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I enjoyed Monday Night Raw from Washington D.C. The major storylines of the day were addressed in memorable ways and as a result of watching RAW I'm looking forward to Extreme Rules on PPV from Chicago the last Sunday of this month.

Without question, Chicago will be on fire for Extreme Rules. Great crowd, great city and a long, illustrious history within the genre. From the days in the Chicago Amphitheatre, the AWA era, Flair vs. Steamboat in 1989, and all the other great WWE events in the Windy City, Chicago is special. 

My 2007 WWE HOF announcement was made in Chicago which was one of the best moments of my professional career. For that, I will always be indebted to the fans of Chicago. 

RAW Thoughts:

Hottest start to a Monday Night Raw that I can remember in years. The show opening brawl between Brock Lesnar and John Cena was shocking and physical. These two wasted no time verbally lambasting the other and 'passed go' and went right to the smashmouth, literally, aspect of the rivalry.

Lesnar has 'it' and his presence is stark/sobering. When the former WWE and UFC champion makes his way to the ring, all eyes are on him. 

John Cena is tough as a $2 steak. No hyperbole just fact.  Cena's former coach at Springfield College told me that John was a physical, workhorse who anchored their offensive line as an All American center and was the hardest worker on the team.  Cena getting a busted lip had him smiling. That was awesome.

Lesnar's interview with Josh Mathews was excellent.

Santino Marella is evolving into one of WWE's most well liked performers. Santino is so entertaining that many fans forget that the guy has a unique skill set that is based in Judo of which he has trained in for years.

Brodus Clay has something special as well. Is he a traditional, big man ala a One Man Gang or a Vader? Of course not. But Clay can entertain and his desire to be a star has been evident for quite some time. His knowledge of the history of the business is impressive which, to me, translates to respect. Plus, don't judge a book by its colorful cover as Clay has legit toughness and comes from a world that few of us would want to visit.  

Dolph Ziggler has been maximizing his minutes extremely well including at WM28 and every time I see him on TV. I am a huge fan of @HEELZiggler and feel confident that he will perform his way to regular, main event status as 2012 progresses.

Cody Rhodes may have lost the IC Title at WM28 to the imposing Big Show but make no mistake about it that the youngest of the Rhodes, wrestling family is one of the building blocks that WWE will utilize for years to come. There is no limit to how great Rhodes can be if he stays healthy and continues to evolve. Cody's DNA and his stellar amateur background in Georgia serves him well. 

At my stage of the game, I enjoy watching these young guys evolve and I have the patience to allow such to occur in a natural, organic manner. Unfortunately, younger fans want instant gratification much like they want their pizzas delivered in 30 minutes or less. I'd rather enjoy the aroma coming from the kitchen for hours before enjoying that great meal.

Someone asked me on Twitter @JRsBBQ if "Lesnar was dangerous?" Hell, yes he's dangerous and that's one of the elements regarding Brock's personality that makes him 'must see.' However, there are several men in WWE that Lesnar won't intimidate including John Cena.

Check out www.com/classics/jim-ross for an article I wrote on the badasses of the business. If this link doesn't work, simply go to http://www/wwe.com and click on to Classics. I think that you will enjoy this trip down memory lane to the present. 

Black hats off to the folks at WWE TV for the amazing video package/salute to the men in the HIAC match at WM28. I loved hearing from the WWE Superstars on what they thought of the epic bout between HHH and the Undertaker w/ @ShawnMichaels "your third man in the ring."

HHH, HBK, and Undertaker cannot get enough credit for their amazing performance at WM28 in a match that I know that I will never forget. I don't know if I will ever write a book or be involved in a DVD project featuring my all time favorite bouts but if I do this instant classic from April 1, 2012 has definitely made the list. 

I will always be grateful to WWE management for providing me the opportunity to be a small part of the HIAC match. This is a bout that will provide lasting memories for WWE fans for generations to come.

Plus, I sincerely appreciate Michael Cole and the King for indulging me at the announce desk as 3 man booths are challenging enough much less having to deal with someone who hasn't had a great deal of recent 'game time.' They both showed me great professionalism of which I'll always be grateful.

Excited to see many of my old friends on Smackdown live tonight at 7/8 Eastern time on SyFy. I'm headed to OU football practice but will be home in time to watch the festivities LIVE on TV. 

It's hard to believe that WWE will hold their first event ever in Russia this week. WWE in Moscow is amazing considering the years it has taken to accomplish this. I can still remember us doing RAW TV at places like Fishkill, New York in the early-mid 90's.

