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Thanks for dropping by and paying us a visit. Also, thanks to so many who are supporting our efforts with JR's products sold exclusively online at http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss. Let's cook....  

I enjoyed spending most of the day in OKC Monday with WWE friends and associates. It's always nice to catch up with old friends. Many fans on Twitter were unhappy that I wasn't on the broadcast but neither I nor WWE ever promoted such.

Regarding Twitter, we are rapidly approaching 350,000 followers and frowing at about 3-5,000 per week. Thanks for everyone coming along for that ride. @JRsBBQ  

The King and I spent about 2+ hours working on a new project that we will continue to work on over the next month or so. More info on it when the time is right.

I also worked on a new, DVD project, unaware of the release date, on the Top 50 Finishing Moves in Wrestling on Monday. That should be an interesting DVD and as is customary with 'lists' or 'top ten's, etc" it will likely be controversial to some fans. Nonetheless I had fun doing it and it brought back some cool memories.

Got some great compliments from WWE talents who had watched the new Stone Cold DVD specifically the alternate commentary that Steve and I did on his three, hand picked WrestleMania bouts. They said they found it to be an excellent learning tool. I know that we had a blast doing the narrative of three of the most significant bouts in WWE history. 

Had a nice visit with Arn Anderson in OKC and who will be inducted with the Four Horsemen at WM28's WWE HOF Ceremony the night before WM28. Double A is very deserving and is seemingly an underrated wrestler to many younger fans but certainly not to those of us who saw his work back in the day. He got his start with Cowboy Bill Watts in Mid South Wrestling where many of the game's biggest stars established their foundation. Arn shaved his long time beard leaving only a mustache which is a departure from his long time, established look. 

Speaking of looks, my goatee got mostly positive feedback. I told folks that it was my 'Rooster Cogburn' look. So, it stays, at least for now.

Enjoyed a conversation with Brodus Clay who has been long one of my favorite prospects since I started going down to FCW in Tampa to work with the developmental talents. Clay is a big, athletic dude who can provide the sizzle ala Dusty Rhodes (@WWEDusty) but his agility is excellent as well. Like the Dream, Clay can get physical when the need arises and we will see more of that as his development continues. 

Lots of WWE developmental talent on this particular set of TV's which is good to see. They get plenty of work even though they aren't ready for WWE TV just yet.

Without question, the future of WWE lies in the Talent Development program. That's still my story and I'm sticking to it.

Watched Michael McGillicutty in a Superstars match for this week and was impressed with him. Keep Curt Hennig's son in mind as I feel that he can be a viable asset to WWE but the last name has got to go, IMO.

Some day David Otunga will be known for more than being Jennifer Hudson's significant other and the RAW GM's lackey. If Otunga steers the course, he has "something' that seems to make him marketable. 

Hard to believe that Jack Swagger is a 'lean' 270 and I can tell you from experience that he hasn't a clue as to his own strength. It's only a matter of time until Swagger is rolling either with or without the US Title. The toughest wrestler from Swagger's home town of Perry, Oklahoma, Dan Hodge, also paid the WWE a visit on Monday. Danny and 'the Mick' were my favotite sports heroes when I was growing up in Oklahoma. I'm talking Mickey Mantle....not Foley...different generations.    

Thought the @TheRock killed it Monday night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

If you haven't you should check out http://www.wwegreatestmatches.com but be prepared to spend ample time there.

"Would you like to buy TNA?" Lord, no. I have no desire, or the funding, to attempt to manage or own any wrestling company at this stage of my life. There are too many headaches and I'm not into sports psychology or managing a day care center for wrestlers.

"Are you going to Abu Dhabi this week?" Nope but the WWE stars that I spoke with Monday in OKC seem to be excited about the tour. Some even spoke of playing some golf while there. Those traveling drove to Dallas after the OKC Raw and then flew from DFW non stop, 14 hours, to Abu Dhabi. 

