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@wwesheamus has many qualities as did Stone Cold...physically and mentally tough and loves to perform at a physical level that some opponents don't embrace. Both were great examples of not accepting being denied stardom and continued to work through career challenge no matter what hand was dealt them.

When online pundits blame others for a talent's lack of upward mobility they usually miss the point. Cliche or not, the cream rises to the top and day in and day out hard work generally conquers all. Being a high maintenance, under achiever usually spells dome for the best of prospects.

The often used term "Push" misused by many outside the business in a variety of ways and as an overriding excuse for a wrestler's failures is laughable. I can count dozens of talented men and women who created their "Push" through perseverance and by maximizing their minutes. I can also count on numerous bottom feeders who blame their lack of "Push" as the reason for their lack of success instead of gazing into the mirror and doing some soul searching.    

TLC in Brooklyn is going to be cool. First WWE event in that awesome, new facility. These are the moments that I miss most as a broadcaster. I will be content to watch the PPV from home but it would be cool to be a part of the first ever event for WWE in that much ballyhooed arena. Plus, I've never been to Brooklyn. 

I hope the talents feel the same way and bring a little extra JR's BBQ Sauce to the party.

Happy birthday to both @JerryLawler and @JCLayfield. Both are approximately '39.' Two entirely different personalties but two amazingly talented men.

I still maintain that Lawler is one of the top ten best performers of all time when it comes to multiple skills. King belongs in the Heenan Category as all around best ever when it comes to wrestling, promos and broadcasting. If Jerry had a career where he had managed over time he would easily ascend to the Bobby Heenan level of which there is only one member. Arguably, when it comes to ring psychology, timing and natural instincts, Jerry Lawler still has few peers in the business today. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jerry wrestle again some day although I am not endorsing such. Our partnership goes beyond the ropes and arenas of which I am thankful.

When we hired JBL aka Justin Hawk Bradshaw we thought we were getting a big, athletic villain along the lines of Bobby Duncam, Stan Hansen and Dick Murdoch. We got so much more. John used his intellect and work ethic to reinvent himself multiple times from Justin Hawk, to Bradshaw the Acolyte, to the Texas version of the Million Dollar Man.

John is still evolving with his career on Fox News, the only reason that I watch that network, and as a broadcaster in WWE. John at the announce table makes the product better and more interesting. 

Of all the men that my group helped hire in WWE back in the day, few can say that they over achieved more through perseverance and plain, old hard work than JBL. John possesses what every wrestling star MUST entrepreneurial spirit and a burning desire to be the best at what he does. 

Our next NXT taping will be interesting now that @WWERollins, the NXT Champion, is a member of The Shield. About a week out from traveling to Orlando I start looking forward to the trip as I truly enjoy working with the next wave of WWE Superstars. 

Don't kid yourself, the future of WWE depends on the productivity in WWE's Developmental Program. WWE has no more important department in the entire company then Talent Development. 

Our next taping @FullSail will be Thursday night December 6 starting at 6:30. Should be an eye opening, three hour affair. (Sounds like one of King's past romances.)

THIS JUST IN...Very sad to hear of the passing...just heard seconds ago that  Freebird Buddy Roberts has died. Buddy was the third member of the trio that revolutionized the three man faction/tag team scene back in the late 70's and 80's. Bill Watts attached the veteran Buddy to the much younger, free spirits, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy to comprise one of the greatest entities ever in the business. At one time, there were no competitors who had more 'heat' than did the Fabulous Freebirds especially with their issues with JYD in Mid South and the Von Erich's in World Class in Dallas, among others.

At the time Watts inserted Buddy with Michael and Terry, Bill considered Buddy Roberts to be one of the best performers in the business. Buddy was a skilled 'mechanic' who elevated everyone's game, could sell for Gordy and Hayes and no matter how many times that Buddy was beaten he had the ability to retain his villain angst. Fans loved to boo Buddy Roberts...he was that good.

I recall calling a match once in Dallas where Buddy wrestled referee David Manning with one armed tied behind him against the referee. Buddy had just lost his hair in an on gong storyline and was wrestling in a head gear which made the entire presentation even more entertaining. Bottom line, with one hand tied behind his back, Buddy Roberts was better than many wrestlers who were earning a living inside the squared circle at that time. 

The 'Birds were free spirits to say the very least and could be a handful to manage as they lived their in ring personas. Hell, their in ring personas were them. The name Buddy 'Jack' Roberts came from one of the group's favorite, recreational beverages...old, #7 Jack Daniels. 

Michael Hayes had a birthday party at a bowling alley in Atlanta one year for Budrow and I hadn't seen Buddy in a good while. I arrived at the party a little later than planned and the first thing that Buddy did when he saw I was there was to walk straight up to me, no hugs or greetings, and kick the hell out of my shin. Then he hugged me. That was Buddy....unpredictable out of the ring and he always had the mischievous twinkle in his eye. 

I first met Buddy Roberts when he was a tag partner with Jerry Brown as they comprised the Hollywood Blondes. I've said it before, the original Hollywood Blondes of Roberts and Brown were one of the most underrated tag teams ever in the business. They had being bad guys down to a science and their teamwork, timing, and believability were uncanny.            

Buddy had battled, I believe, throat cancer in recent years, while living in the Chicago area and doing construction work there. He only recently fell ill again and I'd know over the past several days that things were touch and go. 

Buddy Roberts, real name Dale Hey, was one of the true characters that I ever worked with in the business. He was as close to being himself in the ring as he was outside the ring. Buddy did not play a role. Buddy Roberts did not assume the role of being a pro wrestler. He was what you saw...a character who many of us will never forget. 

RIP Budrow...may you rest in peace and thanks for providing me with some of the most memorable moments of my career. Buddy was real. Buddy was Buddy. Our condolences to his family and his many friends especially my long time friend and Buddy's beloved, former tag team partner, Michael Hayes. 

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Buddy Roberts slapped my drink out of my hand in Jackson Ms. Coliseum back in the day. Gordy had a look on his face like he felt sorry for me, next thing I know he was slapping popcorn out a kids hand next to me. I did not cry ! The other kid did.  What a great talent..... RIP "Freebird".

I agree about Sheamus. He seems to have worked really hard to get to where he currently is and continues to improve and add new maneuvers to his arsenol. I expect him to continue to be one of WWE's main players for at least the next 5 years.

RIP Buddy Roberts.

And yes the cream does rise to the top. JBL is an example of that where he could've easily gave up around the year 2000 and assumed that he would never be a main eventer. Well 4 years later he was WWE world champion and main eventing on the Smackdown roster. I think a lot of guys come in with the idea that they're entitled to quickly go all the way to the top without paying any dues which is why those guys don't last long or go far.

I've been saying for years now that wrestling has too many PPV's to truly develop good storylines or create great interest and i now see that TNA will be cutting down to 6 per year starting in the new year. Hopefully WWE follows suit as i remember in the 80's when there were only 4 and it seemed like every 1 of them were must see and a big deal. Less is more.

We live in a world where a shameful amount people believe they are "ENTITLED" to things. The world of wrestling is not excluded. I imagine when you say the word earned to these kids they give you "deer in the headlights" look. It will be what bring this country to it's knees. LAZY IS A SICKNESS THAT CAN'T BE CURED.