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Crazy weather on a busy week here in Oklahoma. Getting ready to head to OKC to pick up more BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup and Main Event Mustard. Business on line has been good so thanks to those who are preparing for Grilling Season with us. Our three person, family business sincerely appreciates your support. With that said....let's grill!

Watched the GSP-Jake Shields 30 minute UFC Prime time special Thursday night. It was OK but not a compelling show largely in part to both fighters being somewhat low key and remaining professional. I'm going to buy the PPV nonetheless from Toronto but the TV special, while having good production values and being well edited, felt sort of like a  nice bowl of oatmeal with nothing on it. 

I'm curious to see how UFC Mic's the large, dome crowd in TO for this fight. Mic'ing the masses can make the difference in this show 'feeling' big or not. 

The TUF TV rating has been disappointing to me. I understand that Spike is no powerhouse network but I thought that more UFC fans would invest in the show on Wednesday nights. Because Spike's overall TV rtgs aren't stellar one would think that airing ample amounts of promos for TUF on other networks would be advantageous. 

TUF is largely about the cast and no one individual on the cast stands out to me as of yet. 

Strikeforce's Nick Diaz says he is contemplating leaving MMA because of the lack of competition and money. Trust me, the money is the caveat for the ultra talented fighter. There are some huge, money fights for Diaz down the road, much sooner than later, in UFC. Make no mistake that when the Showtime deal has expired there won't be a Strikeforce but one big, powerful entity called UFC. Diaz is big money in my eyes and should be a valued asset, as he likely is, in UFC. Plus Diaz' mgmt team needs to have a nice sit down with the emotional fighter and outline his realistic options.

Great to see Edge fulfill his commitments and travel with WWE on this European tour to say adiós to his fans. I can still vividly remember hiring Edge and Christian out of Ontario back in the day and then signing them both to a full time deal one night at a TV taping under the bleachers of an arena that slips my mind at the moment. Edge has so much to give to the business and I'm relatively certain that WWE will utilize Edge's many skills in the future.

I know of many wrestlers who, when dealt a hand such as Edge, would not have fulfilled their commitments on what isn't an easy tour. 

Hard to believe that some fans want to know what I'm wearing for our tag team 'match' at Extreme Rules. Haven't given it much thought. My lack of grappling skill is going to make this a train wreck without fail. If I have to be in the ring with Swagger, perhaps I should wear a suit of amour but he would likely dent that just as he ripped my ankle that's still sore after all these weeks. Hopefully Swagger sees the light and bails on Cole as the former Sooner has embarrassed himself enough with his relationship with the Syracuse grad. When one gets out of their element, as I will do in Tampa at Extreme Rules, it certainly creates an adrenaline rush notwithstanding some levels of self doubt as well.   

The Canadian Effect which is currently airing on WWE On Demand is getting great feedback on Twitter @JRsBBQ and here on the site. It was @BretHart first Roundtable taping of which I hope that there are many. These Legends Roundtables are WWE On Demands most watched programs by far. WWE TV staff do a helluva job editing these shows and adding all the video tape and still photos that really makes them special.  

For some reason we've really hit a mad rush for JR's Cookbooks this week. We personalize each cookbook as one wants and have written some really funny and unique inscriptions on the book that's filled with family recipes and wrestling, road stories. Lots of grilling and barbecuing tips too. 

Speaking of Edge, his mom and I are both giant, Eagles fans, the band not the football team. Mama Edge did a helluva job raising her son Adam Copeland. Mrs. Copeland is to be commended. 

Why waste more money retrying Barry Bonds after the US government has spends millions of dollars on Bonds' ridiculous trial? Bonds rep has been forever tainted, he was never going to go to prison IMO, and millions of bucks have been flushed down the stool over what?!

We're being inundated with Tweets @JRsBBQ about Zack Ryder and why he isn't on TV more. You folks need to ask someone who might actually know the answer. Ryder is a talented kid. Someday he will, hopefully, catch a break but until then he simply needs to maximize those minutes and never have a 'bad at bat.'

@steveaustinBSR has improved his body of work, skill set, and overall rep in Hollywood by starring on USA's Tough Enough. Austin has dominated every scene that he's appeared and is doing so by simply being himself. 

When young, aspiring wrestling announcers or broadcasters of any ilk want advice, the first thing I tell them is to simply "be yourself.' If yourself isn't good enough, so be it. Don't be a phony as folks will see thru that immediately.

What one sees with Austin is what it actually is.

I detest the one and done rule in the NBA. With 70+% of NBA players going bankrupt or having other major issues within 3-5 years after leaving the league, why wouldn't the league want their players to get a better education so that the players have a chance to make better financial decisions and to earn a living once their playing days have concluded? I think NBA players should have to attend classes, and academically pass them with at least a C grade, for two years before becoming eligible for the draft. 

