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When will Demolition go into the WWE HOF? We get this one weekly as well as the obligatory Savage, Sammartino, Warrior, etc questions on a regular basis. I am not involved in the selection process nor do I know how it fully functions today. I've done my best to make these points clear and going forward will refrain from addressing them in this manner. Lots of talents are deserving induction. Most get what they deserve at the end of the day. I consider being inducted in 2007 as one of my best days in the biz bar none.

What happened to the Goldust vs. Cody match for WrestleMania? I never knew that match was ever confirmed or seriously considered. It seems as if it could have been more wishful thinking on some folk's part. I'm sure that the sons of @DustyWWE would have had a nice match and perhaps that idea will be re-visted at a later date. 

Will WWE ever have a building that will house the WWE HOF and Museum? My guess is yes. That's been talked about for years and I know at varying points that multiple locations have been seriously considered. My best guess is that it will be in a high tourist area with other established attractions in the vicinity. Not having a structure to house the HOF doesn't lessen the honor of being a WWE HOF'er in my view. 

Does HBK being named referee to the HHH-Taker HIAC match take away from the match? Of course not. I think it adds to the drama and poses many more questions than answers which is essential to the build to any major bout. @ShawnMichaels is a show stealer and to think that his presence at WrestleMania, the site of some of his greatest performances, won't be impactful is absurd. The question is how impactful and to who? HBK has great history with both combatants which makes Shawn wearing the stripped shirt even more compelling. 

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Nice video clip WWE utilized for the debut of a new Legends Roundtable show that debuts today on WWE Classics on Demand. @RealDDP and I had a nice, spirited exchange about David Arquette becoming WCW Champion. Roddy Piper and Michael Hayes are also on the panel and do their share of kicking ass on the show that is hosted by Mean Gene. The focus of the latest Legends Roundtable is Celebrities in Wrestling.

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Do you really wear a pair of John Wayne's personal cufflinks at WWE PPV's? Yes. 

What is the 'Celeb Wing' of the WWE HOF? I've always viewed it as a honorary award. It should not be compared to the standard, WWE HOF induction. For example, to ask how Drew Carey can be in the HOF and Randy Savage is not isn't an extremely bright question. One has zero to do with the other. Comparing celebs and tradition wrestlers/wrestling personalities is like comparing apples to oranges. 

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Favorite HBK vs. Undertaker bout? I've called more than one that stands out but WM25 is significant as it was their first at WrestleMania bout vs each other and it was the 25th WrestleMania. Those two really turned it on in that one. Damn compelling story with so some amazing near falls and quite the ride from bell to bell. Plus, it was in both men's home state of Texas. They sauced it!

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Fav DX Moment? One has to be when they did the parody of the Nation of Domination on Raw. 

Fav horror movie? 'Young Frankenstein.' 

Where does Peyton Manning go now that he's out of Indy? Where he perceives that he has the best chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next 3 years. A team with a good defense and quality receivers to throw to is imperative. Manning makes everyone around him better but he needs weapons to accomplish the ultimate goal of every NFL player. I think the race for #18 is wide open.  For the future HOF QB, it's not about the cash at this stage of his career but winning another Super Bowl. 

Could wrestling managers be effective today? Of course, as long as the managers in question were talented and cast in a significant light which facilitated mic time along with having viable talents to 'manage.' It's all about positioning and perception.

When is Rey Mysterio returning to the ring? Rey had major knee surgery and had had multiple knee surgeries in the past. I'd merely guess that he will be back in a few months but I have no way of knowing. It's seemingly not going to be at WM28. It's better to err on the side of caution when it comes to matters such as this.

Who are two WWE superstars who seem to be catching on? Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler are both evolving nicely. I also think Jack Swagger has unlimited potential. In the territory days, these three would be prime examples of athletes who would earn success for a few years in various territories before being brought to WWE. The system has changed but taking time to evolve hasn't. Many fans have no patience and many talents don't put in the extra work in and out of the ring to get to the next level. These talents do and will be main event stars at some point unless injuries or other issues arise. 

Will Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio ever happen? My guess is yes. Seems inevitable to me. However, both have to get healthy and when that is remains to be seen.

Best super heavyweight ever? Obviously, Andre the Giant is in every conversation but Andre was most effective when he was seen less and kept as an 'attraction.' Yokozuna, at 500+ pounds, wrestled a regular schedule and had uncanny timing and agility for a man his size. Yoko would get my nod as the best super heavyweight I ever saw taking into consideration that Andre was an 'attraction' wrestler. If Yoko could have controlled his legendary eating habits and maintained better health his accomplishments would be even more extraordinary. Yoko left us much too young.  

