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I enjoyed Raw from NOLA. Seemingly the primary objective/focus of the broadcast was to feature/highlight The Big Show and that was done. 

@WWETheBigShow is a much more compelling TV character as a villain than he is as a jolly, happy, better not make me mad, Giant. Just my two cents. 

Good to see Brodus Clay step up in class by confronting the Big Show. Clay held his own verbally while getting beat down in a ringside melee that never saw the match get started. 

Thinking that @CMPunk vs. @WWEDanielBryan is a pairing that has excellent chemistry especially in today's marketplace. These two have the most compelling issue on WWE TV for my money plus the added bonus that their rivalry gives the WWE Title added focus.

Twitter is a funny place...it's the one place where one can be cursed for not promptly wishing a seemingly happy go lucky person a happy birthday. Oh, how quickly they turn.

For more on WWE13 check out IGN.com. I've put many hours into this project and it's going to have multiple storylines that come with some bona fide attitude.

Seems like Dolph Ziggler is about to embark on his own or so it appears from watching RAW. Whether Ziggler reminds one of Billy Gunn, Curt 'Mr Perfect' Hennig or anyone else from the days of yesteryear, the former college wrestler is main event bound in my view. @HEELZiggler can be a big time player and I would only encourage him to take the ball away from someone and run with it until someone forces him to change course.

John Cena not being on Raw live was a sound move. Cena is far and away WWE's top star right now and giving one's bell cow a respite from additional TV exposure is a good thing. Cena is a valued commodity in WWE and not over exposing him is good for the Cena TV persona and also provides other stars the opportunity to 'maximize their minutes' and be more impactful.

Not shocked to see the Boston Celtics lose at Miami after closing out Philly just 48 hours earlier but I'm still pulling for an OKC vs. Boston NBA Finals. Yeah, I know, it's a long shot.

Talked to @steveaustinBSR last week. Steve spent approximately 30 days in Mexico taping 'Redneck Island' for CMT. He seemed pleased with the project which debuts in mid June on CMT. It's tapped for a 10 week run. This could be the first of multiple projects with Steve and CMT in the future. Steve will be shooting some scenes for 'Grownups 2' starring Adam Sandler and others in July.

Seems as if I find my friends @steveaustinBSR and @ShawnMichaels on the other side of the @okcthunder vs @spurs NBA playoff than am I. I do have to say that no one in the NBA is playing as good or even remotely close right now as is San Antonio. I'm hoping to attend a Thunder playoff game this week before I resume traveling next week. 

I expect to hook up with old friend Charles Barkley when he comes to OKC later this week. Chuck may need a personal, tour guide to show him the art of being an Oklahoman. I may have to get him a black hat. How befitting.   

The WWE Home Video release of the Best of WCW's Clash of Champions is garnering some good feedback on my Twitter timeline @JRsBBQ. It's funny how many fans never knew that @tonyschiavone24 and I were partners at one time and not merely rivals during the ballyhooed Monday Night Wars. We had an entirely different style of calling matches in the late 80's as is utilized today. The difference is stark upon listening to 'then and now.' It's not necessarily better or worse but certainly different.   

WWE did a cool promo for ECW Unleashed Volume 1 voiced over by @HeymanHustle with some of @JoeyStyles sound bytes thrown in for good measure. This DVD should be fun to watch. 

UFC officials, as I pointed out late Saturday night on Twitter, could strike some MMA gold by booking Junior Dos Santos (JDS) vs. Cain Velasquez for JDS' Heavyweight Title and getting fortunate with a Cain win. Then the rubber match with JDS attempting to regain the title could be held in Brazil at a stadium and draw massive money.

Speaking of massive money...I somehow get the feeling that Mayweather and Pacquio are 'milking' the public and the media with their on again off again talks of a historic fight that the boxing world truly needs. Could it be simply a matter of financial posturing on both fighter's behalf? Would cable and satellite carriers be willing to take a smaller percentage to get this fight on their air? I believe that the Mayweather vs. Pacquio fight will happen in 2013 as both know that Mother Nature's window is closing on what will be the most historic fight of this generation and no matter what anyone says, NOBODY has too much money. 

