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Raw thoughts:

Eve has evolved into a Jezebel but has more people talking about her than ever. She's still hotter than JR's HOT BBQ Sauce. 

Sheamus victory over Mark Henry was bigger than many may have perceived when he pinned World's Strongest Man. If Sheamus doesn't leave WM28 as the new, World Heavyweight Champion, I will be surprised.

The General Manager controversy obviously is interesting to some but I'm not into 'politics.'

The Undertaker confronting HHH and subsequently pushing the approiate buttons to get a vengeance oriented rematch at WM28 was captivating TV for me. Both men have more tenure than any others on the WWE roster that are still competing. They are truly is the last of a breed and now that it's in Helll in a Cell, the game has changed. Stakes have risen and it going to be a tough act to follow in Miami. 

For those asking, Rock came to WWE in 1996 and both Taker and HHH were already with the company. 

After his stellar performance Sunday night in the Elimination Chamber, Santino losing so quickly to WHC Daniel Bryan shocked me. 

John Cena delivered the best promo of his career in my opinion when addressing the Rock and their long awaited WM28 main event. Cena spoke from the heart and I'm certain meant every word that he said. Cena's words stepped away from the world of entertainment and squarely into reality or so it seemed to me. 

Rock's 'rebuttal' next week on Raw in Portland will be must see TV. The Rock/Cena issue has gotten personal as Cena touched some legit nerves with his remarks in Minneapolis.

Speaking of Minneapolis, the minority of fans who were verbally disrespectful of Undertaker with annoying "What" chants, etc aren't really wrestling fans. They are insecure, attention starved, defiant individuals seeking recognition. So, they have now been recognized and I'm embarrassed for them. 

The injury riddled, #1 contender Battle Royal sees Chris Jericho getting his ticket punched to meet CM Punk for the WWE Title at WM28 in a bout that could be the best, pure wrestling match on the entire card on April 1.

WWE Champ Punk was commentary gold to my ears Monday night on RAW.

All in all, Monday Night Raw added significant emphasis on WM28 and the featured bouts that will be expected to see more tickets and PPV's. After what I perceived as somewhat of a slow start the broadcast seemed to build throughout the 2+ hours and was fun to watch. 

Q..."What's the status of Wade Barrett?" WWE.com reported that Barrett suffered a dislocated elbow in the Battle Royal and will be out for 6-8 weeks which would take him out of the WM28 equation or so it would seem. Horrible timing especially when one works all year to earn a spot on the card at the biggest event of the year only to suffer an injury. 

Q..."Can WWEShop.com do JR's Beef Jerky Packages of 6-10-20 packs?" They certainly can and I will suggest such. At the end of the day, it's their call on how they formulate and market our products. I do know that business has really been rolling so thanks to all.  The Jerky busienss has been especially good as it's a custom made Jerky using eye of round and is 97% Fat Free.

Q..."Will this be Undertaker's last match?" I have no way of knowing nor does any one else. One can logically say that it all depends on how he fares in this sure to be physical bout inside Hell in a Cell vs. HHH. No one, not even the rumor mongers, can predict the future. My educated guess, or hope, is that this isn't Taker's last WM bout. 

I recently did say that sooner or later Undertaker's career would come to an end just as any other athlete or performer. This statement isn't a revelation it's merely a fact of life. When that day comes will be a sad day for me as his friend and fan of the man's amazing body of work and the WWE will change forever at that point. 

Q..."Who will induct Ron Simmons into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame?" It hasn't been confirmed as of yet. However, I'd personally love to see JBL, Ron's friend and former tag team partner, do it because John Layfield would be so entertaining and well prepared that he would add to the ceremony. 

For the record, Ron Simmons was an athletic freak of nature. Strong, tough, quick, and with a fearless attitude. His #50 is retired at Florida State University where Ron was a three time All American nose tackle spearheading the dominating Seminole defense. Coach Barry Switzer of Oklahoma when preparing to play FSU in two Orange Bowls back in the day said the key to winning was figuring out how to block Ron Simmons. Ironically, Steve "Dr Death" Williams was one of many Sooner offensive linemen assigned to merely attempt to slow down the man who once finished 7th in the Heisman Trophy.

Calling Ron's World Title win in 1992 vs. Vader in Baltimore was one of the bigger thrills of my career. It was the first time an African American become a World Champion on the level that Ron earned with WCW. It was a slice of history and I felt, and still do, honored to have been at ringside. I recently watched this bout on You Tube and it is still special. 