It is a big deal for Kobe Bryant making a homophobic slur not withstanding blasting F Bombs on TV. 'Heat of battle' my Oklahoma ass. Show some class Kobe. You're a role model whether you like it or not. I still haven't heard the NBA Superstar say, "I'm sorry." Kobe is one of the greatest players in NBA history but his immaturity under the guise of being competitive is embarrassing.

Excited about the CAC in Vegas next week. I'll arrive on Tuesday afternoon and will be joined by Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Sunny, Harvey Whippleman among others who will attend the Wednesday night banquet. For more info you can check out www.caulifloweralleyclub.org. This is one of my favorite events of the year. Its low key and genuinely fun. A casual atmosphere to catch up with friends and fans alike.  

It is crunch time for several WWE Superstars to rise to the occasion and assume leadership and main event roles on both the Raw and Smackdown roster. I hope that we don't hear from those that don't take it to the next level that the sole culprit of them not making it was everyone but the Superstar themselves.

There are so many potentially excellent talents now competing on WWE rosters but they all have to work diligently to make themselves special no matter the situation that they may find themselves in at any given time. 

Gotta hit the road and get 'sauced.' So to speak, that is. Good time to order from us for grilling season and remember that we do NOT ship outside the USA but http://www.wweshop.com does ship JR's products worldwide. 

Thanks for the visit and come back and see us. Remember, our store is open and ready to accept your orders.

Boomer Sooner!





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Mr. Ross: Does the WWE require talent to complete a college degree (or two years of a college degree) before signing a pro contract? You would know better than me, but I doubt it.  I don't think Randy Orton or Hunter H. Helmsley, to name two, ever went to college.

MLB doesn't require college, nor does the NHL, nor pro tennis, nor European soccer, nor professional music, nor TV/movies,  ... etc.  The NFL has an age minimum, but this seems related to the job requirements, as tackle football by grown men can be extremely punishing to younger bodies.  I agree that the "one-and-done" rule in college b-ball makes a farce out of so-called student-athletes, but I would favor the NBA introducing the following rule, similar to MLB: either you can enter the draft at age 18, or if you go to college, you must stay for three years before turning pro.

Unrelated point: I wish that the WWE careers of Austin and Rock had lasted longer than they did.  At their peak from 1998-2002, those two made a better main-event duo than Flair and Steamboat, Rhodes and Race, or anybody within my living memory.

JR -

I have to say, Zach Ryder is the hardest working talent below the main event level right now. He's doing a great job at developing his character online. WWE won't give him screen time? He's creating his OWN screen time. It reminds me of a lot of the things that Chris Jericho wrote about in "Undisputed". Along the same lines, Lucky Cannon on NXT is doing a supurb job at turning even 30 seconds of mic time into a memorable impression. He was totally forgettable o NXT 2, he is outstanding on NXT 5! Also, William Regal is unbelievably good. I'd love to hear him and you calling a match! Finally, your "student" Scott Stamford... I hope he reads this... I really appreciate his work, and he's got a great personality in the PxP position. When he debuted he was really floundering, but he's put in a lot of hard work to learn the names of the moves, develop his own set of phrases ("good night Irene", "house of fire", and "say hello to my little friend, the Cobra!" all make my night), and laugh at himself when he goofs. I really like Stamford, I hope that you continue to help him improve, and I would very much like to hear him on a regular basis on WWE programming.

And tell me how ironic Jericho's latest video message was? He hints that he'll come back to WWE when he's done with DWTS, but then asks us to vote for him. Chris, we want you back *now* so shouldn't we vote against you?


I can't take any credit for Scott Stamford's work. He's a pro and I hope that he accomplishes what he's shooting for.

 Is it ok if I take credit for the mad rush on cookbooks? heh

Heck yeah. We sold two more today. Personalizing helps plus, as you know so well, the recipes are easy to handle. I think many folks don't know that there are wrestling stories, etc in the cookbook too. Thanks.

But JR hows it going to look if Lawler, Swagger and Cole are all wearing traditional wrestling gear and you come out in jeans or sweats and a tshirt?  Besides this is a main event or co-main event so it figures to go twenty or thirty minutes and you can't ask Lawler to work the whole time.  You'll have to tag in and take some bumps for five or ten minutes.  I think the fans will really pop if you bodyslam Cole or come off the top rope on him, but hey it all starts with preparation and wearing gear and kneepads is part of that preparation.  You can do it, you look to have lost a lot of weight the last year and be in shape to kick ass!

Are you drinking? JR in tights? Stop the pain. If this match goes 30 minutes, I'll need a ride to the ER.

