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It's going to be 106 degrees today here in Norman, Oklahoma home of the OU Sooners but it's not too hot to grill! Consider stocking up on JR's products at this link Time's a wasting...

I announced on Twitter @JRsBBQ earlier this week that I would be attending RAW100 this Monday in St. Louis when the iconic program begins airing for three hours starting an hour early at 8/7 central.

I never planned to not attend the celebration, as I prefer to look at it, as RAW1000 is a milestone that I'm proud to say that I was able to contribute to beginning in 1994 when I first appeared on the broadcast.

Even though I do not know my exact assignment at RAW1000, I assure one and all that it doesn't matter to me. Team players contribute where they are needed and determining where I'm needed isn't my call. All I know is that I will be 'at the game' and ready to help the team win in any way that I can. It's really a simple philosophy that I've believed in for many years. 

One of the bigger issues that I occasionally had to address when managing the WWE talent roster back in the day was explaining the 'team concept' to certain performers. I'm not big on someone demanding that they HAVE to play 'quarterback' and score all the 'touchdowns.' 

Not one star appearing on RAW1000 Monday night is bigger than the brand.

Here's some frequently asked Twitter questions that I've received over the past few days:

Who will be appearing at RAW1000? I know of the individuals who have been talked about on TV and that's it.

Will there be some surprise guests, etc? Obviously one would think. 

Will JR beat up Michael Cole? Please, let's stop the pain. Why waste valuable TV time on announcer types when there are so many young, athletes that would covet the TV time?

Did I enjoy working with Jesse Ventura? Generally, yes. But we were never as good as we should have been to which I have shouldered the responsibility for that shortcoming. Super Brawl 1992 was one of our better team efforts. Some of our XFL work was o.k. too.

Do I hate Michael Cole? Hell, no. @MichaelCole is cast in a specific role on TV. His TV persona is an entertainment presentation and aside from that we have totally different styles and experiences. I got to experience and learn from the territory system and learned a ton from a variety of mentors, bosses, etc. I also worked along side Vince McMahon as a broadcast partner and got to understand his vision for the product in that time period.

Do I look at being on NXT as a disappointment? Obviously not. If I did not want to contribute to WWE's most important department, the development of new talent, then I would have passed. I BELIEVE in the Talent Development Department and honestly feel that there is no more important area within the entire WWE. Attractions sell PPV's, Merchandise, garner TV ratings, etc. Attractions are main event level superstars with staying power and they are not developed in a few months and sometimes not in a few years. Many of today's fans have short memories about that process or they simply have never experienced it. Bottom line, some fans have little patience and they feel as if they are 'owed' more than they are. 

Most undervalued talent in WWE? I'm not sure, it's a subjective question, but if I had to make a list it would include William "Don't call me Steve, Dusty" Regal. An excellent broadcaster, skilled in ring talent and a fantastic teacher to the developmental kids. 

Who's the next to be called up from NXT/developmental to the WWE main roster? I have no idea nor am I in that loop. It's largely based on how well the talents evolve both in the ring, which the fans see, and out of the ring which the fans don't see. If I were a NXT talent, I would not want to be called up until there were vignettes planned and I knew exactly my short term and long term direction as best that it could be explained to me. Fans who watch a handful of short, TV bouts in developmental and can then decree that  a talent is ready for prime time are MUCH smarter than am I. I do know that how talents are introduced adn subsequently followed exposed is crucial as in life or professional death.  

Do I follow MLB (Major League Baseball) some...mainly during the playoffs if they don't interfere with OU Football. 

Thoughts on Penn State issues? Take JoePa's statue down but don't further punish the students, players and fans by not playing football this fall. Plus, the affiliated  businesses would be dealt another devastating blow. 

Thoughts on the Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo, Iowa? Honestly, a bucket list destination for all devout fans of wrestling. Best kept secret around. Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @wrestlingmuseum.

Going to all the OU games this fall? Planning on it. Working on logistics now. Might even have some informal meet and greets on some of the road trips on Friday night in some towns. I'm turning down a good payday to attend @boomersooner vs. WVU in Morgantown on November 17.

One more time, why doesn't JR smile? Three bouts of facial paralysis called Bells palsy. Facial paralysis can curtail a man's TV career, just for the record.             

Will Ultimate Warrior be on RAW1000? I have no idea. I've heard nothing. However, nothing would shock me about who might surprise us Monday night. 

Would JR have liked to have been the radio voice of Oklahoma Football? Is @HeymanHustle a balding, gifted, talented, annoying man? Hell, yes.

Why is JR's Beef Jerky so good? It's truly custom made and not mass produced. We use eye of round which is a great cut of beef and it's slow smoked with hickory wood while being made fresh in Oklahoma.  

Will JR's products be available in grocery stores soon nationwide? We are trying. We made a little traction this week but we're still likely a LONG ways off. 

Does JR's products only work outside on grills? ABSOLUTELY NOT! My wife made a turkey meatloaf last night with our All Purpose Seasoning, JR's Original BBQ Sauce and JR's Chipotle Ketchup. There are endless ways to use JR's products in one's kitchen. If you have other recipes using our products in your kitchen tweet them or email them to Contact Us on the home page. 

Thanks for stopping by and please let others know of our site. You're personally invited to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Plus, my family sincerely appreciates everyone's support at

Boomer Sooner!


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 Dear JR,

Your wife seems to use some sort of JR's BARBQ product on everything she serves including ice cream.  Is there anything you eat that doesn't have some sauce, seasoning, ketchup, mustard, or jerky on it? I'll send you a dollar if you can think of something.


Hi JR.  Don't you think it's time that you stormed into Mr. McMahon's office, grabbed him by the necktie, and demand he start putting more emphasis on the tag team titles?  Everyone would be so proud of you.  So many fans miss the tag team scene from the 1980's and 1990's.