Amazing that some people actually think that Laurinaitis is/was going to be on the cover of WWE13 from THQ. CM Punk got the deserved nod.

My Clemson and Florida State prediction that both will come to the Big 12 because of football has some suggesting that I be institutionalized. That suggestion isn't a revelation as some have been endorsing that for years.

Many times when I make comments on main stream sports I predictably get taken to task. It's the old 'pro wrestling bias' stigma that will never go away but the irony is that it often times comes from fans of the sports entertainment/pro wrestling genre. For some reason some people think that if one is engaged in the pro wrestling business that one is a glorified carney with little or no knowledge of anything else especially sacred, main stream sports. Any wrestling announcer who has had a long tenure on TV in a high profile role, after the advent of cable, has always been limited on doing main stream sports. Bill Mercer, among a handful of others, in the DFW area succeeded but local wrestling was perceived much differently within their home market than it was when airing on national cable. I firmly believe that my tenure in the business adversely affected any opportunities that I may have had doing some free lance work with Oklahoma University sports.     

Miami Dolphins confirmed to be the subject of NFL's Hard Knocks on HBO. It's been a helluva show on premium cable but not so much on regular cable. I'll be watching as I like train wrecks and the Dolphins qualify.

@JonnyBones will be in Tulsa this weekend. He'll be at Reasor's Grocery in Jenks, a Tulsa suburb from 2-3 p.m. I'd volunteer to be his designated driver but the UFC star has likely got that issue more than covered. Regarding Jones recent issues stemming from allegedly driving under the influence, people make mistakes and what truly matters is how they regroup and move forward. I'm also concerned that a young guy is driving a Bentley which costs one heck of a payday for an athlete with a short, shelf life who's just getting his career rolling. Save that dough, Bones. 

We're working with @americansoda in the UK to distribute JR's products in their part of the world. It's all TBD but we are trying. Talks are on going.  

Seasoned some 85/15 Angus ground beef 24 hours w/ Mesquite Liquid Smoke, chopped, vidalia onions and JR's All Purpose Seasoning before putting them on the grill Monday night. Off the page, if I do say so myself. 

I made a Wrestlemania level potato salad Sunday using JR's Main Event Mustard added to No Fat Mayo, chopped onion, chopped sweet pickles, fresh parsley, fresh cilantro, finely chopped bell peppers, seasoned salt, ground pepper and minced pimento to make the best Tater Salad ever. I used new, red potatoes with the 'skin' left on after they were washed and boiled. 

Any decision makers/buyers who might want to carry our JR's line of sauces, etc should email me at Contact Us here on the home page of the site and address it to info@jrsbarbq.com.

Getting some good feedback on some of the recent FCW TV shows. The staff at FCW does a really good job of working with the young talents in what is somewhat of a thankless job. Fundamentals are well taught and specific, negative, indy laden habits are broken/addressed. The FCW TV show is available on You Tube according to many who don't see it on the Brighthouse Network in Florida on Sunday nights. I'm proud of the work that the FCW staff does and am happy to be a small part of the process. looking forward to being in Tampa several days next week. 

Interesting question about MMA guys leaving their world to begin anew in sports entertainment/pro wrestling. MMA athletes with no pro wrestling training will be challenged to become squared circle stars unless they commit totally to their training and have some degree of natural aptitude for the business. I'm not referring to Mo Lawal specifically as it seems that several MMA types are talking up the fact that they may seek opportunities in WWE, etc. Firstly, getting into WWE isn't an easy task and it will, hopefully, become even harder. Bottom line, MMA fighters must have a great work ethic and an aptitude for the genre to have a chance.

Anyone with shipping questions, especially those folks that live outside the USA, regarding JR's products, please check out WWEShop.com or tweet your questions to @WWEShop.

To review our line of products simply use this link... http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

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Great Blog again and i agree that Big Show is better as a heel and i like how they focused most of Raw around him last night and made him look dominate. I take it the Show-Cena feud will last til' at least Summerslam so i can see Show winning at No Way Out to set up the rematches between the 2. And no Cena on Raw was good for a change.