Totally agree with your comments about the NBA, both rookies and Kobe. Two years of college would help, absolutely. Problem is it would never stand up in court. Pity.

Regarding Kobe, I can't help but think that for all the mainstream media look down on wrestling I can't imagine the McMahons putting up with that kind of behaviour for one second. Sure the guys do some nasty promos on one other, but that's within a scripted context. If one of them said similar out there in the 'real' world, I tend to think the suspensions and apologies would be out there in no time flat.

Curious as to your take on the fines to Triple H and Undertaker regarding the chair shots at Wrestlemania. Good to see that even Trips isn't 'above the law'.

Got my fingers crossed to see a J.R. Stunner on Cole. A Rattlesnake move served with BBQ Sauce!



Everything I've seen about Edge in the last week has convinced me that he's a truly good guy, and the business will definitely miss him in a working role. Hopefully after he's had some time off to spend with his family and dogs, as he said, he'll be able to share his talents with the industry from a non-wrestling role.

JR, I'd be interested in your insight on one thing, though, that's been causing some discussion among my friends: during Edge's impromptu farewell post-Smackdown, the locker room emptied and a few guys - obviously his close friends - came out to join him in the ring for a moment, and then Triple H came out - with his music and intro video. I've seen some people say that was over the top and nothing but ego on HHH's part - personally I'm okay with it, and I have a feeling from Edge's expression that it was some sort of in-joke between the two of them, but the question is still out there: was it really necessary? Really curious about your thoughts on it.

Thanks for being so responsive with the fans, here and elsewhere.

First time here JR, thrilled for the chance to put down my thoughts on your own musings.

Mainly want to mention Edge.  Very emotional week indeed, Edge has always been a hugely entertaining mainstay of WWE (sorry, always be the Federation to me, even after 10 years) and never failed to deliver as face or heel.  His announcement on RAW was a real shock, but you must be hugely proud to have seen his and Christians careers blossom, both in WWE and in Christians case for a few years away from it, to the levels they are at now.

Got one huge thing to be greatful for though.  5 and a half years ago I spent what felt like a  week solid crying for Eddie and seeing the huge sense of loss in the locker room and in the office, it just broke my heart. Edge, in a different way, is in the same bracket as Eddie.  Class act, great performer, hugely respected, given 101% to the business inways that will be appreciated for years to come.  To know we'll still get the chance to see Edge appear at WWE events going forward through the years is hugely comforting, and I hope we'll see plenty more of him (Edge for anonymous RAW GM?  Why not?  I know he trashed the laptop a few times, but as the Ultimate Opportunist I'd put nothing past him!)

And yeah, Trish and Edge for HOF in 2013 would be a very cool thing to see.  All those championships - What a career!

 Was sad to see Edge retire but happy its with his health and that he was able to go out on top. Many great memories and of course being a big Hulk Hogan fan their Tag Title win together was special. Hope to see him in the hall of fame sooner than later. 

Barry Bonds.....so sad that at a time when they are talking about cutting benefits to medicare and medicaid and other social programs that millions are being wasted on this. Should he get punished? Probably but not at that expense, there are better things to spend money on and far worse law breakers walking the streets than Bonds

Lastly , its been great to have you and the King commentating Raw. I cant see for the life of me when no one wants to see Micheal Cole that they continue with that crap. Yes you need heels to go against the faces but heels people want to see are ones like Wade Barrett, Sheamus,CM Punk. People dont want to see or hear Cole. I havent watched Smackdown for three weeks, and as soon as you and Jerry go off and its just Cole, I tune into something else. For the record I think Josh Matthews does an excellent job

the roundtable was awesome bret was very good but i thought the fueds one yal did was even better. it would be cool if jr started up a fan club for like a certian amount a year u get a membership card and a bottle of sauce and a shirt or something and each month you send out a members only newsletter

 Regarding Kobe Bryant's homophobic slur, commenter Hubert says: "Regarding Kobe, I can't help but think that for all the mainstream media look down on wrestling I can't imagine the McMahons putting up with that kind of behaviour for one second. Sure the guys do some nasty promos on one other, but that's within a scripted context. If one of them said similar out there in the 'real' world, I tend to think the suspensions and apologies would be out there in no time flat."

But didn't Michael Cole also make a homophobic slur on Twitter a couple weeks ago?  I don't recall him being fined or suspended.


    Enough is enough. This latest episode with Sir Michael Cole leaves me speachless. I also wonder what the real Queen of England thinks about being dragged into this pipe dream of Mr. Cole. I'll bet that Syracuse University is proud of his actions. Personally I believe that education is better suited on someone who could make a difference in a positive way instead of acting like a moron..

  It has been a touch of class the last few programs to hear you and The King work together and I hope that you can, if you want stay on board.

                                Dale A..