TSN's Off the Record, Hulk at WM30?, Great online deals on JR's products, Bedlam, Major Announcement Coming Monday

Here's hoping that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a great day. I'm attempting to ward off the flu so my day was quiet and highlighted by great food thanks to the Mrs. and lots of NFL football. Let's kickoff this short blog with some random thoughts....

 Doing TSN's 'Off the Record' with Michael Landsberg later today that will be available on TSN and then online later. I haven't spoken to Michael in years and look forward to our visit. I will be in OKC speaking to TSN via satellite.

 Monday, Live Nation is scheduled to send out a press release regarding all the info one will need to know on my first, one man show coming to New York City in March of 2014. Tickets will go on sale in a few days for this event that has special significance to me.

My journey from being an only child growing up on a poor, Oklahoma farm to spending almost 40 years in the pro wrestling business going from the ring crew, driver, to EVP of a publicly traded company is exclusively unique to the genre as no one has taken my exact path, fulfilled all the roles that I have been lucky enough to partake, and experienced the territory system, the advent of cable/satellite TV, PPV and then leading into the corporate world of sports entertainment.

I've worked with some of the most interesting personalities in the business and plan on sharing many stories with our audience. These one man shows will be held in intimate venues so that it feels, as I want it to be, an intimate evening of friends having a good time talking about their favorite topics.

Each show will feature some storytelling, Q&A's, where no questions are off limits, while meet and greets will be available too.

For those that attended our shows in the UK a few months ago, you know what we try and accomplish and I think that you would say that my show's are fan friendly. Fans will get some humor, some heartwarming stories, things you likely never knew and more in a fan friendly atmosphere.  

So, keep an eye out on Monday for all the info on my very first USA, one man show that will launch what we hope will be a busy 2014 of touring selected cities with our unique event.

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Seems as if the topic of one of my blogs a few weeks ago is beginning to pick up steam. I suggested that I'd personally like to see Hulk Hogan be a part of WM30 in New Orleans but I never implied that I wanted to see Hogan in a match. I don't. I do think that Hulk can add viable cache to the landmark event and timing seems to be favorable to do so as it relates to his business obligations.

If Savage and/or Warrior were to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Hulk would fit perfectly in that process.

Save 30% today only in the UK and Europe on JR's products at http://www.americansoda.co.uk headquartered out of Manchester.

Our friends at http://www.beyondtheropes.co.uk also have some great deals on JR's products now for our UK mates.

Heading to see OU vs. OSU wrestling aka Bedlam this Sunday in Norman. Never know if I might see someone I can make Jerry Brisco aware of but likely he's already all over all the good athletes in D1 wrestling and below.

When WWE was going through immense financial challenges in the mid 90's our talent relations team signed several talents, strived to get more athletic in the ring, and worked on developing a new attitude in the locker room based on competition and clear cut opportunities for all the top spots that paid the serious money. If most fans knew how tough the financial state of WWE was at time that they many would be amazed.

Sad to see my @Steelers so banged up and in need of a major overhaul. No play offs this year it would seem and even Pittsburgh diehards have to come to the realization that the @Steelers simply aren't very good this year. Their off season will be intriguing with which to keep up.

Thanksgiving reminds me of the time we were in New Orleans for the annual Thanksgiving night Mid South Wrestling event and the Big Cowboy had us abruptly check out of the hotel that we were staying because the croissants weren't buttery or flaky enough. True story.

To this day I still can't eat oyster dressing, an apparent Louisiana staple, but loved being in New Orleans on a regular basis. It was like a second home for many of us in the territory days.

I have a major meeting set up next week to begin discussions on doing a Podcast. The chances look good but time will tell.

WWE RAW heading to OKC this Monday and I hope that they have a big, enthusiastic crowd at the 'Peake, the home of the OKC Thunder.

Meeting next week with a book consultant regarding my autobiography that we hope to sell and write in 2014. Publishers seem anxious to see the treatment regarding my career in an unfiltered form. Oh, it's going to be unfiltered.

I have no idea if Bill Goldberg wold return to WWE for a special, WM30 appearance but it would seem that it will now or never simply based on my fellow Oklahoman's age and time away from the ring. I think WWE will need to import some alumni to give WM30 the sizzle that it's going to require for the 30th addition of their biggest event of the year.

The opponent of the Undertaker at WM30 is also pivotal as is the build up to the April spectacular.  

 All the Louisiana based reality shows like Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, along with stars like John Goodman, Harry Connick, Jr. and any other stars who make the Crescent City their home should be at least casually involved. My  favorite sponsor from yesteryear, Popeye's, who helped Mid South promote wrestling events in the Super Dome are also great marketing partners.

As I've mentioned, we're working on details to have at least one of our shows in New Orleans during WM30 week of which I will keep you abreast.

Is Daniel Bryan still kidnapped?  Poor guy apparently missed Thanksgiving with his fiance.

The Q&A's are updated here on the site.

Jerry Brisco is traveling to Oklahoma to attend Bedlam football next Saturday and to scout the OSU vs. Minnesota wrestling duel to be help the next day. The Gophers have a stud that WWE needs to sign. Big, athletic and intelligent plus he's a fan of the genre. The perfect combination. If these big athletic freaks aren't fan's of the genre to some degree they usually won't make it IMO.

WARNING:  Do not play the pro wresting, clothesline drinking game. It's a guaranteed hangover plus don't even get near a motor vehicle if you partake.

My wife made the greatest cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving. If that's all we had then I'd be happy. I remember living in Connecticut working for WWE when my wife called my late, Mom on the phone to have Mom walk my wife through the dressing aka stuffing process.

JR's Cookbook is largely a collection of my Mom's recipes and is heavily influenced by her. It's sold at http://www.wweshop.com and is signed by me and can be mailed anywhere in the world.

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Have a great day.

Boomer Sooner!

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