making John Wayne a Nazi after seeing how it all played out and again that's looking at something ala a Monday morning quarterback when one's vision is 20/20.

Have you seen the new, Legends Roundtable that premiered on some cable systems on Friday? If so shoot us your feedback. I have yet to see it as Cox Cable in OKC hasn't included it to WWE On Demand. From what I've heard, fans have enjoyed the look at Wrestling Families and the only complaint that we've read is that the show is too short which is usually a good sign that the production/subject matter was good. 

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Helluva Saturday for college football fans. Remember this, it is a long season and a team having one loss doesn't end their year by a long shot. There is tons of football to be played and there is also a great deal of parity within the game. At least college football doesn't have any more ties and provides their fan base with actual winners and losers rather than the conclusions that we often get when watching our favorite pro wrestling TV shows. 

Gotta go as the NFL is gearing up and I'm all in. Have a great day and check out the updated, Q&A's here at the site. We'll also gladly take your order for some great products in our on line store. Thanks for all the well wishes and let it be known that I am feeling fantastic.

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If Vince was as smart as people claim he is then he should not even attempt to go head to head with Monday Night Football tomorrow night. My Jets will provide a welcome back party to Favre that he will never forget. The whole world will be tuning in. Raw will take a huge backseat tomorrow night. As far as your comments about Cromartie? Yeah It's not like the world of professional wrestling has no caste of  of irresponsible human beings in it

Pleased that you agree that Cromartie is irresponsible. Congrats on a nice win.

I have Verizon FIOS in NYC. Can't wait to watch the new Legends roundtable on WWE OnDemand. For anyone who doesn't subscribe to WWE OnDemand, I highly recommend that you do. It's only $10 a month and it's worth it for just the Legends show alone. I GUARANTEE you will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the wrestling business than you did prior to watching. You also hear some great, humorous stories about the biz. Check it out. BTW, you can also pick up some of the DVD's that were released to Best Buy only.

 JR -

From the view point of an audience member with an eye for detail, for me it is not a question of "if" Undertake will retire, but "does he need to?" I think that the answer is quite clearly "yes". Undertaker is such a dominant presence that it is impossible to have him on the air and not in the title picture. Unfortunately, it is quite clear that he cannot physically handle being champion. Being champ means appearing at tons of house shows, being on the air and in the house weekly, etc. Look at 'Taker's last championship run. He was on Smackdown maybe half the nights, and did five (tops) TV matches. Cena, Orton, Sheamus, The Miz, and any other champion I can think of would be on TV weekly with a match at least every other week. Undertaker just cannot carry the schedule that a champ needs. Now, we have the World Heavyweight Title being held hostage to the Kane/Undertaker feud, and as a result, a good number of talented people are being held down. It also completely waters down the product. Why should I emotionally invest in any mid-card matches when Undertaker can come off an injury and immediately be slotted into the title picture? Chavo and Big Show have been undefeated for quite literally months, but 'Taker is the #1 contender two times in a row without even qualifying for it? Please.

By the by, I know you aren't going to say anything good or bad about Scott Stanford, but from the fan's perspective, he has an excellent voice and ability to emote. But he needs *someone* (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) to spend a lot of time reviewing tape and teaching him the names of moves. So far, he knows clothesline, dropkick, and suplex, and mistakenly refers to some throws as suplexes. Everything else in his vocabulary is a "maneuver". Get him up to speed on the specifics of calling a wrestling match and I think he'd be excellent in the PxP slot.



I've seen RED 3 times at screenings and I think you'll enjoy it very much.


I know the wrestlers must hate when the fans start that damn "what" chant.  I tried watching the first part of raw, but the moment michael cole tried reading out loud the email from the general manager I got so annoyed by the what chant that came about that i lost track of the point the GM was making.  As of late, with my interest in football growing,  i've been having a hard time choosing which show to watch and will usually flip back and forth between the 2.  The "what" chant fans seem to do just to be ignorant really helped me make up my mind tonight and helped me change over to the football game real quick.  Eventually I did go back to flipping back and forth, but man I remember seeing frustration in the eyes of wrestlers trying to do a promo during the height of the "what" chant.  I attended wrestling shows at that time(as i still do when WWE comes to Houston) and remember being in the crowd and most of the people liked saying what so much they were'nt paying attention to anything that was going on other than the moment to say-what.  I'm glad it's not as bad as it used to be, but man i hate that damn "what" chant.  PS- just bought the Chris Jericho dvd last week based off of your reviews& cause I like him, and your reviews were accurate. thanks.

-your Texas fan