Turning Point show stealer?..On Line Biz is Growing...Morrison vs. Ziggler, When?

Good to be home here in Norman where the Sooners open their home season Saturday night against Idaho State and needing to get a "W." We're gonna be selling lots of "Q" at J.R.'s Family BBQ and I'm looking to see many of our guests there before I'm up at 4 a.m. Sunday morning to make my 6 a.m. flight from OKC to Chicago and then connecting to Montreal. Saturday night will be a "set two alarms" type of night.

We have been selling lots of Original and Hot BBQ Sauce, our awesome Chipolte Ketchup and Beef Jerky here online. My thanks to those who are shopping with us and I hope we can get more of you to place orders.

Let's roll with some hickory smoked, BBQ'ed Random Thoughts.  

I'm still amazed at how well Bob Barker handled his role on LIVE TV Monday night especially considering that the TV legend is in his mid 80's. Mr. Barker has to be considered on of the best guest hosts that Monday Night Raw has featured. 

What will Trish Stratus' role entail in her hometown Monday night in Toronto? She will undoubtedly be the "hottest" guest host to date...no pun intended....the talented 7 time WWE Women's Champion is a happily married lady.  

It looks like Shelton Benjamin is working his way back to being a fan favorite. I could be wrong but that's what it seems to me. I still think Benjamin can be special with the right presentation because athletes like him don't come along too often. Plus, Shelton is one of the most engaging and entertaining guys on any roster in the locker room. If that talent can be transferred to in front of the camera, and I think it can, the WWE can mine some valuable minerals from the Gold Standard.

Is it just me or do you agree that Paul Burchill is improving every week. The Brit seems to have ample potential. 

Pet Peeve #1.....I don't like "gay" jokes on any wrestling show. Seems outdated, wrong, and low road.  

Not sure what bout is going to "steal the show" Sunday in Montreal at "Breaking Point" but don't discount the Christian vs. William Regal bout. On a level playing field, these two vets can go and will do all they can to make this match special on this PPV opportunity. 

It looks as if the pending John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler IC Title bout will take place after Sunday's PPV at some point TBD. I have high expectations for this rivalry and feel that these two men can have a heck of a series going forward. 

Morrison takes on Charlie Haas Friday night on Smackdown in what turned out to be a really solid, succinct contest. Morrison obviously has "it" and how Morrison improves going forward is something that many of us are going to watch closely. I am optimistic about John's potential because he's so cerebral and goal oriented.

Wrestling fans and "students of the game" seem to always make the most significant wrestling stars for the long haul.  

Friday night also features a submission match between World's Champ C.M. Punk vs. Matt Hardy. This match was one of the more physical bouts we've seen on Smackdown in a while as both men are aggressive by nature.

Physicality sells.  

The Undertaker is the first superstar fans will see Friday night when they tune in to MyNetworkTV. One has to look long and hard to find where 'Taker has submitted in a WWE bout. I haven't found such info. Considering the World Title Bout between Undertaker and Punk is a submission match, that data is relevant. 

Pet Peeve #2....when female grapplers are not on the road they should be in the ring training. One only improves when they get plenty of reps such as in the old, territory days. 

Finlay vs. Knox on Friday's Smackdown is another smash-mouth bout that neither guy phoned in and got plenty physical with each other. Belfast Brawls are not "happy hours." Knox will improve with every outing that he has with Finlay.

WWE Superstars is seemingly trending to feature even more wrestling than in the past. I think that there are five bouts on Thursday night's show on WGN America on WWE Superstars. 

Off the subject and because talent development is on my mind today for some reason, I can see WWE affiliated with several training camps in the years to come. The more talents that can be signed and trained the better the odds are that main event level stars will be discovered and developed. 

How good is Chris Jericho? Is any performer in the business better at this point in time? Jericho's interaction with Barker and then his match with MVP Monday was exemplary. 

As you can tell, I really enjoyed working at ringside Tuesday night in Rockford for our two WWE Superstars bouts and the Smackdown program. I think fans of in ring wrestling will enjoy both shows for the most part. 

The national media's eulogy of the OU Sooners football team is grossly premature. Trust me....this team will not quit even though we have already lost two, future NFL stars, TE Jermaine Gresham for the year and Heisman Trophy winning QB Sam Bradford for several weeks. I have always believed that how one one handles adversity is the true mark of the individual. I am big on keeping one's commitments and there is no doubt in my mind that my Sooners are a committed and proud bunch and will fight their way back into the hunt. Remember, cornered and wounded animals are at their most dangerous.

I do not know what Todd Grisham and my assignments for Sunday in Montreal, a great city by the way, love those smoked meat sandwiches, other than we will call Kane-Khali, Punk-Undertaker and "possibly" the Jericho/Show vs. MVP/Mark Henry tag bout. Who broadcasts the tag is still up in the air as I understand it.  With Raw being WWE's top, TV priority and brand from a corporate positioning standpoint, Cole and Lawler might get the bulk of the work in Quebec. 

Finally, I am honored to have been chosen to receive the Art Abrams Award at the 2010 Cauliflower Ally Club function in Las Vegas in April. This is a wonderful honor bestowed by a truly good and benevolent organization that I encourage all wrestling fans to join. When I attended the CAC with Steve Austin and Bret Hart a couple of years ago I had one of the best times of my professional career. My heartfelt thanks to all those who had a hand in this decision as it is sincerely appreciated by my family and me. 

I invite you to check out my WWE Smackdown blog at www.wwe.com where you click on to the Smackdown page to find it. This week I will make my fearless predictions for "Breaking Point" but do suggest, no wagering please. This blog is usually posted on Thursdays.

Boomer Sooner!


