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Hope everyone is having a great day. It's an awesome day weather wise here in Norman. I can't wait to get to Dallas for OU vs. Texas but first....

Thanks to all the well wishers regarding my heart procedure on Monday. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers but I know all will be well. If one plants positive then one grows positive. Simple formula. I'm more concerned about OU beating Texas and particularly OU's defense playing well in the Cotton Bowl Saturday.

Beef Jerky update....very soon we will be changing our packaging for our 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky going from a 1.75 ounce bag up to a 2.5 ounce bag so you 'll get more bang for your buck. I think we only have about 3 cases left of the existing packaging. Beef prices are edging up and there may be a price increase to some degree so if you are a Jerky customer you might want to consider cleaning us out of what we have left. My jerky maker has been making Beef Jerky full time since 1969 and is a national award winning smoker/jerky guy so our Beef Jerky is as good as you will find any where. The new stuff will be available next week if all goes well. Our Jerky would sell for $4.95 a bag in most convenience stores for the record.

Lots of talk about Monday Night Raw's last couple of TV ratings and them being lower than normal. There are two primary reasons for this matter, in my opinion. Monday Night Football provides immense competition on cable TV on Monday nights. ESPN/ABC has a huge investment in the NFL and they spend countless hours promoting each Monday Night Football contest. MNF on TV is a right of passage in America. ESPN battles with the USA Network for ratings supremacy and popping big numbers on MNF is the key to ESPN's success from September thru January. The flexible scheduling is much more amenable to strong football ratings and that did not exist years ago. Bottom line is that football has seemingly become America's game of choice and MNF still has significant cache as a brand. 

Secondly, and this is the old promoter coming out in me, if the attractions are spot on and personal issues are hot enough to create 'water cooler talk' then more viewers are likely to tune into Raw. After doing approximately 600 episodes of Monday Night Raw, we knew we always had to battle MNF and even Nitro back in the day. We always strived to create compelling TV and to earn our share of the marketplace. We were fortunate that we had a deep roster of talented, experienced athletes who, in one form or another, clicked with the audience. WWE has some very talented individuals performing on Raw and some are involved in thought provoking storylines. But the biz in general needs new stars to become established 'box office' sensations and that simply doesn't happen over night and honestly for some performers it will never happen. 

Personally, I see WWE going through somewhat of a transition period as it relates to the development of new, top talents. I still enjoy watching Raw each week to see how quickly these younger guys evolve and accept the personal responsibility and challenge of becoming a main event star that draws ratings and sells tickets and pay per views. I've said many times in this space that the journey from debuting on TV until a talent makes it to the next level, if they do make it, is 3-5 years and particularly starting from scratch and with little or no experience. 

Not having viable wrestling territories where a talent could ply their trade under a variety of philosophies and gain invaluable experience is a determent in today's wrestling world when developing new stars. Does that mean that new stars can't be developed? Of course not, but I do feel that the process to get from inexperience rookie to a PPV headlining main eventer is longer and more challenging. 

I'm very excited about many young, WWE talents and feel with confidence that some will be headlining major events in their career. The question that I can't answer is exactly when that will occur but until then I will remain patient and continue to enjoy Raw and any other program WWE produces including Friday Night Smackdown which moves to Syfy and emanates from OKC this Friday night. We're talking a TV show here folks that airs first run about 51 weeks a year and producing a 'hit' every week isn't possible. Can all programs be better? Certainly? Should wholesale changes be implemented? Not in my opinion. Rebuilding a roster takes time.   

Bottom line is that I'm not nor do I encourage any one to consider pushing the proverbial panic button but I do feel that the lower TV ratings will motivate everyone in the process to try logical and different things while utilizing different people in unique scenarios.

It will be interesting as to what sort of 'spin' many wrestling websites put on what I have said about the TV ratings topic.  

BTW...there will be no video of yours truly from the hospital on Monday. I'm not smart enough to Tweet video. 

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Unlike former President Bill Clinton I have not committed to going vegan on what is perceived to be a clogged artery in my heart but I cut WAY back on red meat long ago.

Why do I dislike short title reigns so much in the unpredictable world of pro wrestling? That and 'stripping' someone of a title is a turn off to this fan. 

My latest Ross Report at is on the home page under WWE News. Please read it and if enough of you do perhaps Joey Styles will give me a raise. :)

We should have an update on our new mustard project next week.

