Tough Enough Returning?..Villains Key To Pro Wrestling..Edge Retirement Rumors..Wild Raw Tonight?..Califlower Alley Needs You

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. Football is truly in the air here in Norman and yours truly will be multi tasking this weekend w/ OU Football and WWE Bragging Rights on the agenda live.    

We should have the long awaiting changes to our website done soon. The ball is out of my hands on the technical side of that matter. If you want to take advantage of across the board free shipping in the USA in our on line store then may I suggest that you get 'er done asap.

I hope to know more details about our new 'JR's Main Event Mustard' this week. Again, that one is in the hands of the company that makes our sauces. I'm awaiting on production schedule info. It's really a great, new condiment especially if you like a healthy, honey mustard with a little personality.

Lots of on line speculation that WWE and USA Network may bring back the reality TV show 'Tough Enough.' That's new news to me but I like the idea. A true reality show regarding the wrestling genre that is taped outside an arena is more attractive to me than say producing NXT in an arena. Going outside the traditional and established box with the time tested genre works for me as a viewer. I'm a big fan of reality TV shows including 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels,' 'The Ultimate Fighter' and several Food Network productions which I perceive as being essentially reality shows. 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives' along with 'Man vs. Food' are fun, 'reality' type shows to watch. They are kept simple, not over produced and allow us to get to know the hosts and the various restaurateurs. The best reality shows are simply produced and allow the true personalities of the individuals to evolve.  When reality TV becomes over produced, overtly fabricated and non organic they lose me.

Personally, as a fan of WWE and reality TV I would be more inclined to make it a point to watch 'Tough Enough' every week than 'NXT.'

Emailer...Whether I agree or not and I'm certainly not to attempt to PO fans of women's wrestling...I never see an all female main event ever headlining a major PPV.  Realistically speaking, can you? 

Twitter...yes the King has Twitter but is not too active on it....@JerryLawler.

Emailer...No I do not have issues with TV wrestling villains getting a lion's share of TV time. Angst, animosity, and anger attract viewers when well executed by those that become those antagonist persona's and are not merely playing the role of a 'bad guy.'  Great, wrestling villains facilitate so many storylines and they also provide the top heroes with the chance to become even bigger heroes because of the obstacles the fan favorites must overcome. 

Oklahoma being voted #1 in the first BCS college football rankings is nice PR for the program but means little else. No one is handling out awards this time of the year plus the Sooners being #1 in the maligned BCS poll only puts a bigger bull's eye on OU's back this Saturday night in Columbia, Missouri. The Mizzou Tigers are undefeated, have multiple scores to settle with OU and will be playing a coveted, night game on national, network TV. Need I say more? Could OU be the 3rd t#1 team in three weeks to get knocked off?

I've gotten emails and tweets from Texas fans wanting me to thank them for beating Nebraska Saturday of which, BTW, I eluded to last Wednesday on the Sean and John Show on in Houston. I'm afraid my Longhorn friends will be waiting on that apology for a while. Secondly, I've been hammered by Oregon fans about the BCS ranking OU above their Ducks. It's not my issue so raise hell with the BCS as I agree with you. 

Emailer...I have not read the latest dirt that Edge is contemplating retirement. Honestly speaking, any athlete that is Edge's age, he's still young but has been in wrestling a long time, and has had his laundry list of injuries must obviously 'think' about their future if they are smart and Edge is a very smart guy. Edge has earned exceptionally well and he's been admirably smart with his funds. I see Edge sticking around and contributing a few more years but he will not be one of the guys who's 50 or more and still wrestling at the local, VFW Hall for grocery money. Edge is a true student of the game and still has so much to give and him being on Smackdown is timely and smart positioning for WWE. 

Emailer...I can't recall any major issues with any talent over my PXP calls that I made over the years. I'm sure some likely did not like them all but no one ever made a big deal of it. I always strived to make the talents better, enhance their persona's, and keep the bouts about what we were seeing on our monitors. I think that most of the top talents always knew that I was doing my best to enhance their in ring images and make them a bigger star leaving the ring than when they arrived.  As a rule, I was generally harder on myself for my work than anyone else. 