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Hey JR,

Whats all this talk i hear about you wanting to join TNA? Dont you know they BOO us whenever we are spoke of, they insult the WWE universe! PLEEEEAAASE dont go there. You are the voice of WWE. Every good memory i have is you screaming "STUNNER, STUNNER"! or "ROCK BOTTOM"! or "THE AUSTIN ERA HAS BEGUN"! I would hate to see you follow in the footsteps of Taz, Mick, and Lashley to name a few. Ill never be able to enjoy good ol JR's BBQ knowing u work for the "other show". PLEASE stay with us Jim, Its not WWE with out JR. And You and king are the best commentators we have, Your gonna leave us with Tod Grisham?!?!!?

Your Fan Forever


Please stop believing every thing you read on the internet. I am under contract with WWE and fully expect to be for many years to come. Why would you even believe this BS?

"Turning Point" show stealer? Someone's got TNA on the brain. Maybe he really is going to TNA soon. =P

The only time I can think of Undertaker submitting is KOTR 96 when he fought Mankind for the first time.   and that's debatable. 

I find your blogs well thought of, and wish you nothing but continued success.

Once you see the box for what it is, why would you want to be inside it? 

What is WWE's problem with John Morrison? Does someone not like him? He's been left off of all but two matches this year and this is the second time he's been bumped from a PPV after having been announced on the card. This match was the selling point for me for the PPV. Really disappointing.

I did find a video on YouTube of the Undertaker tapping out - sort of.

The video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDZIP3lLE5o does show the Undertaker tapping to Kurt Angle in a 2002 episode of Smackdown, however Kurt's shoulders were pinned and Taker tapped just as the ref did a three count on Angle.  The contest was ruled a draw, so while Taker tapped, he didn't actually LOSE by submission.


Toronto, ON

When Undertaker fought Mankind in their first PPV encounter (King of the Ring '96 - I think) 'Taker lost via a mandible claw.  Now - he didn't verbally or visually "submit", but Foley had the claw in him and, after 'Taker dropped unconscious to his knees, the referee called for the bell and Mankind won the match.  That's as close to an Undertaker submission loss as I can remember?

September 20, 1997 - WWF One Night Only in Birmingham, UK.  Bret Hart made 'Taker tap.

I can't remember a single instance since then.  Oh, well.  Spoiler Alert?

Turning Point??

Anyway onto my comment... Ziggler vs Morrison was definitely one of the best matches on the card. Probably 2nd to CM Punk vs Undertaker in my opinion.

What the hell does Morrison have to do to get on a PPV!? He deserves the PPV bonus pay, especially after that match with Mysterio.

cant wait for raw when trish stratus is guest host,she will join in with the girls,the men will try it on with her.cant see randy saying i quit somehow.there could be a voice recording of either cena or randy saying i quit. a bit like when it was that i quit match between the rock vs mick foley that time,mick said i quit but we found out it was a tape recording of mick saing i quit,so that could happen there at breaking point. or cody will interfere and make randy lose the belt that way. i think steve austin would make a great raw guest host,he would sort out randy and legacy,also with JBL has raw guest host. what mickey rourke has guest host,that would be interesting along with dog the bounty hunter and family. why did the wwe let go the gorgeous ricky ortiz,bring him back along with mr  k. i love abraham washington on ecw,he's funny,entertaining etc,gorgeous has well,reminds me of mvp.

The match at One Night Only between Bret Hart and Undertaker ended in a disqualification, not an Undertaker tap out!

Seems a strange decision to remove Ziggler-Morrison from the PPV, could have been 1 of the matches of the night. Stranger still considering Kane-Khali is still on the card (lets hope they can improve on their Summerslam match!!!)

Chris Jericho is can't miss TV, every single week. When the Fink told Jericho to "come on down", I knew right away it was going to be awesome and entertaining, and it was. Bob Barker, for his part, did a terrific job interacting with him and putting him in his place. I don't think "The Price Is RAW" could have opened any better. I've always liked Jericho and respected his work and ring abilities, but the last year, post-Y2J, has been the best of his career.

 JR...I definitely agree with you about Jericho...he is the total package...great performer and amzing talker...

Don't you agree that Christian is just as good as Jericho and he's not being used to his full potential as he was in TNA? I feel he's the best talker in WWE right now but isn't being given the chance to run with it.

JR, long time reader, first time poster.

You made me register after reading this post... but I'll get to that in a minute.

You're right, Jericho is amazing whether its with a match with a big man, the legends this spring (Steamboat was awesome), on the mic, or a real gem is when he is with another technician and he really wrestles.

Burchill I think is a talent, although I used to get a laugh when he was in the pirate gear a while back. Same goes for Regal whom is such a great heel and funny.

As for the Sooners, I'm in Connecticut, so go UCONN! 

The reason I was moved to post was your pet peeve #1 about cutting out the gay jokes. Thank
You. As a gay male who puts his life on the line more than most and know others who are in the same profession (I'll leave it at that), its great to hear that someone old school can rise above and be willing to make a statement on it. But the Santina episode with you was HILARIOUS!

I'll keep reading, posting occasionally, and now I have to order some BBQ sauce.


I was front row, sitting right behind you (right next to the 3 lovely ladies directly behind the commentators' table) and had a great time at the ECW/Smackdown show in Rockford, IL. It was an excellent show!

Question for you...being a long-time CM Punk fan, I was eagar to get Punk's attention with my "welcome home CM Punk" sign. After cheering him on all night, he eventually did acknowledge me by telling me telling me "I'm from Chicago, a**hole".

So my question is...how to most WWE employees view coming "home"? In other words, is there a difference between home-state vs home-city?

Either way, I continued to cheer for CM Punk. He is a great performer. I have followed him since he first started in the south suburbs of Chicago and will continue to do so.

Best Regards,