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Thanks for stopping by and visiting our website. Here's a few Monday Night Raw thoughts and answers to some questions.

I enjoyed Raw and loved seeing the Garden in Boston sold out. Brought back many memories of not only Boston but when MNR regularly sold out with raucous, attitudinal fans. 

Adding HBK to the equation inside HIAC w/ HHH vs. the Undertaker is intriguing. Lots of ways to analyze this development. Where will @ShawnMichaels allegiance lie or will he throw us an off speed pitch and call it down the middle? Certainly a case can be made that HBK could have lingering 'issues' with both 'Taker and The Game. It makes for potentially, interesting TV leading to April 1 in Miami. 

I still hold steadfast that it's possible for Shawn to 'steal the spotlight' from the other two future, HOF'ers in the match. I'm not sure how but I never question 'Mr. WrestleMania' at this time of the year. If a referee can become the most talked about individual in a marquis match like HIAC it is Shawn Michaels.

Thought the tag match was really good featuring @CMPunk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and @IAmJericho. Appeared Jericho was the illegal man when he got the pin using an inside cradle on the WWE Champion who gutted out the main event level bout with a bad back thanks to the #1 contender. 

@TheRock and @JohnCena continued their verbal assault on each other as they build to their long awaited main event at WM28. Expectations for this show closing match, in all probability, at WWE's biggest, annual event continue to rise. Cena and Rock have a tall order awaiting them closing WM28 as I feel the card is strong. The professional angst to close a WrestleMania event is much bigger than many fans perceive. Some talents handle it well, and actually covet the pressure cooker environment, while others don't. 

Rock and Cena have been in the position before but speaking from experience, every WrestleMania event brings with it a uniqueness and it's own set of challenges and expectations. This match has been talked about for a year so the expectations for the match quality are greatly enhanced. 

With social media evolving and other technological advances in place, the Rock vs. Cena main event at WM28 is arguably the most hyped, talked about WrestleMania bout of all time. 

It will be great to get to Miami in a few weeks to soak up the atmosphere for WWE's Super Bowl and I'm hoping to see and meet many fans at WWE AXXESS where JR's products will be sold at the WWE Merchandise stand at AXXESS. 

At this time, JR's line of delicious products is only available online except for the 4, Norman, Oklahoma Homeland Stores. We are endeavoring to get into more stores but the process is time consuming and challenging. I've never been one to back away from challenges and we will continue to work at growing our brand.

For some reason, a minority of UK fans can't understand why it is so imperative that WWE PPV's be live in the USA at 7 pm eastern time. I simply can't see WWE doing tape delayed PPV's and to be live in North America at 7 eastern the live event in the UK would have to start well after midnight. That's just not feasible. Perhaps that philosophy will change and/or I'm wrong but that's my take on the UK PPV matter that we are asked about daily.

Please visit http://www/wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss to browse what WWEShop is doing and to place your March Madness and WrestleMania tailgate orders. The UK business is superb and they are a solid #2 behind only the USA in orders placed.  

One thing that shouldn't be any issue shipping virtually any where is JR's Cookbook which I personally sign and that features many of my family's recipes, BBQ and Grilling tips and stories from the world of wrestling. 

Is Flair a 16 time champion? At least and likely more as some title changes weren't officially recognized for a variety of reasons. I've heard the number is closer to 20 but that's speculation but I do know it's more than 16.

Who's the greatest promo talent of all time? I hate to answer a question with a question but how does one determine that answer? I sure can't. If I were to name 10 great talkers, I would invariably leave out three times that many that deserve to be on the list. It's too subjective. It would be like saying let's get a consensus as to the greatest rock band of all time. Can that be done? Not likely. 

Will JR ever 'wrestle' (term used loosely) Michael Cole again? I don't see why we should as that storyline has been done and is over as far as I'm concerned. I'd suggest using valuable TV time for young talents who MUST get over the hump to begin selling tickets and PPV's. 

Will @SteveAustinBSR be at WrestleMania this year? I've heard nothing about any plans for Steve to attend even though I know that the WWE HOF is one of his favorite events. Personally I hope that he does as it's always good to catch up with him. As far as Austin being on the card, I'd definitely say no. 

While you are here may I suggest to take a moment and read through some of our latest blogs as they answer so many questions that we receive over and over again. 

@JRsBBQ on Twitter is over 370,000 strong and growing about 5,000 new followers weekly. The amount of Tweets that we receive on any given day is overwhelming. I do my best to answer as many as I can but there is no way to answer them all. Plus, we get so many of the same questions. Point is...if I don't answer your Tweet don't take it personally and refrain from squealing like a pig stuck under a gate. If it pains you that much or you are that insecure, just stop following me. Easy, right? Tip...take time to read our timeline. 

Do I care who wins between Rock and Cena at WM28? No. I just want to see one helluva wrestling match that takes me on an unforgettable ride where someone either gets pinned or is made to submit. It's good that fans take sides but for those that love to bash, for bashing's sake, both Rock AND Cena, I find that one hard to fathom. 