Fav NBA team? Easy...@okcthunder. I'd love to contribute to their success in some manner. Maybe I am by simply being a fan. 

Do you still think that Ric Flair will be at the WWE HOF Ceremony with the Horsemen? Yes, and why shouldn't he be? Amateur lawyers and cynics love to look at a half full glass. Ric deserves to be with Arn, Tully, and Barry to be honored as the most influential faction of all time. Just because Ric currently works for TNA should make no difference. I admit that this matter may be somewhat unusual but it has definitely been over analyzed by many on the internet and Twitter sleuths.  

Thoughts on @RondaRousey? Amazing upside...real and organic personality..tough as hell...needs to work on her standup defense...has natural charisma...nasty arm bar...and the great, Judo Gene LeBell as a mentor. Ms Rousey has the opportunity to earn big money in a short window of opportunity that all MMA fighters face especially if the Zuffa powers that be seize the opportunity to grow women's MMA and strike while the iron is hot. 

Fav match to call at a WrestleMania? Can't earmark just one but will try someday to come up with a list for a potential book project. Until then I can tell you that every WrestleMania comes with its own unique set of memories/milestones. WM13 featuring Bret vs Austin will make the list for sure. 

Will Sting ever be inducted into the WWE HOF? I truly feel as if that will occur once Sting has left TNA which is inevitable at some point. I see other WCW oriented talents being WWE HOF'ers in the years to come. 

Do you listen to your fellow Okie Skip Bayless on ESPN? Sure. Skip is ESPN's version of a wrestling manager. He PO's people while making valid points that he can intelligently defend. I don't always agree with him but that's the point of his TV persona.

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While I agree that Ric Flair should be allowed to attend the WWE HOF ceremony, I do not feel that question is over analyzed as you may think.  I say this because of the many things I have heard about Vince McMahon over the years (and you know more about this than I as you know the man, and I only know what I have heard and read) is that he would not allow a talent of his to appear at a rivals HOF for an induction.  Please note that this is only a guess as I do not know the man.

Back to your last blog for a second. I did some research and found that 2 more of Ric Flair's world title wins were offcially recognized in 1993 by WCW to allow WCW to call Flair a 9-time champion at the time and ignore his 2 WWF title reigns. The title swap with Harley Race in March 1984 and the swap with Tatsumi Fujinami in 1991 which makes Flair an official 18-time world champion now. But then if you look at WCW in 2000 when Flair beat JJ for the WCW title but was stripped of it a week later and "given" back to JJ by Vince Russo. Then the next day Kevin Nash beat JJ and "gave" the title back to Flair so if you count that than it's at least 19 world titles for Flair. Flair's matches with Carlos Colon, The Midnight Rider, Jack Veneno and Victor Jovica i don't count at all.

As for the best "super heavyweight" i'd go with Vader. It was amazing to see the 450 pounder do a moonsault from the top rope.

Me and some other Ultimate Warrior fans asked Warrior about what would make him finally accept the WWE Hall Of Fame? He then said Vince & WWE needs to make a new Ultimate Warrior DVD about the truth and give him the respect that he deserves. Warrior said when that happens, We all will finally witness a Ultimate WWE Hall Of Fame and a possible return to the WWE. I think Vince & WWE needs to know that.

What are your thoughts JR? Do you think Vince/WWE will make that happen?



I checked out the new Legends roundtable discussion.

I was on board with DDP about Malone and Rodman. In various WWE videos, there have been little jabs here and there that have questioned or ridiculed Malone and Rodman as in-ring competitors.

In addition to the initiative and desire that Malone had for wanting to learn wrestling, he happens to be arguably the greatest power forward in the history of the NBA. His experience may have been limited, but he there's no question he was a world class athlete at that time. He also had an impressive physique that made his performance more believable.

Rodman, in my opinion, is the greatest rebounder and defensive player to ever play the game of basketball.

I never felt that history from the WWE perspective has given due credit to the Rodman-Malone match. Especially considering that the match came off of the heels of the NBA finals and what was the end of the "golden age" of the NBA.

Imagine how a match would feel for a Sooner fan that was at Wrestlemania 2005 immediately after the Orange Bowl featuring Adrian Peterson with DDP in one corner and Reggie Bush with Hogan. That's what Malone-Rodman was for basketball fans.

Hi Jim,

Do the recent hardships of media outlets, especially local newspapers, remind you of the hardships of the territories during their closing days? 

Thank You.