"Who did you think won the Diaz-Condit fight?" I had Condit winning but don't profess to be an expert. The money is in the Diaz-GSP fight obviously but now UFC is challenged to develop Condit's personality in the build for the PPV bout featuring two, respected fan favorites. The return of GSP will help PPV numbers but not to the level GSP's return to face Diaz would have garnered. Unless the pre fight video presentation for GSP vs. Condit entices me, I'm not certain that I will buy that PPV. If it were Diaz vs. GSP, it would be a lock and a must see PPV event. 

"Do you hate TNA?" Hell, no. Why would I hate TNA? That makes no sense. It provides fans with more product to enjoy and more importantly, to me, provides wrestlers with another place to live their dream and earn a living. Same goes for ROH or any other promotion. The healthier those companies are the better it is for the overall genre. Any one who thinks that I 'hate' other wrestling organizations is 100% Pet Coon Goofy. 

"Will HBK play a role in this year's WM28?" I don't know the verdict of that one officially but I can tell you that if @ShawnMichaels is involved in some fashion, and it won't be wrestling, the event will be better. Obviously, HBK has a vested interest in the HHH/Undertaker issue. I'm anxious to hear what Shawn has to say about this matter next week on Raw as he will be on TV live Monday night. 

"Are you OK from your car crash?" Still sore, especially my right shoulder, but overall I walked away in a very fortunate way thanks to wearing my seat belt and the air bag deploying. Plus, can't say enough good things about On Star. Finally got a new ride which was another Escalade.

The UK is still the #2 country that WWEShop.com ships JR's products only behind the USA. Because of some, local laws, various countries have issues with the importing of our Beef Jerky because it is a meat product. WWEShop.com at their website can address all those matters either in their FAQ section or via their customer service department.

"Will Jeff Hardy ever return to WWE?" I have no way of answering that question other than to speculate that answer would be a 'not likely.' I have no way of knowing if Jeff would even be interested or if WWE would be interested. If Jeff is happy in TNA, then my suggestion to him as a friend would be to enjoy the ride and save your cash. 

My Super Bowl pick of the Giants +3 was a winner but I also predicted that the over (54) would be a winner but it was not to be. Another reason that I don't gamble on sports.

Getting kind of tired of some soccer/European Football fans whining or worse when I speak of the NFL or college football. When I do, it isn't a diss of the European/Global game whatsoever. I was raised an American football fan and wasn't even around soccer until my adult years. I don't dislike it at all actually. Plus, I think that rugby is cool as hell to watch. Love the physicality. 

Our Beef Jerky got some rave reviews from several WWE stars Monday. Nice, alternative road snack for them as it only weighs 2.5 ounces per resealable bag and is 97% Fat Free and high in protein. Several bags are in route to Abu Dhabi as I write this. 

"When are you returning to WWE TV?" As best that I know there are no plans for that to occur at this time. However, I will be attending WWE AXXESS at WM28 where the main WWE merchandise stand at AXXESS will be featuring JR's products and I plan on being there to sign items. I'll keep you posted. 

"Will WWE do more Rivalry DVDs?" Absolutely. Another major production is scheduled for 2012 but I am not sure as to the rivalry that will be featured but the rumors that I hear are fascinating. Obviously, I hope to be involved as I was with the Bret/Shawn DVD which is a must see. 

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Glad to see Arn inducted in HOF I remember one of  his first matches in Boaz AL we called him Levi Lundy, I just knew he had "IT" no suprise when "The Cowboy" picked him up. My partner for many years and friend for life, Ted Allen will be Honored again this year at "A Nightmare to Remember" in Villa Rica GA Feb. 11th @ Bay Springs Middle School proceeds will go to the "Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion" in Mobile AL. Thanks for the blog I love to read it.

Jim Powell

J.R., I just signed up - you have a great site going here. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on many topics. Not to mention the fact that you're the all-time greatest play by play / broadcaster / "storyteller" in the industry.

I look forward to reading more blogs, keep up the great work as always.

I hope you can answer one question for me though, perhaps in a future blog. Will WWE ever release the Legends of Wrestling roundtable discussions on DVD/blu-ray? I have Classics on Demand and I love that show.



I also think Arn Anderson was way under-rated and his best chance at winning a world title was 1993 when Barry Windham was NWA champ and they had a match at Slamboree i believe but with Flair just returning i guess Arn losing to BW was a setup for Flair to go on and win the title.

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