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Why was Ole Anderson omitted from the Horsemen being inducted into this year's WWE HOF class? I do not know what the future may hold for this particular induction. I didn't even know the Horsemen were going to be inducted until I heard it on Raw. Ole has been in poor health and there's a chance that he couldn't attend nor would he want to based on comments that he has made in the past. Nonetheless, Ole Anderson's contributions to the Four Horsemen were invaluable and shouldn't be forgotten.

Is Edge going into the WWE HOF 'too early?' Not in my view. I don't know that a waiting period even exists, I'd suggest there is none, for going into the WWE HOF after retirement. It certainly didn't apply to the King and I who both went in the HOF in 2007 while both still active. Edge is extremely deserving and when one examines his total body of work, it is incredible. 

I can still vividly remember the day that I signed both Edge and Christian to developmental deals and then to their first, full time WWE contracts. They are another reason why tag team wrestling is essential to any wrestling company as their team resulted in the launch of two, significant, singles careers. 

BTW...if you are planning on attending the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony, I'd suggest getting your tickets early. I have a feeling that they won't be around too long. Personally, this is arguably my 2nd favorite WWE event of the year and, on some years, has been the most enjoyable event of the year for me.

Thought on Brodus Clay's Raw debut? It certainly wasn't what many fans obviously thought it was going to be. I think much too much has been made of it from a negative point of view. It was only week one and we were exposed to the new, updated ring persona for what, 6-8 minutes? I'm not smart enough to stamp something yeah or nay after 6-8 minutes but I do like Clay's physicality and big man athleticism. How he is 'gift wrapped' is subjective but what he does bell to bell is always what counts most in my eyes. I'd suggest fans exhale and see how the persona evolves before continuing all the knee jerking. For the record, I am a fan of Brodus Clay.  

We're getting lots of questions lately on Bells palsy. There is tons of info online on Bells and as I have said it usually goes away for most within a month or so. To get it multiple times is rare (I've had it 3 times) and doctors will tell patients that there is no known cause or cure. I'm uncomfortable watching old video of myself working through Bells palsy much less when it has become a story line or part of one's conversation. I'm hopeful that some day that I can regain my smile so that people that don't know me don't think that I'm just an old crab who likes nothing and has no sense of humor. I'd like for my granddaughters to see me smile in person in my life time.  

We do not ship 'Free Samples' of our products. That would cause a shipping and handling  nightmares and there are no plans to do so in the future. There are plenty of folks who swear by our products. 

Do I think that Ric Flair will attend the WWE HOF Ceremony to join the Horsemen? Absolutely. I'd bet on it. This is merely my personal opinion but knowing Naitch as well and for as long as I have, I don't see him missing this night no matter if he works elsewhere or not.

How hot is our HOT BBQ Sauce? It's not habernaro hot but its got a nice kick. It's our delicious JR's Original BBQ Sauce kicked up a few levels. I do know that it is @steveaustinBSR favorite product from our line and he's a regular. many repetitive questions and no new answers. I still feel Taker will defend his Streak at Wrestlemania in Miami. I still feel that the Streak will be next to impossible to end. I don't know when Taker will return to WWE TV but I'd merely suggest 4-6 weeks before WM28 would be a viable window...but I do not know. I also don't know who will face the Deadman but remain steadfast that The Streak is as big an element as any thing that can or will be booked at WM28 so one could assume that the opponent will be significant.

WWE HOF ...some suggestions as to who should be inducted are absurd and I often think that some Twitter followers submit them just to get a re-tweet or response. 

UK fans often ask about British born, Oklahoma Sooner middle linebacker Tom Wort who is one of my favorite college football players. If the NFL doesn't work out for Tom when he leaves OU, I'd suggest that the fierce hitter would be a great candidate for WWE Developmental.

Speaking of WWE usual no names here until they are called up but fans need to know that just because someone was a solid hand in the indies and could fly around and work at a break neck pace doesn't mean that they will be a star on the big stage. There is a great deal that goes into being a long term, big earner in WWE that many fans never think of or of which they are aware. These factors have zero to do with in ring abilities.  

I will say that most kids that I see in FCW who have had significant experiences before coming to FCW need to slow down somewhat and execute more crisply. 

