Tuesday Blog..Philly RAW Thoughts, Q&A's Updated, Order JR's Products for WM28 Tailgating

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RAW from Philly was excellent from my La-Z-Boy easy chair vantage point. It seemed like the show just started when it ended.

WrestleMania 28 felt bigger and even more 'must see' when RAW signed off.

The Punk/Jericho interaction was compelling and furthered the two, talented performer's personal issue. Let's not lose track that this is for the WWE Title which is the Promised Land for any WWE Superstar. The personal issue aspect of this pairing makes this match even more anticipated in my view. A potential show stealer without question.

The evolution of IC Champion Cody Rhodes continues at a rapid and productive pace. Rhodes has the skills to be a top star for years to come and his WM28 bout with the Big Show increased my interest thanks to what they did Monday night. 

While Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan may be overlooked by a handful of fans, I have always looked forward to their WM28 bout knowing how both athletes are wired and what WM28 means to each of them personally and professionally. I'm very proud of both men and hope that they tear the house down April 1.

Only one man's opinion, but I thought that Rock's promo in front of the Rocky statue was the Great One's best verbal presentation yet in regard to the Rock vs. Cena bout at WM28. Loved the old school references along with Rock's entertaining and compelling delivery. Really memorable. 

I am always amazed at the physical strength of John Cena and it was never more on display than seeing the 400+ pound Mark Henry on Cena's shoulders. Speaking of Henry, his evolution in the past year or so has been extremely gratifying to me. If Mark is blessed to stay healthy, I fully expect him to have am impactful 2012. 

With all that said, I still expect that the Cena vs. Rock bout at WM28 will be athletic, physical and challenging to both highly motivated athletes who refuse to take a backseat to anyone in their profession. Competition brings out the best in in-ring performers with the DNA that Rock and Cena possess.

For the record, new fans who don't perceive The Rock to no longer be a wrestler and merely as an actor are in dire need of catching up to what has gone down in WWE over the years. Trust me, Rock can still 'go' as we'll all see in his hometown of Miami. Remember, Cena is coming into the Great One's backyard.   

Loved the tag team match that featured four, talented guys who I'm thinking WWE is counting on in the future. I'm very interested to see where the individuals journey takes them post WM28. I thought of Joey Styles commentary when Aksana and Vickie Guerrero had their impromptu 'Cat Fight.'  

Have to be honest, I got goose bumps on all three entrances of HBK, Undertaker and HHH. The HIAC match with Taker's 'Streak' in jeopardy is something that has many talking. The emotional investment of 19 years of greatness by Undertaker at WrestleMania events has built an amazing foundation. The match provokes many more questions than answers. Obviously, where Shawn Michaels stands as the referee of record is one question of prominence.

18,000+ filling the arena in Philadelphia was spectacular and they didn't disappoint. I can tell you that one of my most memorable moments in my career was being scared to death at WM15 while walking out to the ring to broadcast Rock's first WrestleMania main event vs. Steve Austin for the WWE Title while still suffering the affects of a Bells palsy attack. I was very self conscious of my appearance and even though I had to hold the paralyzed side of my face up to talk it was a night that I'll never forget. The reception that I was blessed to receive that night from the Philly fans touched my heart and for that I will be forever indebted.

My WM28 Axxess appearances are set to be Friday Night from 8-10 pm and Saturday morning from 8-10 am. JR's products will be sold at the WWE Merchandise stand during every AXXESS session but not in the stadium.

Keep us posted if you're having WM28 gatherings/tailgate parties using JR's products and how. Photos of such to our Twitter account @JRsBBQ are also appreciated. 

Q...JR's Vegan friendly? Yes, our products are vegan friendly except that the Main Event Mustard, which has 1 gram of sugar BTW, has a little honey in it. The two, BBQ Sauces and Chipotle Ketchup are good to go for vegans. 

Q...What's going to happen to Tim Tebow? He'll be changing teams. Soon.

Q...What WWE Superstars are on Twitter? That complete list is available at WWE.com. Sorry, but I can't keep up with them all. 

Q...You going to be in Newark tonight?  No. I will be attending the OU vs. St. Johns womens hoops game in the NCAA tournament that's being played on the campus of OU. 

