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Knocking out a blog addressing some Twitter questions from @JRsBBQ before heading to watch the #1 ranked Baylor Bears women play Oklahoma here in Norman. One note, our products are ONLY available in stores in the Norman, Oklahoma Homeland Grocery stores but are easily accessed online at  

Still healing from Saturday's car accident that totaled my Cadillac Escalade. What a cream puff of a SUV....8 years old and only 60,000 miles. Shopping for another SUV has not been enjoyable nor has dealing with and waiting on the insurance people especially when I was not at fault. Such is life.

"Rumble winner?" Come on folks, if I really thought that I knew would I spoil it for others? Hardest PPV bout of the year to predict a winner and to commentate. The story changes approximately every 60 seconds until it's nut cutting time to decide the winner. I do expect some interesting swerves and curves during the match and am looking forward to watching it on PPV. 

"Punk vs. Ziggler?" Has the chance to really be special. Would love to see 30 minutes plus between these two. Raw GM 'referee' stip is intriguing as well. I'm not generally a fan of 'special referees' but Funkhauser has my interest.

"Angry that Laurinaitis called my tenure as EVP of Talent Relations, Dark Ages?" Nope, that's what TV villains are supposed to do...make people angry any way that they can while using decent taste. I guess that I was smart enough to hire him when he was jobless so I can't be totally clueless. Plus, talents relations record in the 'Dark Ages' stands on its on merit. 

"What season is it now in Oklahoma?" Football recruiting season.....and it's grilling season as the weather's in the 60's. (It's always grilling season to be honest.)

"Thoughts on Gordon Solie?" Greatest wrestling broadcaster ever. Changed the game. Added more reality to the genre than any of his predecessors. He wasn't a cartoon character and made one believe. Today was his birthday BTW and I will always remember the CAC event on the east coast having a beverage with Gordon and Lou Thesz. I wish I had savored that moment more. I'm continually reminded that tomorrows for any of us aren't guaranteed. 

Thanks to Solie's influence on my career, I've always felt that the wrestlers provided the music while the broadcasters compiled the lyrics. I still feel that way today. For someone to say that I was the soundtrack to their bouts is high praise.  

While I'm thinking about it, I will be doing a seminar this April at the CAC Annual event in Las Vegas. Great opportunity for fans to interact with many of the greats of the business. Visit for more info. CAC is a great organization that I encourage all fans to check out and to join.

"Why is out of JR's Beef Jerky?" Business has picked up! They should be restocked this week. We shipped more product to them a few days ago. Thanks for the support by the way to all who do use our products. Our Beef Jerky is 97% Fat Free.

"Will JR vs. Michael Cole ever take place again?" Lord, I hope not. There's nothing to see here folks, let's let's keep it moving.

"Was Eric Bischoff a good RAW GM?" Absolutely. He knew his role and played it well. Antagonists who are organically easy to dislike are money. Paul Heyman was like that as a manager/ me on that one.  

"Who's the brightest minds I've been around in the biz?"  Short answer, there have been many. Vince McMahon and Bill Watts are in rarified air in my eyes. Pat Patterson, Dusty Rhodes, Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette are all amazingly gifted in that regard as well. There have been many 'great minds' in the biz. However, someone is ALWAYS left off a list of 'the best' type lists which causes consternation and debate. I'd rather not ruffle anyone's feathers or hurt feelings just for the hell of answering a question.

"Favorite Wrestlemania?" Likely WM17 but WM23 was also special because that was the year I was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

"One match that I called that I wish I could do over." Some talents might say several but one that I could have nailed much better was HBK vs. Flair at WM24. I'll take the hit on that one. I didn't adapt well to the three man booth.  

"When will WWE announce more 2012 Hall of Fame inductees?" Likely soon after this Sunday's Royal Rumble which is their focus right now. No, I don't know who will be inducted, who should be inducted, or who I want to be inducted. There are many deserving men and women who should be enshrined. 

"What's one creative idea that was pitched that never made it?" Years ago, I threw an idea on the table to have an Undertaker vs. Mankind PPV bout, prior to the Boiler Room Brawl or what ever it was called, on Alcatraz Island. We couldn't get it cleared legally at that time to do it. It was a rough idea with no final, final details and in hindsight might not have been one of my better suggestions. However, it did sound good at the time and packed plenty of 'sizzle.'

"Any advice on a 17 year old wanting to wrestle professionally?" Yep...forget it. Get an education and have a fall back plan. One can begin to prepare athletically and from a show business perspective in school. I'd never consider hiring a 17 year old or even an 18 year old as a rule. 

"Favorite Steak Sauce?" I'm biased but I like to warm up our Chipotle Ketchup and, at times, add a little of our BBQ Sauce to make a great steak sauce. I've even added Worcestershire Sauce to jack it up from time to time. I like improvising in the kitchen especially after I've watched a few Food Network shows. The warmed up Chipotle Ketchup is a hit by itself for the record. 

"Super Bowl pick?" Likely to be the Giants but I'm not there yet.

"Will Peyton Manning be a Colt next year?" Not under his current contract. Three neck surgeries isn't something to toy with or to plan long term around. He's a HOF QB but not at his current rate of pay. 

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