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My conversation with Terry Allen aka Magnum TA drops tonight at 9 pm ET on podcastone.com and via iTunes. If you subscribe to my podcast on iTunes for FREE you won't miss a show and you help our cause a great deal. This podcast with Magnum is one of the best, most inspiring and thought provoking shows we've ever done. I hope that you download it and enjoy it as much as I did when we taped it. You will feel better about life and being a wrestling fan after you listen to it. Let's Grill....

The passion to broadcast a live sporting event has been flowing through me the past few days as I'm on the countdown clock until this Friday night on PPV when I will handle the play by play or blow by blow work along side Chael Sonnen for the BattleGrounds MMA PPV that will emanate from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The PPV is priced at $19.95 and is available on most cable and satellite systems. It features the long awaited return of the 8 Man, Single Elimination Tournament with the winner earning a cool, $50,000.  

I'm hopeful that you will give our inaugural broadcast a shot this Friday night as this is a bucket list night for yours truly that I'd love to share with you.

I'm talking to both Matt and Jeff Hardy today for a future Ross Report podcast. Very excited about re-connecting with two of my all time favorite guys on our WWE roster back in the day and two kids who have lived their dream of becoming pro wrestling stars. I'm proud that in a small way that I was able to assist them in facilitating those dreams but make no mistake about it they did the heavy lifting and helped make the TLC matches the classics that they were along with the Dudley's and Edge/Christian.

Nice story by Brian Fritz of The Sporting News talking about my interest in doing play by play for the January 4 New Japan Pro Wrestling show on PPV from Tokyo. I want to clarify that there have been no official discussions regarding this matter other than I have indicated an interest in discussing it if it comes up and if we can create a win/win situation. I think it would be fun but in no way is that an indication that I want to return to doing weekly aka regular pro wrestling gigs. Special projects like this one could potentially be a fun assignment but at this time it's merely conjecture and I'm unaware if NJPW even has a serious interest in talking with me about this matter. Nonetheless I wish them well with their major undertaking the day after my next birthday.

RAW Thoughts:

Solid opening segment that had ample star power and seemed to address some overdue issues. Behind Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon is arguably the best heel on RAW TV.

It's likely my old school stubbornness but I'm growing weary of so many tag matches for tag match sake and Triple Threat bouts that are both becoming the norm and are losing their uniqueness.

Still optimistic that Dolph Ziggler can renew the luster to the IC Title and I am still an advocate of WWE combining the IC and the US Titles as a way to turn Sheamus heel with the US Title going away.

The tension that evolved during the show between Cena and Ambrose caught my attention and I'm curious as to where that might go. Cena's polarizing rub would help make Ambrose a bigger fan favorite of which WWE is sorely lacking at the moment.

Didn't see the upset win of Bo Dallas over Mark Henry but Dallas fits the mold of the classic, cowardly heel with his disingenuality and faux sincerity. I'm hoping that Mark Henry gets a significant run as a villain as his 'evil' promos can be money,       

Have to admit that Damien Sandow is making the most of the creative that he's been assigned which speaks to his desire to contribute and his skill set.

Admittedly, I am not in WWE's target demo any longer but I'm still a fan but for the life of me I can't ascertain the usefulness of a mini bull, a mini alligator or a giant rabbit. Apparently, I just don't get it. Perhaps it's the 'Disney' influence of the PG aspect of today's WWE and if so that would make sense.

I'd like to see more AJ Lee vs. Paige and then see Natalya and Charlotte added to the mix to energize the female competition and WWE could still promote Total Divas which I understand why they have to do such.

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Looking forward to heading to Ft Worth for the OU vs. TCU Big 12 Slobber Knocker right after I get off the air Friday in Tulsa on the BattleGrounds MMA PPV. 

Boomer Sooner!

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I as well dont get what wwe creative is doing with this aligator,bull,& bunny i used to watch raw weekly but now it doesnt bother me skipping episodes during mondays..i rather watch ufc dvds /Brock Lesnar fights, & Some good ol Randy Couture,Fedor Stuff & Monday Night Football..Wwe ppvs are always a plus on the network as well..wonder how its gonna work out Brock being out of tv for a long period of time hopefully we get a new feud for brock that we never seen before..maybe turn Randy Orton babyface since HHH never gave him his wrestlemania title rematch and he never got pinned or tapped out :/