Q...Did Manning make the right choice signing with the Broncos? 49er fans might disagree but obviously Peyton liked what he heard and saw in Denver. I also think that John Elway did a great job of making #18 comfortable. Plus, the future HOF QB wanted to stay in the AFC which makes sense when one thinks about it. 

Q...Do you think that WWE title belts should be redesigned? Have to say that I'm not a 'design' guy. I've always thought the simpler the better when it comes to that matter and it's much more important what the championship means than what they look like. 

Q...Do you enjoy going to Tampa and working with talents in developmental?Without question, yes. I'm excited about the future there and have a blast watching the young talents evolve. WWE has done a really nice job 'stocking the shelves' and I am anxiously awaiting the debuts on the main roster of some potential stars currently in WWE Development. I will be back in Tampa right after WM28 and I can't wait. I approach developmental as part coaching, part mentoring, and totally helping WWE build the most viable branch of the company. 

Q...Will you be writing more for WWE.com? That's the plan. I enjoy writing and contributing to the WWE team in any way that I can. For those who haven't checked out the NEW, WWE.com, I suggest that you give it a test drive. My article on traveling with the 4 Horsemen was well received. 

 Q...How is your health? Thanks for asking and it is good as best that I know. I've dropped some needed pounds and have maintained a regular, workout routine that has really helped me. Plus, I've eliminated as much sugar, dairy, and red meat from my diet as I can. Also, I now only have an adult beverage on occasion and then in moderation. The key term here is 'moderation' but the exercise has been a Godsend. 

Q...Do you really enjoy Twitter? Yep...except for the handful of punks who beg for attention by sending smartass remarks. I have no issue with people posting differing opinions but when they get personal especially about my illness, etc they generally get blocked. I do wish more people would check out our timeline on Twitter and/or read the last few blogs here as they will answer many questions that are posed regularly. 

Q...Do you sign items for fans? Yes but only if the fans send us a self addressed stamped envelope with the item that they want signed and mail it to.... JR's BBQ, PO Box 721294, Norman, Okla 73070. If there isn't a self addressed stamped envelop w/ an item to be signed then we can't do it. Happy to otherwise and I won't accept money but please include the SASE.

Q...At WWEShop.com do you personally sign all the items that are offered in the packages there? Absolutely. We don't do any faux signatures and I personally sign every one that is included with JR's products.

Q...Mr Rushmore of Managers? Tough list to limit to say five people. The first one is easy. Bobby Heenan is the greatest pro wrestling manager who ever lived. After that it becomes a horse race between some damn, talented guys. Gary Hart, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Freddie Blassie, Grand Wizard, Albano, JJ Dillon, Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle, Rock Hunter, Michael Hayes, Humperdink, and so many others not mentioned here. And yes, I can easily see the 'manager' role being reprised some day. 

Thanks for stopping by and please tell a friend about our site. Hope that you head over to WWEShop.com and check out what we have to offer there. Also, our Q&A section of this website has been updated as of Tuesday afternoon.

Boomer Sooner!



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Good Blog. I also enjoyed Raw and thought the big three segments with Taker-HBK-HHH, Punk-Jericho and Rock-Cena were once again great and should be even better on next weeks Raw.

And the comment about Twitter and the smart ass punks seeking attention was right on the money. I've also had to deal with people like that personally and i think at the end of the day they do a great job in proving just how idiotic, miserable and pathetic they are with their comments. A quote i once read  "Mediocrity will always try to drag excellence down to it's level. Don't trade in your superiority for their inferiority."

A friend has let me view some footage of a few guys in FCW from their Indy daze. I was really impressed with The Kings of Wrestling. The were cutting promos on the Briscoes(very good tag team as well).  A couple second and third generation guys down there look ready..........Steamboat and the sons of Rontunda seem like can't misses. Haven't heard any promos from them to be sure. Nothing like having a mouthpiece for these guys. Does anyone see in Cole the talent to be the second coming of Jim Coronette ? I DO !!! Make it happen WWE.

Thoughts on British Bulldog getting into the HOF anytime soon? Inducted by Bret? There's a huge following for davey still over here in the uk.

Hi J.R, I noticed some elaborative comments on several WM28 matches and presumed you'd answered my wishes from my question on your last blog!

God bless you, and thank you for devoting your time to my reading pleasure!

Q: If Stone Cold Steve Austin would happen to return to the ring for one match only, who would you love to see as Austin's opponent out of WWE's current roster?