Emailer....I would suggest to you that no one knows for sure what the main event or main events will be in Atlanta at WM27. I would also suggest to you that any one who says that they do know for sure is loaded with manure. Having a big time, marquis main event for WM27 is crucial as it is hard to market this mega event with an ensemble cast and no primary focus on one, major bout. 

Twitter...I do believe that Monday's Raw on the USA Network live from Calgary will be unpredictable and as 'wild' as PG allows. 'Bragging Rights' this Sunday on PPV in Minneapolis needs an accelerated amount of promotion especially when it comes to the promoted, Raw vs. Smackdown rivalry. 

Check out the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC) website @ as they are beginning a new membership drive. If you are a fan of pro wrestling from any era and particularly the 'old days' then you should be a member of CAC. I always look forward to attending their annual banquet in Vegas in April which is open to the ticket buying public. If you want a wonderful wrestling fan's experience then I wholeheartedly recommend that you attend the CAC Banquet but first join the organization. Will you at least check out their website?

Now with OU vs. Mizzou a night game it would appear that I will likely miss the Lesnar-Velásquez UFC confrontation Saturday night in Anaheim. I might have to get creative to keep track of the UFC Heavyweight Title fight that I hope Brock Lesnar wins. If the OU vs. Missouri game ends in time I may try and find a spot in Columbia to shoehorn my way in and perhaps catch the main event. I was hoping that the football game would be an afternoon affair and that I could get back to KCI in time to watch the UFC there. 

Have a great day and please don't forget us when it comes to our products. We sincerely hope that you will keep us in mind for the holidays.

Boomer Sooner!



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 Hi JR

Long time 'lurker', first post. This is really a message for your many readers in the UK - have just shipped some of your Championship Jerky and original BBQ sauce all the way here to Scotland and having sampled both, I can confirm the postage costs and customs charges are WELL WORTH the expense. Hopefully if more of my country people make the effort, they will offer some of your other flavours also. It's not easy to find proper BBQ in this part of the world and your products took me back to my travels in the US immediately.

As has often been stated by others, as a fan of wrestling for over 20 years I have a great deal of respect for you and would like to thank you for the countless great moments that your announcing has made 'extra special'. Two that really stick in my mind are the Kurt Angle Invasion 'Milk Truck' ('Milk and cookies what a combination'; 'the million-dollar princess has become a dairy queen') and the ill-fated NWO-Rock ambulance-ramming ('They're running like scalded dogs').  We all know about the announcers getting 'advice' through the headphones these days, but I was wondering do you recollect whether those segments had lines which were 'fed', rehearsed or you just called 'on the fly'? Other readers may disagree but, whether prompted or not, there haven't been too many genuine 'LOL' lines from WWE announcers in recent times, IMHO.

In any case they are moments that I will never forget and moreover remind me of wonderful times with great friends. When it's 'on the money', there's no better sport to watch with your buddies than wrestling. 

Thanks again and God bless.

Hello, J.R.

I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I am a big fan, and watched your debut in WCW, your debut in WWE, and everything that was in between and since. I grew up near Columbia, MO, and now reside in one of the Kansas City suburbs. I understand how changing the start time of the MU vs OU game has foiled your plans of watching the UFC fight near MCI, and I'm not sure what your travel plans will be now, but if you need help locating a place to watch UFC, let me know. I am very familiar with both towns, and will be happy to help get you into a comfortable spot to watch. If you have access to my email address associated with the account I created for your site, you can contact me there and I can give you a more direct way to get in touch.

Thanks for your time.


The WWE ought to let the new Tough Enough be JR's new gig!  Let JR produce/write it and possibly co-host.  If it is produced down in Florida, where the training facility is and where you've been going regularly, would you be interested JR? 

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