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Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week. My Oklahoma Sooners winning the Sugar Bowl vs mighty Alabama was the best gift that I could have received. With that said...let's kick this thing off...

Enjoyed the trip to NOLA this week as it brought back many memories. It was the weekly, Thursday night club for Mid South Wrestling back in the day and the territory's most productive market under Cowboy Bill Watts.

 Lots of signage up at the Dome and New Orleans Arena now for WM30 which will be held there in April.

We should have info on 'RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross' in NOLA during WM30 week finalized in a few days now that the holidays are behind us and people are actually back to work.

Been asked many times on Twitter @JRsBBQ and via Q&A's here whether I will be a part of this Monday's Old School Raw in Baltimore. I will not. I do plan on trying to watch it on TV but I will not be a part of the broadcast. There's really no viable role for me to fill and it's much too far to fly in for a backstage 'cameo.'

Raw certainly doesn't need a fourth voice at the broadcast table partaking in 'witty repartee.'

Nonetheless I hope that RAW is entertaining and is respectful to the returning "Old Schoolers." 

Enjoyed visiting with my Okie friend Toby Keith in NOLA as we stayed at the same hotel for the Sugar Bowl and had dinner together Wednesday night. We talked a little pro wrestling business and philosophy as Toby is a fan and a very successful business man to go along with his amazing singing career. 

Big NFL the action outdoors in the elements. If one doesn't think that the elements that Mother Nature give the players during these win or go home games isn't an issue then you never played or officitiated in it.

Getting lots of chatter from a variety of 'experts' who have the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt Family storyline all figured out with many condemning it while others are intrigued with it. I am in a 'wait and see' mode and prefer to allow it to play out and see where it goes.

For some, any thing short of Daniel Bryan being the WWE World Champion won't work.

According to recent internet speculation who ISN'T going to wrestle at WM30? 

The speculated list of those old timers returning to wrestle at WM30 in Nola and those returning to the Royal Rumble is somewhat comical.

WWE needs to use old school/veteran stars to draw eyes to the TV and sell tickets/PPV's and to then facilitate young stars getting the 'rub' or benefiting by the number of new viewers that tune in to a given show. It's not rocket science but it is about advancing young talents who are sticking around.

Tickets for RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross set for Saturday March 1 at the Gramercy Theater in NYC with two shows on tap are available now at the Gramercy Box office and all outlets. I hope that you will plan on joining me as I launch an exciting new adventure. has some amazing new packages of JR's products for under $10 and there's a magnificent sale going on as we speak.

All the signed items on any online offer of JR's products are legit and personally signed by me.

I never met one rude Alabama fan my entire trip to NOLA. I know that they were disappointed that their team unexpectedly lost but I took tons of post Sugar Bowl photos and not one fan was rude and to the contrary was very nice to me.

Funny...some fans still think that I'm on RAW every Monday which is a telling matter...they aren't watching.

Monday night is the National Championship Football Game pitting Florida State vs. Auburn. In respect to fellow WWE HOFer and FSU great Ron Simmons, I'm pulling for the Seminoles. Should be a high scoring, entertaining game.

My friend Bob Stoops who sent me a great happy B-Day text Friday isn't going to leave OU for the Cleveland Browns in my opinion. He's turned the Browns down before. He's got a great gig at OU, a new breathtaking mansion, and for his kids, Oklahoma is home. These rumors  happen every year and I often wonder if it's done to adversely affect OU's recruiting.

Because I was asked on Twitter, etc I'd love to see Kurt Angle finish out his career in WWE with a select number of high level matches and a Hall of Fame Induction. That could be another high level attraction at WM31.

No...I still don't believe Hulk Hogan NEEDS to have a single's match at WM30 to help contribute to the event's success. However, if he does wrestle,I'll be interested in watching it. I'd say the issue of Hulk wrestling at a WrestleMania is a now or never matter considering Mother Nature's contributions to his health and age. I hope that @HulkHogan gets one more 'moment.'   

He's earned it and the event could use the boost.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm expecting a productive week this coming week on a variety of projects on which we are working.

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Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ


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I feel that Hogan doesn't need to do a match too maybe a Answer show with WWE Panel ask him question live on WM-30 it can be after the preshow. the younger fans will enjoy that it will give the crowd a feeling of there youth. just seening Hogan at WM is special.

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