Best way to use JR's All Purpose Seasoning? Use it as a dry rub on meats or just as you would utilize any seasoning such as salt and pepper. It's that versatile and enhances the flavor of any meat as well as vegetables. 

How does my city get WrestleMania?  The city fathers make a formal proposal to WWE about being the host city. Lots of fans in Indianapolis wanting WrestleMania after the successful Super Bowl there. Indy might be a great WM site at Lucas Oil Stadium but the same people in city government need to pitch WWE just as they did the NFL. That goes for every city that covets hosting a WrestleMania. 

Do you missing broadcasting? Of course. One doesn't do their lifelong passion, stop and not miss it. Or at least I don't. At the same time, I have many interests and am blessed to live such a wonderful life with zero regrets. I wouldn't change a thing about my life except I'd likely ask to not have experienced Bells palsy three times. I miss whistling. 

Where can fans get info on the annual CAC banquet in Vegas taht will be attended by some of wrestling's biggest stars? Easy, just check out http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org. My seminar is on Tuesday April 17 and the must attend banquet is on Wednesday April 18 at the Gold Coast Hotel. 

How's Tony Schiavone? He's working hard at WSB Radio in Atlanta and can be followed on Twitter @TonySchiavone24. We had some great times together and I always enjoyed working with him at ringside. Our call of the 1st Clash of Champions is one of my most enjoyable memories. We even roomed together at times to save money when money was tight at Crockett Promotions. I'm happy that we have been able to reconnect via Twitter. Any perceived issues that Tony and I had were largely amplified by lame, wrestling politics. 

I'm told that a limited number of $25 tickets for WM28 and the WWE HOF Ceremony are still available at the respective box offices and via Ticketmaster. My best guess is that WM28 will do somewhere around 75,000 fans when all in.

Will DDP ever wrestle in WWE again? I'm out of that loop these days but my guess would be no. I think DDP has moved on to other projects especially his yoga and some film work. He could likely still have some good bouts. Smart in ring performer.  When I saw him during a Legends Roundtable taping he looked fit.

You asked...yes all our BBQ Sauces and JR's Chipotle Ketchup are vegan friendly. The Main Event Mustard has a hint of honey in it so that may disqualify it from vegan consideration. 

Would you like to be more involved with the OKC Thunder? Not sure in what way but, yes, I'm a huge @okcthunder fan and feel that I could help them grow in many ways here in Oklahoma. 

What's an underrated match to watch? Curt Hennig vs. Jerry Lawler AWA Title bout from late 80's. Two of the best of all time. I still say that if King could choose between wrestling and broadcasting it would take him about a second to say wrestling. It's in his DNA and he's still excellent at it. I wonder how many young wrestlers in FCW have ever studied King's work from Memphis? 

Excited to be heading Tampa and FCW for a few days next week. The future of WWE lies in their development program as that's where tomorrow's stars are cultivated. I'm anxious to see who's putting in the extra work and commitment with the sole goal of headlining WrestleMania some day. If it's not about that, then they're in the wrong place. 

Would I like to do a sitdown interview with Cena/Rock? Any thing to help the WWE team. Punk/Jericho would also be and interesting sitdown interview. Or HHH/HBK. Bottom line is that it isn't about me but what's good for the company and making WM28 as big as it can be. 

Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Be well and never fail to count your blessings. 

Boomer Sooner!


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You are right JR. Jericho was not the legal man as he missed the blind tag spot a few minutes before when Punk hit a rolling cradle on Bryan. Minor detail and i doubt it'll be mentioned in the future.

And it seems that the promos are becoming a bigger part of Raw and SD on tv than the actual wrestling. Great promos again from both HHH/Michaels and Rock/Cena.

And Flair's number of world titles i've always been confused over but it's 16 minimum. I never got why the NWA title swap overseas in 1984 with Flair and Race was never recognized which would've made Flair a 17 time champ and Race a 8 time champ.

As for Stone Cold Steve Austin well i hear he will induct Mike Tyson into the Hall of Fame and DDP recently said if he could return for one match it would be against Randy Orton but that it likely won't happen.

Great blog again. Gives me something to do for 15 minutes.

I apprecitate the blogs JR & I always check daily for a new one. I will be at Axxess on the Friday night with a pre-show meal at Shulas Steakhouse.  I hope I get to finally meet you.

Keep up the wonderful work!

Hey JR:

just watching southern wrestling on demand and it was awesome you brought it alive again with the way you talk about it.

Dear Mr. Ross,

As always it IS a pleasure reading your blog.

I'm not sure if this is a legitamite question or not, but it was brought up recently(no, it is not a rumor) by Bruno Sammartino that for the HoF there is no place to actually visit. My question is this, is there a place to actually visit the WW/E/F HoF? If not, will there ever be?

Secondly, as to your comments about Cena/Rock, the build up I think is generating plenty of buzz in the community. At first, I was very skeptical, too different folks from two different eras but the creative team/Cena/Rock did a heck of a job making it work. I'm expecting the match to be a good one. I'm hoping that there isn't a DQ or some odd ball count out; it would disappoint me and community at large. Like the Rock/Hogan match, I want to see who is the "better man."

Again, many thanks, stay safe and warm!


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