Tuesday..Shawn Michaels...WM26 thoughts...JR Makes Special Appearance this Saturday

We're back in Norman after a few days in the desert and happy to be home where we are being welcomed with 80 degree weather. We are excited about our major, 3 hour appearance at the Homeland Grocery Store on Alameda in Norman this Saturday from 11-2 where we will be signing FREE photos and launching 'JR's Rib Mania' that includes a FREE bottle of our BBQ SAUCE with the purchase of a rack of ribs at any of the 4, Norman Homeland stores. If you are within driving distance, please come and see us!     

Random, post WM26 thoughts....

I haven't seen the WM 26 PPV back as of yet but watching it up in the press box it seemed like a really good show. It was noisy in the friends and family Press Box so I had issues hearing the commentary and being so far away from the action it was a little hard to really invest in the bouts as I usually do but all in all I enjoyed the experience. 

Thanks to those that were involved int he standing ovation that yours truly received Saturday night at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Even though the TV audience did not see it I was moved by the overwhelming support of those in attendance. I still don't know for sure why I was introduced at the event but my good friend Jerry Lawler did it splendidly and the gesture was greatly appreciated.

The food was good and the beer was cold in the Press Box and was the hospitality by WWE personnel was excellent. Most of the crowd in the Press Box were cheering like they were at a Super Bowl especially the families of the performers involved in matches. Many others of the AARP variety that were seated in the friends and family area became weary after a couple of hours of the show and spent much of the time having conversations and catching up with old friends. For some of the older attendees, by the time that WM26 was a couple of hours long they had already had a long day.

I enjoyed meeting so many family members and friends in the Press Box. Had a nice, brief chat with Jennifer Hudson who is the fiancée of David Otunga. Jennifer is a lovely, personable young lady with immense talent, as most know.    

There was one first for me at WM26...I actually got to use the men's room at will during the show. 

The highlight of the evening was Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels which was obviously the match of the night. I've answered a few emails regarding this matter and it is obvious that I would have loved to have broadcast this bout but that wasn't in the cards. At least I was in Phoenix and saw the event live and was then able to spend significant time with both HBK and with Taker after the event in private settings. Those experiences became my Wrestlemania Moments. 

I do think that Shawn will call it a day after losing his retirement match Sunday. Shawn has been blessed to have earned a great deal of money over the years and especially since he returned from an approximate 4 year hiatus due to lingering back issues. Unlike many wrestlers who retire, HBK doesn't have to worry about financial or legal issues and will be able to be essentially a full time dad to his two, young children which is an amazing blessing. 

There is no doubt that Shawn will have many options to explore and I know of a few that he is looking into now. None are 'wrestling related.' That's not to say that the occasional , WWE cameo by HBK won't occur but to see him back in the ring actually wrestling would surprise me. 

Shawn's farewell message Monday night on Raw was from his heart and not something that he read on a TelePrompter. What fans saw Monday night was legitimate, organic TV from arguably the greatest all around, in ring performer, certainly of his generation, and perhaps of all time.

I sincerely appreciated Shawn's shout out to me on Raw which was, symbolically, a fitting end to my own Wrestlemania tenure. 

Too many people seemingly love to look at a half full glass and the rampant speculation about when "HBK will come out of retirement" is already a tired subject. Let's enjoy what Shawn gave us not only this past Sunday and Monday night but what he has provided us for decades with show stopping and jaw dropping performances.

As for me, life is good and I am healthy and happy. For those that have erroneously written or assumed that the reason that I did not announce at WM26 was because of health concerns, that assumption is incorrect, I'm happy to say.

Broadcasting wrestling in WWE is likely history for me but there are many other areas to which I can contribute in WWE and those options, among others, will be weighed over the next month. 

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Gonna be a great week as I'll be attending OU football practice and enjoying my team and some great weather plus watching the OU Women hoopsters try and make it to the Final Four for the second straight year tonight. 

Always count your blessings and thanks again for dropping by as we hope that you will tell others about our website. 

Boomer Sooner!