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Q..."Would you like to call the Undertaker vs. HHH HIAC bout at WM28?" Of course. Any one who works for WWE, as I do, and who doesn't want to contribute at Wrestlemania should be showed the door. If I get the call, I'll be honored to give it my best shot but if not I will enjoy the match like any other die hard fan. 

Speaking of WrestleMania, I will be making multiple appearances at WM AXXESS promoting JR's Products at the WWE Merchandise stand at AXXESS. Schedule TBD. 

Q..."How will WWE hang the HIAC above the ring in an open air stadium?" They will build a massive structure to not only hold the ring lighting grid but the HIAC as well. It will be impressive I assure you.

Remember that Wednesday night that I will be joining @SeanGrandePBP who's the voice of the Boston Celtics as a guest color analyst when the Celts play @okcthunder that can only be heard on the Boston Celtics Radio Network. If I get online info, I will share here or on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

Remember, that tonight (Tuesday) that Smackdown is on LIVE in the USA on SyFy but for others please check your local listings.

Boomer Sooner!



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Thanks JR for answering my question about the beef jerky multi-packs.  Hopefully WWEShop.com will add them soon as I'm starting to run low on my supply. Cheers, Josh from Toronto :)

I thought the Taker-HHH segment was one of the best in years and i was really hoping it would be a HIAC match at Mania. Couple of stats i dug up today was that Taker has the most HIAC matches with 11 while HHH is second with 8 while HHH has the most HIAC wins with 6 (counting his 2 tag matches with Shawn Michaels) while Taker is second with 5. They are by far the 2 most sucessful and experienced in HIAC.

I got to say after seeing the injuries to Barrett and Ziggler was that move really necessary? Couldn't Show just have dumped Ziggler to the floor?

And i thought Jericho's win was cheap. Rhode's helping him eliminate Show devalues Jericho's win and his title shot. I think there should've been a 8 man single elimination tournament last night instead of a Battle Royal. The winner of that would've beat 3 guys in the same night and truely earned the shot at the WWE title at Mania. Plus those injuries would've never happened.

I love your recent abundance of blogs, they are great reads & I check daily for a new one. I felt Raw was fantastic. To me the free Raw was better than the PPV that I spent $50 for & felt disappointed by it. The promos on Raw were amazing & it made me even more exicted for my journey to miami in 5 short weeks. My 7th consecutive wrestlemania & I dont plan on stopping anytime soon :)

Solid blog today JR. I normally agree with most everything you say (and believe you me, I beg for your return every time Cole opens his mouth), this time around I do disagree with you on the Undertaker/"What" comment.

When you put something out there that's interesting, fans won't treat it so bad. No one "WHAT"ed Punk in July. No one "WHAT"s The Rock or Cena. No one ELSE got "WHAT"ed last night.

Remember, the fans paid to be there, and to be entertained, not to see a couple of old guys go on and on about how good they used to be. On top of that, they spend almost 30 minutes in the middle of the show for a second week in a row setting up a match that has already been done twice, and has no good reason to be done again other then HHH wants to.

Maybe they are the minority in their feelings (no I didn't "what" him, as I was in attendance). I just think their feelings are valid.

Great blog,couldn't agree with you more.Stupid crowd really.What on earth were those stupid people thinking by WHATing the Undertaker and telling him to retire?!! what’s wrong with you people?! He’s been wrestling for over 20 years and still wrestles much better than these new guys in WWE.His last 3 matches in WM were epic like his career and so will his next match(matches). I couldn’t believe such disrespect for the phenom,

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JR -

I gotta agree with "JimFromSaintPaul". This match is totally uninspiring, and frankly, those in the audience telling Undertaker to retire are right. Undertaker is clearly on a dramatic physical decline. Nearly three years ago, he had an outstanding bout with Shawn Michaels, full of brutal physicality and he could keep up. Nearly two years ago in the rematch, it was clear that Undertaker was in a lot of pain. After some time off, he came back and lasted less than a MONTH despite not working a full time schedule, and was out with injury. After more time off he came back, and again, didn't work a full time schedule but at the same time, he clearly was in a ton of pain. After yet more time off, he faced HHH in a snoozer of a match.