Excited to be headed to Las Vegas next week for the CAC. Get all the info on this great affair that includes many WWE personalities at http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org. The exhibits of classic, wrestling memorabilia are always a must see for me. I wish more websites would feature the CAC and the work that they do but perhaps that doesn't get the hits that 'dirt' does.

I don't expect to:

See Arkansas Football Coach Bobby Petrino get fired.

Hear the colorful, Ozzie Guillen talk 'politics' ever again.

See Stan Van Gundy to 'quit' without his cash owed him from the Orlando Magic.

See me get interested in MLB until after the All Star Break & then disconnect for football season until the World Series.

Follow any Kardashian in any form.

See the great Bill Parcells roaming the sidelines again. He's paid his dues/not a babysitter

Add any new BBQ Sauce flavors soon but we're strategizing.

Answer every question at our Q&A section but I will try.

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Hope to see some at the OU Football Spring Game this Saturday afternoon in Norman. 

Boomer Sooner!







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Good Blog. I agree that Taker-Triple H from Mania has to be one of the best matches ever. It wasn't the Steamboat-Savage or Hart-HBK pure wrestling type of match but it was definitely something special. That match could've easily ended at least 5 times before it finally did and HBK as referee made the story that much more interesting. How does WWE top that next year? Impossible!

Brodus Clay ?!  Funkasaurus ?!  Talented young man . I hope he can overcome the situation he is in right now. We talked about attention spans yesterday, but we didn't talk about wrestling fans memories. We never forget. We never forgot Shane Helms boy dancer days, we didn't forget Disco Inferno, we didn't forget Polka Dot Dusty, we didn't forget Kid Quick. Brodus is being misused in my opinion and should be in a MONSTER TAG TEAM with someone. Someone not on the roster as of yet. I noticed last night that Heath Slater is reeeeealllllyyyyy easy to dislike. I see a combination of "Nature Boy "Buddy Landell , Michael "PS" Hayes & let's say..........Shawn Michaels ? He doesn't hold a candle to these guys in the ring but his personality does.

Mr. Ross,

As usual, it is good to see your point of view! With regards to management allowing you to call the HIAC match, I beckon to say that you've earned it.

I wasn't expecting Lesnar/Cena to get as physical as they did on Monday; it completely caught me off guard, and that is a GOOD THING, kudos to management! If this is a small taste of whats to come, I'm eagerly awaiting next Monday. In my view, Brock still has it.

A quick question that comes to mind since Ziggler, Rhodes, Clay are getting their pushes is, where is Bourne? He seems to have dropped off the radar after his wellness issues. As a viewer/customer, I had high hopes for him, do you think we might be disappointed with regards to Bourne?

With regards to venues, you mentioned management finally got a go ahead to Russia, is their a venue that the management has been looking at other than Russia that they've been wanting to get into; say like Brazil, Argentina, the Baltic Republics, etc.?

 Sorry you didn't give the University of Arkansas the credit they deserve as they made the correct decision to jet Petrino from their football program.  As talented a coach as he is...Petrino is a selfish prick, who felt he is above everyone else at Arkansas.  I applaud AD Jeffo Long for making a tough decision to cut a coach who put up 21 wins in the past 2 years instead of having to try and "justify" keeping such a creep around...which would have further the myth that the SEC is a "Win at all costs" conference.  The SEC is simply THE BEST sports conference in the NCAA with current National Championships in basketball, baseball and football (6 years running) to prove it.  it is my belief  my beloved HOGS will overcome this distraction and put up another 10/11 wins this coming season in the toughest conference, the SEC West.

I had forgotten how entertaining Lesnar is. He's got a crazy X-factor thing goin on with his personality...and it's great !

I heard him do a radio interview with Jim Rome a couple weeks before his last UFC fight and he sounded a little shaky and nervous with his words during the phone interview. I assumed it was from his fights taking a toll on him. But, seeing him do that interview with Josh Matthews on RAW, he was like a fish in water ("Cena couldn't hold my jockstrap in a million years") LOL

 He's the only one that can say something corny like that and have it come off totally fresh and threatening.  He enjoys getting people riled up, reminds me of Piper and a heel Orton.  

This feud with Cena should be great because Cena is the only guy they've got right now that can wrestle a rusty Brock and make it look good.  

Ok let me see if I understand this correctly. Sirens are going off in your neck of the woods indicating a tornado is nearby and here you are tweeting away?  Issues my friend, you have some real issues.

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