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 I'm having a great day and hope you are too. Wife Jan already packing for Miami and WM28. All I need are jeans and my hat. Let's roll out some random thoughts.

Enjoyed @IAmJerucho on Fallon. Quick but entertaining. Chris has a myriad of interests so if he doesn't win WWE Title at WM28 how much longer does he din his tights. More motivation to steal the show.

Q..Why aren't there more 20 something's in WM28 main events?  Maybe because the 20 something's have yet to distinguish themselves. Likely some of same whiners complaining about @TheRock returning.

New Orleans Saints hammered w/ Bounty Gate. Such a stupid deal for $1K like pay days. Seen Naitch have bigger bar tabs. Plus, Saints people LIED to Goodell. That's even dumber.

I'd suggest Rock and Cena are much more motivated about delivering a jaw dropping finale at WM28 than they are about their paydays. Roll your eyes if you choose. Of course, each will make big money, deservedly, but the money will fade in their world but their WM28 bout will live forever.

WWE.COM has a great feature looking back at Undertaker's HIAC bouts. Sure brought back some awesome memories. Blessed to have been at ringside for those slices of WWE history.

Understand @shawnmichaels and &steveaustinBSR had a great day eliminating nuisance hogs on Austin's ranch this week. I'm hunting w/ HBK this year as well but am not on Steve's level.

Q...Fav JR match? Anything that didn't make air. Never wanted to be a wrestler.

More Legends of Wrestling Roundtables will be taped...likely in May w/ topics and panelists to be determined. Mixing JR's HOT BBQ Sauce w/ our Chipotle Ketchup makes for one heck of a steak sauce. WM28 tailgate parties have spiked our business at I'm thinking WM28 does north of 1M PPV buys and approximately 75,000 fans at Sun Life Stadium on April 1. A limited amount of $25 tickets are available for the WWE HOF Cermony & WM28. Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Plus, we thank you all for the business at Boomer Sooner! J.R.


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Yeah i agree that Mania is not about the money for Rock or Cena. If they don't have a ton of money stashed away at this point in their lives than shame on them.

And something you didn't mention was Kurt Angle on Twitter again this week apparantly drunk and this time saying negative things about Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.  The next day he once again deleted most of the comments but this time he admitted it was him and not some I don't see how Angle can put down 2 guys who helped him get to where he is today. Remember Austin put him over in 2001 for the WWE title and HBK put him over at Mania in 2005. In case you never heard, what he said is that  he could take them both in a shoot fight and that it only took him 1 year to win his first world title while it took them 15. And something about him being best in the world and not Jericho.

10 days until Mania. Can't wait. Great lineup this year. Hope you get to announce at least one match this year.

I haven't actually watched wrestling in years (i don't have cable) and my big time wrestling friends have all moved away.  But i must say that we are all going to be actively watching wrestlemania somewhere on april 1st!

I haven't been this interested in a while.  A feud that is over 1 year old has been unheard of for many years and i AM a sucker for continuity.  I started watching online where ever i could and reading whatever reports i could.  I realized this might actually be an amazing ppv.  I am hoping no one gets involved in any matches (all though of course someone will), and particularly hope that the HiAC match isinsanely bloody, and not plodding along at a snails pace.  I expect lots of emotion in the rock cena matchup, and while i haven't followed wrestling since cena came into prominence i don't mind him, and i think this couold be barn burner.

But all this pales into comparison to the new and soon to be only reason i am interested in wrestling again (and not tna cuz it is pretty boring).  Daniel bryan is by far my new Fave.  He's got the size of tully blanchard (or smaller), the essence of kurt angle (back in the day) and chris jericho (WCW heel days) and the skill of a certain wrestler who shall not be named because his image has been erased.  Even when he was an underdog he had a cocky look in his eyes, and i love his prick face now that he has the belt.  What pisses people off more than a cowardly heel who is so good he doesn't even need to cheat to win but still does?  A certain other wrestler did that for a decade and is considered the greatest of all time. 

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