Yes, that's right, I called their match a "snoozer". They spent more time on the ground selling than they spent on their feet. After the first few minutes, it was clear that they were incredibly winded, in pain, and barely able to push on with the match. It wasn't "entertaining", it was "embarrassing", the idea of getting "entertained" by two guys who are out of shape and in pain beating each other up is cruel. It's the same reason why I do not like to see you in the ring, it's the same reason I like seeing Vickie Guerrero in the ring, and it's the same reason why I do not care to see Brett Hart, Ric Flair, or Hulk Hogan in the ring.

Both HHH and Undertaker are old, out of shape, and full of injuries. It is quite plain to anyone watching with an objective eye that while they can still "tell a story" in the ring, their physical abilities are greatly diminished. Both look out of shape; even in his robe on Monday night, Undertaker looked like he put on a significant amount of weight. For someone at his age and injury count, putting on weight is the straw that can and will break the camel's back. HHH also has put on significant amounts of weight, and his few bouts since coming back a few years ago have been severely lacking.

They are in no condition physically to put on a top tier match, and their value at this point in purely with in-ring psychology. Just watching them attempt to move (incidentally, watching Great Khali walk lately has me cringing, he should be in a wheelchair) makes me say to myself that any of the bigger, younger guys on the roster (Sheamus, Swagger, etc.) should be able to destroy them in a legit fight, and as soon as you start thinking that, the game is over. Neither Undertaker nor HHH look like they have any business in a wrestling ring.

So yes, while I agree that the "WHAT'ing" of Undertaker was rude, it is only rude because of his status within the industry. That promo was BORING, BORING, BORING to put it mildly. Any "true fan" should have zero interest in seeing these two meet yet again at WrestleMania, let alone in their current condition. I actually agreed with everything HHH said in the earlier promos... Undertaker is unfortunately in a bad spot... The Streak shouldn't end, but you don't want him to just fade away either, yet the build up of him into a mythical creature makes simple retirement impossible. The only way to finally move past Undertaker is for someone to "end him".

This match isn't needed for anything other than to finally lay Undertaker to rest for good. It is my sincere hope that the match goes to a draw and both HHH and Undertaker never set foot in a ring in a wrestling capacity ever again. And that is said with the deepest of respect for both of them, their histories, and their legacies. To see these two continue to drag themselves back into the ring is embarrassing at this point.


Let me be clear jmjames: I liked last years match. I am just not excited at ALL about seeing this for a 3rd time. HiaC adds a component, yes. With the whole "no blood" attitude that the WWE has right now and with the fact that I honestly don't think the human being Mark Calloway take the kind of bumps he would need to to end the streak on a high note that this match could be doomed from the start. Didn't Calloway just get a hip replacement for goodness sake?

Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this goes down as a great finish. I didn't have high hopes for last year's match and that turned out well. I just don't know if I want to drop the cash to see if I'm right.

Jim -

I was pretty sure you liked last years match, just not looking forwards to seeing this year's match. I personally thought last year's match was boring and I think this one will be even worse, for the reasons you cited. It is clear to me that Undertaker is VERY beat up, and HHH is increasingly out of shape. When things fell apart for these two, it really fell apart quickly. The second Michaels - Undertaker match was good despite the obvious pain that Undertaker was in. During the HHH - Undertaker match last year, it really felt like HHH was carrying the brunt of the match because Undertaker couldn't.

I am not sure the true reason why either one is going to crawl into a ring again, other than the mythology around The Streak. I think his career needs to wrap up.

Again, while the "WHAT?" chants and random "retire!" cries were *rude* they were certainly warranted. The promo was boring, the match setup is lame, and there's no reason to think that either one of these two can deliver a quality match. If C.M. Punk couldn't get a good match out of HHH, there's no reason to think that Undertaker can.


I thought John Cena"s promo sounded like someone who is jealous!

Dear Sir,

I take issue with what you said, and I quote, "speaking of Minneapolis, the minority of fans who were verbally disrespectful of Undertaker with annoying "What" chants, etc aren't really wrestling fans. They are insecure, attention starved, defiant individuals seeking recognition. So, they have now been recognized and I'm embarrassed for them."

While I was not at the arena, I can sympathize with the "minority" of fans "disrespecting" the Undertaker, I completely understand why they voiced their opinions. I am one of those who share the same opinion as the "minority;" the Undertaker is old, let's face it, and so is Hunter. I would love nothing more than these guys(Hunter & Undertaker) to have their youth back and give us many more years but time moves forwards, not backwards. What this tells me and others is that management pretty much has ran out of ideas, and to do something to draw in buyers/viewers, they're doing this. I can only scratch my head in disbelief; remember the customer is ALWAYS right.

