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Overall, I enjoyed the Greensboro RAW.

WWE being in Greensboro brought back many memories including the first, TBS Clash of Champions highlighted by the 45 minute draw between Rick Flair and Sting that really put Sting on the wrestling map. It was also, I think, the first time that I worked with Tony Schiavone live on a prime time broadcast. Funny, in the old days we broadcast the entire show and only heard the producer count us in and out of the segments and the rest of the time we were on our own. We did our own, pre show prep and let 'er rip...for better or for worse. Sort of like marriage.   

Without question, at one point in time, Greensboro, North Carolina was one of the true Mecca's in the world of Pro Wrestling. 

Enjoying the evolution of The Shield. They are getting valuable TV time and seem to be maximizing their minutes smartly with aggression and physicality. All three men have a viable shot of becoming 'special' but it won't happen over night nor will it happen at all if they don't keep their foot on the pedal. I think that they will but there's always the chance of human error IE stupid, immature, unprofessional mishaps that can curtail one's progression in a competitive business. 

I've spent ample time in NXT with all three talents and I have every confidence that @TheDeanAmbrose, @RomanReigns, and @WWERollins will not disappoint and will do all that they can to live their dreams. I've certainly lived mine and I love to see others do likewise. 

Good night for @TheDamienSandow especially on the mic. Sandow isn't a finesse antagonist and brings aggression in a timely fashion. I remember one day in Tampa him looking at old, Dick Beyer aka The Destroyer, videos from Japan for most of one day studying the subtleties of one of the great, wrestling villains who ever lived. Guys that invest in study of that type of the greats seem to always benefit from it. 

Loved Vickie Guerrero's, @ExcuseMeWWE,  work on the mic. Great facial expressions and body English. I wish more WWE stars who need it were carrying Vickie's noticeable, villainous angst. I'm sure Eddie is looking down on his best friend with a smile. I'm very proud of Vickie as the road to success in WWE hasn't been easy for her. It's taken a great deal of courage and conviction for her to ascend to the level that she's earned.

The return of @TamikaSnuka has my attention. She has an impressive look and feels marketable to me. I don't think that being the daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka is a bad thing whatsoever but she needs to begin to cast her own shadow. 

@AntonioCesaro and @WadeBarrett are gaining momentum, as usual not as quick as some fans demand, but these two are going places or so it seems to me. Love their in ring presence, constant physicality and their effort plus their desire to get to the top. Just keep shoving others aside to get to your desired destination. The more one invests the more one earns and it's not necessarily a popularity contest in the locker room on the road to main event status including headlining future WrestleMania's. 

Thought the Cena,Sheamus, Ziggler, and Big Show tag team bout delivered. Some will criticize the outcome but I rarely keep track of wins and loses as I'm not one that feels that a win/loss record is the deciding factor in a pro wrestler's success. Of course winning helps but losing never kills a skilled talent. 

Is @MichaelCole coping an attitude with @JerryLawler or just expressing an opinion? I'm thinking the latter. Any broadcast needs contrast and compelling dialog especially one of the three hour variety. I'd expect to see more talents sitting in on commentary in the future. It's a great way to get noticed and to stand out. 

The Brad Maddox saga looks to be continuing as one would simply assume that he will continue to try and get a 'roster spot.' Maddox is another hard working, NXT kid who reminds me of the late, Eddie Gilbert at times. 

Why is the talented, IC Champion Kofi Kingston now a 'Wildcat?' Is Kofi a K-State football fan? just asking. 

@Ryback22 made a memorable impact in a quick, drive by manner as RAW ended Monday night. Plus, it sounded to me like the fans in Greensboro were into "Feed Me More" in a significant way. Anytime Ryback wants to do a JR's endorsement deal, I'm ready. FEED ME MORE JR'S BBQ!! 

@HeymanHustle and @CMPunk had good nights from my spot on the La-Z-Boy. Both are great, old school talkers who are natural extensions of their own personalities while on WWE TV. Key word...they are NATURAL. 

Heyman's value to enhancing Punk's persona and perhaps others down the road is invaluable...somewhat Heenan-esque. That's about as high a praise as I can bestow.

The Punk and @mikethemiz verbal jousting was entertaining and at times reminded me somewhat of the Attitude Era where it was commonplace for talents to employ oneupsmanship and to adlib a competitor into submission. Competition, where it be verbal or physical, makes every talent better.    

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I'll soon be headed to Orlando for Thursday night's NXT TV tapings at Full Sail University in Winter Haven. Show starts at 6:30 with @KevinNash and @TheShield all in attendance. I'll likely call a main event or two with @RealKingRegal...TBD. I'm expecting a great night overall and will be disappointed if I'm wrong. 

With having a little more non travel time on my hands, this is NOT a complaint, I'm planning on doing more appearances IE Q&A's, Meet and Greets, etc in 2013. Still working on the England dates for June and looking at doing three shows there. These will not be 'stand up comedy' shows even though I'm sure that we will have a laugh or two. More info to come on some potentially, fun gigs. 

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The Miz got his ass handed to him in more ways than one last night. A confused crowd who clearly will not embrace him as he come off as a paparazzi type. And then he had to dig down for a "yo mamma" joke ?!  Really ? Really ? Really ? Sorry Mike ! Your not ready to go one on one with "The Best in the World" and were not buying what your selling. Enjoying the "Shield" so far. Should have some great matches with D.Bryan and Ambrose on the way. Loved the show last night and Maddox seems "Natural" in his role as the new Miz !

Hi JR,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

JR I want to tell you how much I enjoy NXT. If anyone doesn't know (I know its NOT in the US Airwaves), NXT right now is the best show in the WWE universe.

It reminds me so much of Mid-South wrestling (ah the days of Sam Houston coliseum) and to watch these very hungry, very young talents perform in a incubated environment makes for excellent entertainment. If you are NOT watching NXT, you are missing a helluva show. I like the fact that they reserve your commentary like a very bottle of wine served with an excellent entree: Delicious!

I am anxious for the Ascension (needs just a wee bit more polishing, the vignettes are awesome!) and Bray Wyatt to make it to the big dance (he is ALMOST READY).

Final point: I feel NXT is almost bursting at the seams with Talent who could somewhat exist on the big stage now... Yes they are green by WWE standards, but my Gawd how talented these kids are! I do love the fact of a WWE Superstar coming in as a guest appearance to really show us (the audience) where a particular NXTer is in his/her progression!

Its just so exciting. And you are a NATURAL in Talent Relations/Scouting.

Thank you JR (thats 30 years of thank you) and please tell Regal and NXT to keep up the GREAT work!

Great blog, as always JR.

Do you know yet if you're likely to do all three UK dates in London or will you be doing Manchester/Birmingham?

I disagree with Clifton re Miz on RAW. I thought it was good to break Punk out of the Cena/Ryback thing for a little while and if anyone is going to work with Punk while he's injured (and can't wrestle), Miz would seem a good choice. It's refreshing to see new interactions.

Feed me more JR's Bar-B-Q!

No one really wants to see another bad "talk show". Piper and Carlitos IMO were the only entertaining ones WWE has ever had. I don't believe the point during RAW was to have the crowd start a CM Punk chant. It was on the Miz to make it good and it fell short. I don't watch TMZ and I don't want it in the WWE. Drop the moniker "The Miz" and go by Mike. People might get on board.