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Good Tuesday everyone...thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your visit to our ever growing site and hope you will not only come back but tell a friend about us as well. We are in the midst of a record setting January with our on line business which is just the tip of the iceberg as far as we're concerned. Thanks to all that order from us and we will continue to do our best to serve you respectfully and efficiently.

It's too early for me to make my Super Bowl prediction but as of today I am a Colts "lean."  It seems scary to think that Peyton Manning has two weeks to prepare for any team's defense and the strength of the Saints team isn't their "D." Lots of things can happen between now and kickoff so I will wait before making a pick. So far in the playoffs I've done pretty well with my guesses thus far but I'm just doing these picks for fun and am not a football gambler.

Condolences to the family and friends of long time, super fan Georgiann Makropoulos who passed away at age 67 this week. Georgie was a huge wrestling fan who followed the WWWF as a regular at live events for decades. She was President of the Bruno Sammartino, Buddy Rogers, and Bill Watts fan clubs, as best I know, over their careers. Georgie will be missed by all that knew her and no one loved being a fan of pro wrestling more than her. 

USA's Psyche star Dule Hill has tons of talent and charisma and was fun to watch host Raw Monday night. Hill has a bright future in television and film, without question. I plan on watching Psyche for the first time Wednesday night when John Cena guest stars. 

Speaking of Cena, his interaction with Mr. McMahon on Raw was spot on and some of the best verbal interaction that I've heard in a good while. The dialog between Cena and the Chairman of WWE was organic, emotional, and really has me anxious to see Raw next week when Bret "Hitman" Hart returns to confront McMahon. Fine TV in my humble opinion.

This "Hitman" oriented segment followed a strong interaction with Undertaker and McMahon's "discussion" about Bret a week ago which was also "money."

The serious nature of winning the Royal Rumble match and what it means individually to every competitor was underscored with Monday Night's DX in ring promo. This was another verbal exchange that captured my interest. DX in a serious tone really captivated my attention.

Selfishly, some can argue, I loved the Royal Rumble video package on Raw because it brought back so many great memories for me via some of my sound bytes from Rumbles of days gone by.  I'm certainly buying this PPV as it's one of my favorite events of the year and Atlanta is a great city for which it to emanate. 

For those potential customers who are leery of how "hot" our Hot BBQ Sauce is all I can do is suggest that you give it a try and see for yourself. Many fans love it as do it and I don't enjoy food products that set me on fire. The Triple Threat offer here on the site is only $19.88 and includes a bottle of each o four products, a free autographed 8X10, and FREE SHIPPING. This is a great selection to see just how everything tastes without investing a large some of cash. 

Herschel Walker will fight this Saturday night on CBS on the Strikeforce event and from what I read the former Heisman Trophy winner who will turn 48 years young soon is taking this adventure dead serious. Walker is an eccentric personality who is one of the most gifted athletes I've ever seen perform. Herschel is an "attraction" for Strikeforce and his presence will obviously help ratings if Herschel is properly utilized to all the ESPN types available this week. New sets of eyes provides Strikeforce the opportunity to become more relevant to the big dog in MMA, UFC, and let's hope that they have some great fights on Saturday night. Sports fans will be needing their sports fix unless they are a hoops junkie with no football on the Saturday docket.

We have continued to feature our personally autographed JR's Cookbook here on the site and it makes a great gift idea for any occasion or just to have in one's kitchen. If men want to better navigate their culinary skills with a simple, straight forward cookbook, then this is it. Plus, for wrestling fans this book has tons of photos and lots of short stories and top ten lists. We inscribe what you want on the book and ship it to you free for only $19.88.

We've updated our Q&A section already today so I invite you to travel there and check it out. 

I had a great conversation Sunday with JBL who, as my Grandpa used to say is as busy as a fruit merchant, and doing great while living in New York City. John is on Fox News every Saturday morning of which I enjoy plus he is still developing his distribution business for "Layfield Energy Plus" which is is several hundred convenience stores including many Circle K's. I wish there were more success stories like John Layfield from the ranks of ex-wrestlers. John prepared for his future and was realistic enough to know that he could not wrestle forever. I'm really proud of John and only wish that he and I could have worked in the broadcast booth together at some point. But who knows what the future might hold? 

One emailer asked me if there were any bouts or any individuals that I wish I had the opportunity to broadcast that I missed and there are a few without a doubt. I would have loved to have called more of Jack Brisco's NWA Title Bouts, more Brisco Brothers tag team matches especially against Steamboat and Youngblood, more matches involving Dory Funk, Jr. and Terry Funk (their clashes against the Funks are classics), more of the great, Harley Race's NWA Title tilts, and Hogan vs. Andre at WM3. Plus,  to have been able to do work in Florida in their heyday and in Atlanta during the wrestling wars there where two different promotions were on TBS. I would have also had fun to broadcast some of the rugged, ECW bouts from back in the day. Actually, Paul Heyman was going to bring me in as a "surprise" at one point in time when I was, let's say, between gigs. I obviously wasn't able to do it but in hindsight I wish I would have as it would probably have been a blast. I don't know what he had in mind for me but no doubt it would not have been mundane. Plus, perhaps I could have worked with Joey Styles which I've always wanted to do as well.   

The next Legends Roundtable will be taped this week, as I understand it, in Stamford, Ct. Gene Okerlund will host a panel that includes J.J. Dillon, WWE HOF'ers Pat Patterson and Nick Bockwinkel, and Michael Hayes. The two subjects are "Wrestling in the 70's" and "Tag Team Wrestling", I think. I love being a part of these productions and am a huge fan of them on WWE 24/7 On Demand and hope to get back in the saddle the next taping session. No, I don't know when these will air and only heard of them today. Nonetheless I look forward to both shows.

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