It was another great match between Punk and Bryan on Raw and with Bryan winning i also see a rematch at No Way Out between those 2 and hopefully a Ironman match. I also like how they now have AJ Lee in between those 2 and i see her being a big factor in the outcome of their future matches. AJ did distract the ref while Bryan exposed the top turnbuckle which led to his win and then she gave the chair to Punk afterwards to use on Kane so i can see a big swerve here where AJ is setting up Punk and helps Bryan beat Punk for the title somewhere down the road. Business is picking up for sure in this one.

I don't get it. WWE is sending mixed signals. They support the campaign against bullying while at the same time letting Big Show run amuck beating up everbody. I know it's all scripted but the kids still think it's real. Come on WWE, quit preaching one thing to the kids while practicing another with the actions of some of your superstars!

Hope you didn't get any damage from the storms that came through tonight. I live in Moore and only had some rain and a bunch of thunder. Tomorrow the weathermen are expecting a chance of another round of storms.

 Hi Jim, I don't know if you heard but Michelle Beadle is leaving ESPN to go to NBC.  Given the NBC/WWE relationship is it possible we could see Michelle Beadle show up on WWE programming in some fashion?  Backstage announcer or host of a show on the WWE network maybe?  First ever female in the Raw broadcast booth?  

Great to see the Big Show as a heel again.  Agreed, some talents are just better as heels, and he certainly is.  Regarding the mixed message of having him run amuck on everyone while WWE is promoting an anti-bullying campaign:  I've always had a problem with WWE trying to be kid-friendly programming, because it's just not.  I admire the anti-bullying message, but WWE programming and pro wrestling in general by nature is not clean, wholesome family fare and never will be.  I wish McMahon and the company would at least be a little more transparent that way.

Love the Punk-Bryan rivalry.  I actually hope that AJ does not become a major factor in these matches. She's nice eye candy and there's an interesting storyline, but these two guys are too good in the ring to have a match end as a result of some chick interfering in it.  Let them go at it.  Sometimes when you've got two guys that talented, just let the moves and counter-moves be the story, and don't worry about gimmicking it up with anything else.

It means nothing for Big Show if he doesn't win clean against Cena. We all know the ending to this. The kids will see their hero beat up the bully ,blahblahblah. I love the heel Show, but he needs to BE UNSTOPABLE and that's not gonna happen. Big Show has been wrestling A LONG TIME and it hasn't happened. Soooooooooooooooo ?

I have no problem with Big Show being a heel. It's this deal of changing back and forth all the time with some of their characters that I get tired of. Yes I know, it's entertainment but a few months ago even the Miz was kicking Big Show's "arse" now suddenly he's unstoppable again. The same with Mark Henry, good guy, gets his 'arse' kicked by guys half his size; bad guy, unstoppable! Kane is the same way! And they need to remove AJ from the Punk/Bryan angle completely and go with clean wins regardless of who wins. Those two perform great together. As for the Cena haters, what's up with that? People say he's boring, why?

 I've read a few of the blogs and couldnt find it so hope I'm not asking a repeat question, but what is your opinion of the WWE Champion not main eventing any of the last three Pay Per Views? Especially seeing the quality of the Punk/Bryan matches it seems wrong that the Champion isnt getting main billing. Rock/Cena was big but it wasnt Rock/Hogan and that match didnt main event and it shouldn't have. I got an idea Cena/Show will main event the next PPV but I hope I'm wrong. For the record I'm not a Cena hater as some, but can see why they think he's being shoved down our throats. 

Just wanted to express some gratitutde on this end for @WWETheBigShow - Paul Wight is a future Hall Of Famer undeniably and his new role as super-heel is sure to generate heat for World Wrestling Entertainment.

BTW, J.R., it's impossible not to see the upside of a Brock Lesnar return to UFC.  Lesnar is without a doubt the most unstoppable media-created force in the history of the combined version/vision of wrestling with MMA & to fail to credit Lesnar as a humble marketing genius when paired with Vincent Kennedy McMahon is incouragable.


Taking MMA to the next level.

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