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Tickets moving well in Toronto for our Friday May 9 show there at the Danforth Music Hall. Tickets are on sale at and the VIP Meet and Greet tickets are getting extremely scarce. Our show is at 9 pm and the meet and greet with the photo and autograph opportunities will take place before the event. We also plan on having JR's products available at the event as well.

Remember, one show night only in Toronto Friday May 9 at the Danforth Music Hall which is the night before the ROH/New Japan combined show in TO at the Ted Reeve Arena.

We've received great feedback on our podcast with ESPN's Robert Flores especially his thoughts on broadcasting and on Houston Wrestling. This Tuesday pm in the USA our new Ross Report with Jim Cornette will go live and it's a classic. @TheJimCornette is one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable wrestling minds any where and he leaves no stone unturned on this podcast which you can download for free at and via iTunes.

Gail Kim will be my podcast guest next week and that one is in the can and was terrific especially when the lovely Canadian talks about the difference she experienced working in Impact Wrestling vs. WWE and her unique way of balancing her marriage with work as her husband, Food Network Star Robert Irvine, is on the road approximately 300 days a year.

This Tuesday night I'm interviewing Shawn Michaels for the Ross Report that will air on May 6.

Enjoyed the UFC Saturday night on Fox and even though the TV ratings were apparently not through the roof, or so I'm told, the show was excellent. Having any TV show on the Saturday before a family holiday such as Easter when travel is often a factor isn't ideal but the UFC delivered a strong TV show nonetheless. Nearly a $2M gate in Orlando and a sell out and those superlatives cannot be overlooked.

I was pulling for Travis Browne but he got into some deep water with the much more experienced Fabricio Werdum who earned himself a shot at UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez this fall likely in Mexico City. Werdum was in complete control over the talented albeit 'green,' heavy hitter from Hawaii. Velasquez coming back from shoulder surgery against the hot and hungry Werdum should make for a great marketing opportunity for UFC in Mexico which will look at Cain as a super hero and rightfully so. 

Seriously thinking of heading to Las Vegas this July for the UFC events and to see my favorite fighter, @RondaRousey, do her thing.

Watched some ROH this Saturday night on the OKC Fox affiliate and the one thing that I'd suggest to the talents is to slow down so their in ring efforts can be processed by the fans and to SELL MORE. The "This is Awesome" chants are nice but they usually follow risky, high spots that lead, at best, to another in a long line of false finishes. I love near falls but it they come a dime a dozen they are quickly devalued.

No one can slight the ROH talent's efforts of which I gladly acknowledge. Great effort and snug physicality helps any wrestler's cause but if the story being told in the ring is too fast then much of that action is thrown away.

Some Twitter followers @JRsBBQ are already growing weary of Daniel Bryan being WWE Champion as their logic is now that the undersized, highly skilled wrestler has won the title there's nothing left for him to conquer of which I find to be extremely misguided. Some might even say that theory is downright stupid.

Bryan is and always will be the physical underdog in 99% of his bouts and if the announcers tell a timely and fitting story, DB will be a WWE World Champion who will go into the vast majority of his Title Bouts as the underdog. If that isn't a sellable story, then I don't know what is.

When a scenario finds the 'hero' in jeopardy, it is generally a good thing in the genre of pro wrestling as it relates to telling a story both in the ring and at the announce table.

I also said that Bryan got over organically which is the best way possible and he will stay over if he continues to be positioned as I just described and he maintains his high standard of bell to bell excellence. The Champion's biggest challenge is to continue to improve on his mic work and I expect that he recognizes such and will continue to address that phase of his game. Nonetheless Daniel Bryan is a credit to the business and WWE, or any one else, can't get too many performers with his character and professionalism.

Hopefully Daniel Bryan's reign as the WWE World Champion will be longer than the cup of coffee that many of his fans fear but I do think it is inevitable that Brock Lesnar will be the next top dog in WWE and a Lesnar-Bryan match at Summer Slam would be a great attraction.

Someone smarter than me, however, will have to explain why I should automatically think that Lesnar and @WWECesaro should be perceived as villains in the squared circle simply because they are affiliated with Paul Heyman. Neither wrestler cheats or rarely takes unfair shortcuts and 'retreat' isn't too prominent either. Perhaps in today's marketplace it simply doesn't matter to those in charge of any wrestling organization even though the hero/villian dynamic is alive and well in UFC, NFL and in the NBA Playoffs.     

Will find out soon about a voice over/narration project for Fox Sports 1 soon that I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes through. It's not pro wrestling related.

Love how some fans are so quick to blame 'creative' when something goes awry, in their view, on a pro wrestling TV show. Crafting consistent, 'money' creative is 50/50, at best, so smart wrestlers should always plan that they are going to have to add their own touches to make the creative that they are provided better than it is.

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WWE RAW is in Baltimore tonight which brings back many memories. My passing a kidney stone during a WCW PPV, Ron Simmons winning the WCW World Heavyweight Title, and some fun times at Sabatino's in Little Italy back in the day upstairs at the eatery late night which should have gotten many in our group arrested.

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