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Things that stood out for me on Monday Night Raw included:

Opening segment with promo work from several culminating with action. I thought that Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan stole the verbal show in the first segment of the broadcast.

The 8 man tag saw several talents receive excellent TV exposure but the match moved so fast and with multiple moving parts that when it was over I wasn't sure what I saw. I think I remember Santino and his 'Cobra.' Yikes...I've never written that before. :)

For my money AJ stole the show Monday night. Her crazy train, dementia riddled, girl next door persona is working. AJ makes Glenn Close's character in 'Fatal Attraction' look like Paula Deen. 

Big Show's march to dominance is taking 'giant' steps. Monster villains in the genre have worked effectively for generations when strategically positioned.  

Paul Heyman is SO easily to dislike and so is hisTV persona....just kidding. 

RAW 1000 is shaping up to be huge in St Louis. Lesnar added to the impressive list of those that will apparently be there live. For those that ask daily on Twitter @JRsBBQ, I'm not scheduled to attend at this time.

No two in WWE have more in ring chemistry than do Punk and Bryan however Sheamus and Ziggler do some impressive in ring work when paired. 

Not sure that mic thing for AW is going to work but perhaps it's annoying enough to help his antagonist persona. I assure you that AW CAN talk.

Always enjoy see Tyson Kidd getting valuable minutes of TV time on RAW. Too many fans over think the various scenarios of the fact that that simply if one is fortunate enough to get on RAW and to leave with a memorable moment or performance it's a good thing. Yes, the Calgary Kid is maximizing his minutes. 

Did I detect a little friction perhaps building between WWE Champion CM Punk and WWE lead dog John Cena? (Is a lead dog the same as 'Bull of the Woods?') 

When is the last time that a female garnered the closing shot on a Raw episode? AJ's image was the last one we saw from the arena Monday night. I remember the RAW that Trish and Lita closed the show in a memorable bout. What else from the ladies has closed the show on RAW?  

The tune in spot that technically closed the show Monday night was awesome. 

Are you watching the live, Smackdown tonight with the Great American Bash theme? I'm hoping for some JR's BBQ Sauce product placement if they do any grilling.

Check out my latest contribution to WWE.com and their classics section at http://www.wwe.com/classics/jim-ross/ where I continue the series on writing about my various broadcast partners over the years this time focusing on Jim Cornette and Jesse Ventura. I attempt to explain why I felt that Jesse and I underdelivered.

I have to catch up with my friend @RealKevinNash two movies that are currently playing, 'Magic Mike' and 'Rock of Ages' in the next few days. My wife and I saw 'Ted' Sunday and it was hilarious but not for kids hence the TV14 rating. 

A new, Legends Roundtable should hit WWE On Demand very soon and the subject is Monday Night Raw Memories. I know that it's airing in advance of the July 23 Raw 1000 show or so I was told. Keep an eye on @WWEClassics for all the low down. 

One of my long time and most memorable and famous baby sitters died this morning....the legendary Andy Griffith. Being an only child, I spent my fair share of time watching TV as a child of  parents who both worked out of the home. The Andy Griffith Show was a household staple at the Ross'. By creating his show and being executive producer, Andy was the owner of the territory, the booker and the top hero star who always prevailed in the end with a life lesson and a clearly defined moral of the story that all came within the confines of his 30 minute show. Arguably, without Andy Griffith, World Championship Wrestling with Gordon Solie and the Atlanta Braves becoming the self proclaimed "America's Team" Ted Turner's TBS would not have enjoyed as much success in the early days of cable. I'm sure at some point over the July 4th holiday that I will devote some time to the late, Mr. Griffith's show and may throw in a little 'Matlock' for good measure. We lost a slice of Americana early today when Andy Griffith passed away at age 86. RIP Sir and thanks for entertining me and keeping me out of mischief over the years. 

TV producers of today in any genre can learn from Andy Griffith's successful formula. Keep TV simple with easily to follow plots that include interesting characters with which one can make an emotional investment. Seemingly every character on the Andy Griffith show was cast perfectly as if their TV personas were extensions of their own natural personality.

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 I believe the only other time divas closed a Monday night Raw was in August 2000. Lita challenged Stephanie for the women's championship. It ended with typical interference (as it was also used to build HHH/Angle/Rock at Summerslam. 

JR -

A couple of nights ago I threw a ham steak on the grill with some of your All Purpose Seasoning on each side, cooked it on medium to get it hot & not too soggy (but not dried out either)... my 5 year old son AND my 1 year old daughter could not get enough! I also tossed it into the mix for some deviled eggs on Father's Day, that was a knockout too. I'm really digging on the All Purpose Seasoning since I got it a few weeks ago, and now I look for excuses to put it on and in things!


Congrats on your strong performance in coney island at the hotdog eating copetition today . Don't feel bad chestnut has been doing this for years. Your 3rd place showing was quite impressive.

J R,

We packed up our Granddaughter and her new husband sending them off to their new home in New York.  Her name is Chelsea.  She is such a petite, beautiful young lady and would you believe it...She loves your SLOBBER KNOCKER HOT BEEF JERKY!!!  So we packed a stash of that "Hot Suff" for their road trip and home use.   Talked with her on the road and they had already opened their first pack.  It was so hot they soon ran out of water.  They love it.  So your SLOBBER KNOCKER HOT is en-route to New York City.  We found your beef jerky at the local Homeland in Norman.  Keep it stocked.  I love your J.R.'s CHAMPIONSHIP ORIGINAL. BTW, Chelsea is Jim Traber's daughter.