Wife Jan and I will be hooking up with WWE HOF'er Dusty Rhodes and his much better half in Dallas for the Red River Rivalry this weekend. Needless to say, Dream will be cheering for another team than Ol J.R. 

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Be well and continue to count your blessings. 

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I have been an avid WWF/WWE fan since I was 4 yrs old, and am now 41.  I think I had missed 2 episodes of RAW in the entire history of the show, but in the past month I've only watched once.  I'm having serious problems getting interested in the stories, or lack-there-of.  The fueds all seems redundant from week to week, and while stars may be "in the making", there are many more of them being used properly on Smackdown.  On RAW, it feels like I'm supposed to care about guys like Shamus, when realistically the show is all about Orton and Cena - two guys I like a lot.  And, Nexus was hot for a while, but now its just drawn out.  Bottom line is a long-time viewer like me has been bailing recently, and it has nothing to do with MNF (which I also love).  It has to do with the feeling that if I miss RAW, I didn't miss anything I didn't see last week or won't see next week. 

J.R., I hate to nitpick, love the column, but you mention NFL 'flexible scheduling' in this week's column as it pertains to MNF. You (and the WWE) should know (for booking purposes, perhaps) that MNF is UNAFFECTED by flex scheduling. Only Sunday Night's NBC Games after Week 10 can be 'flexed.' Thanks.

JR- enjoying a caseload of chipotle ketchup...just wanted to wish you well on your surgery. I had a heart attack two weeks after my 50th birthday- clogged arteries- had a stent put in- it's now 8 years later, and I'm good to go (well, as good as a 58 year old guy can be,still with bad arteries...) You should be just fine, but we send our wishes and prayers along regardless.

Rich Koz

Weigel Broadcasting-Chicago

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No, No, No! While I appreciate the fact that you mention that the yearly excuse of blaming MNF would be over simplifying the ratings issue; I have to take issue with your general conclusion.

I whole heartedly agree with the fact that these days performers do not get the great experience of working the territories as the greats did before them. However, blaming the performers over and over for something they have no or little control over is counterproductive.

The true blame for declining ratings, embarrassing house show attendance, and a lack of public interest is the WRITING!

As the years gone on, WWE's programming has becoming so structured, so scripted, so robotic, and so boring. Everything from predictable storylines, match results, and the transparent political hierarchy is destroying the product.

Championships these days are decided by who is sleeping with the boss's daughter or with The Undertaker, and who has Irish blood. I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm pointing out the truth. I mean, the WWE has never had two people of the same nationality or race exchange World Title like the Irish.

When a newer performer "gets over" a main guy, the win is quickly given back to the Main Eventer in a more dominating way (easy example: The killing of a promising Nexus storyline).

Guys start in the main event, will always be Main Eventers. Guys in the mid-card will always be Mid-Card, jobbers stay Jobbers. The saddest part is, there is no recourse. Talented and amazing performers leave the WWE depressed, bitter, and many times-no longer want to be wrestlers. And I'm talking about guys who had done it for over 10 years!

The wrestlers have no recourse because they are put in sorry storylines, given horrifyingly bad dialogue, and are given no opportunity to showcase their own skills. It's shocking when a guy who was "boring" in the WWE goes to the few Independents left, and cuts great promos, puts over their personalities, and shocks fans who get to see it.

Watching wrestling from the 80's, the attention to detail to bring realism was amazing--even in the most over-the-top situations! These days, it seems the writers forget who is face or heel, or who has a Title. The lack of continuity, detail, and logic makes the coveted casual fan brush his/her hand toward the TV and turn the channel.

The constant burying of talent does not help anybody. From match results, match length, and even Michael Cole's sloppy part time "heel persona".

I enjoy Cole's energy in his heel role, but the fact that berates the mid-card guys while hand stroking Orton and Cena because they are "chosen" is killing the so called “up and comers”. Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette, Paul E Dangerously, and Jesse Ventura's commentary "got over" face and heel talent by putting them down or hyping them up. Cole's shtick is sloppy and irresponsible at times. For example, Cole's heel gimmick works with Daniel Bryan, however, KILLS R-Truth. And I believe you would understand why.

The WWE has been on the decline for years now, not just in quality, but more importantly--by the NUMBERS! The sloppiness and the appearance of a lack of pride in their work by the people in charge are harming the product. There seems to be 10,000 excuses of why guys do not get a shot, why the storylines are not better, and why the ratings are declining, but there doesn’t seem one reason to watch WWE.