Believe me when I say this, I've been a fan of the "business" since I was 7 years old and I'm 38 now, I think it is time for some folks to hang up their boots. The older generation of wrestlers need to stop trying to "pull a Hogan" and stop wrestling into their 70s. As a fan AND customer of the "business" some times I would wish management up in Stamford would use common sense rather than thinking with their wallets, but that is me, take it with a grain of salt or not.

With regards to Santino and Cena, I thought you were spot on. Although, Santino's loss should have been more legit if it was more thought out; make it more emotional; I was looking for more emotion in the ring I guess.

As for the Rock, honestly, I wish he was actually "there" rather than over the Titantron, its getting old. I understand he is busy with outside projects, but it is annoying there is not more live face time.

If Simmons is not inducted by Layfield, I will be shocked, honestly! Their chemistry when they were the Acolytes and than the APA was spot on entertaining and funny as h*ll. If Layfield doesn't induct Simmons, I'll do it!!! Just kidding!

You have to admit the only reason Triple H has been as successful as he is, and the reason he has lasted so long, is because he's married to the bosses' daughter.  I truly believe Triple H's career would have been over a long time ago had it not been for his marriage.  It's time for Triple H to fade into the background, and do his COO job from  behind the scenes.  As much as I respect the Undertaker, I believe he should retire on top before he becomes a laughing stock like Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Duggan, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Kevin Nash,  All of these hung on way too long and damaged their legacy.  At least Stone Cold, Edge, and Shawn Michaels retired on top, before their skills diminished.

 hey JR i just wanted to say that im a big fan of yours and i have to agree the whole "WHAT"  crap was freaking annoying luckily i was able to block it out and listen to the undertaker and HHH. i personally am looking forward to the HIAC match cuz im a big HIAC fan. i really hope that the deadman doesnt leave WWE for a long time cause im huge deadman fan and i truly believe that he is needed so that WWE can sell ppv's and other stuff that the company needs to make a profit and be to entertain the universe. 

HHH is a great COO and i personally think he will do a great job running the day 2 day operations. as far as the GM fued is concerned i REALLY REALLY hope that Teddy Long gets the job to run both RAW and SMACKDOWN as John L is the worst uncaring idiot that i have ever laid eyes on, all John L cares about is himself and the brands need a GM that knows what there doing and how the brands need to be run. i really want HHH and Teddy Long to put an end to all the whining and crying and the laziness, lately it seems like Del Rio, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Ziggler, Swagger and Vicki just want EVERYTHING handed to them on a silver platter INSTEAD of earning it in the ring, i thought thats how things in the business worked? i may be wrong but the whining is VERY VERY annoying, and everytime somebody is whining i put my tv on mute so i dont have to hear them lol

thanks to youtube i have seen matches from the past so i have a good idea on how things use to be and i have to say that i miss the attitude/hardcore era, and the whole "no blood" is crap and boring, this pg era needs to end a new era has to begin that will make both Raw & Smackdown fun again.

im sorry this is so long i just had so much to get off my chest

First, I have to apologize on behalf of the true fans in attendance at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. It was an utter embarassment, and a huge irriatation, not to mention completely disrespectful the way some "fans" chanted and made rude sounds when Undertaker was speaking.

I was in attendance at the show (which fell on my 28th birthday) and was also my first live show! It was an amazing bout of entertainment and athleticism, with some unfortunate injuries as well as rude behavior.I have to say, even though it was a minority of" fans", I gave my disapproval to the people behind us, and told them to SHUT UP!

I have been a fan essentially since birth. Watching the rise of the WWE has been a privledge. I appreciate every single member of the WWE from athletes to administration.Heel or Face... It takes dedication, talent, and heart to do what these stars do every day!

Even with the rudeness, the show was amazing. Hopefully the "fans" didn't ruin the show for others. And WWE hopefully will be back soon even despite this. I would be saddened and disappointed if turns out to differently.

-From a Lifelong fan!

The fans were yelling WHAT during the Undertaker's promo because they are tired of the same matches for Wrestlemania. Since WWE wanted to do the same old thing why not yell the same old thing. Taker vs HHH Wrestlemania 27 was one of the most boring matches i've seen in 10 years.