Thoughts on the return of Chris Jericho? Simply having Jericho in the locker room is a boost. He's amazingly talented. He's a big time player who can main event PPVs and live events. His current presentation is unique which has some fans unhappy. That amazes me. I get it that some folks might not like a presentation but, again, I suggest to let it play out. I see Jericho beginning to PO some fans which, I'm assuming, is exactly what his goal is. He's getting a reaction from a bunch of folks without saying a word. Not bad. 

Thoughts on Wade Barrett? I like him and his upside. He's seemingly beginning to get more TV time and he's doing his best to maximize his TV minutes. He's a bright guy who seems to know what he wants. The key now is for Barrett to do all he can personally do to continue to prepare for success and that is via the gym, nutrition, and studying his craft. I'll make no crazy predictions for Wade Barrett but he should be a main eventer in WWE at some point in 2012. 

Can 40 year old wrestlers make a difference? Of course, but only if they are in sound shape physically and mentally and are unselfish when it comes to their TV persona. The smart ones can enhance their legacies while helping younger talents become more established and marketable. 

I was asked how long fans could expect to see Jerry Lawler and me in the wrestling biz to some degree. I can't officially speak for the King but my answer was "Until God makes a tag." I truly believe that statement. I have no plans whatsoever on retirement and I know Jerry is even more adamant about that than am I. 

Twitter followers asked if I ever WANTED to be a WWE villain? The answer was and is still, No. But it was tried as many recall playing off my 2nd Bells palsy attack. It failed but it seems like fans enjoyed the in ring promo I did in Hershey, Pa as I recall, which, at the time, was one of the earliest, Attitude Era promos. So I never wanted to be a TV, bad guy but I tried it. I'd rather be myself and allow the fans to either like that RV persona or not.

Funny how we get more belligerent Tweets late at night than any other time. They often time flow in from the UK in the middle of their night from apparent drunk lads who usually get blocked for the pure stupidity of what they say. BTW the UK doesn't have the franchise on 'drunk lads' as the USA contributes greatly to that group of fools as well who get brave and bold behind their keyboards late at night.  

Our Twitter total is now over 320,000 of which the VAST majority of followers are great with which to interact. @JRsBBQ

Will JR being making any personal appearances outside the WWE this year? I'm willing but have always tried to not over stay my welcome and become overexposed. I love interacting with fans. So, it all depends on when and where. I don't do weekend appearances in the Fall due to OU Football so the spring and summer look to be the best bets. 

I get asked all the time what DVDs WWE is planning on releasing. I'm not in that loop but I wish there was something on that outlined WWE's upcoming DVD releases. I'd assume that more Rivalry DVDs will be done at some point following the Bret-HBK masterpiece. However I have not heard  any thing confirmed. One thing to remember to all those budding producers out there, to do a Rivalry DVD, it helps to have direct access to the talents in question so the stars that have passed away seem to be not likely candidates.

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NFL weekend...gonna be a huge TV Saturday/Sunday at our house. Wife's out of town so I'm going into NFL overload. Always liked the Packers especially at home throughout the playoffs as Lambeau provides a special home field advantage but, man, are the Giants hot! This could be the game of the weekend. I'm not a Tebow hater or a fanatic but I feel that the Pats win at home but the Pats -14 has me somewhat perplexed. It could be worse quite easily....or not. Love the 49'ers as a home underdog with a week off to prep and playing a 'dome team' in the Saints who are one of the better coached teams in the NFL. Tall task for the Texans to win in Baltimore who also had a week to rest/heal and are playing a team that night have peaked last week while still riding the back of a backup QB.

Will ROH ever air on the new, WWE Network? WTH?! ROH is owned by a TV group who bought the brand to provide programming for their own TV stations. I am hopeful that ROH is successful, as well as TNA, because the more places that talents have to work the better. I am of the firm belief that most, young talents in any organization would love to migrate to WWE at some point where they can display their skills on the biggest of stages and increase their opportuntites to earn the most money. There are exceptions to this theory but I do think it represents a robust majority. 

Amazingly, when Edge and the Horsemen were introduced being 2012 WWE HOF inductees, we got a ton of Tweets from fans who, for some crazy reason, felt that these two announcements represented the entire class. I don't know how many total inductees will be announced but it's generally around 6-8 if memory serves me correctly. Oh, yeah the Horsemen would count as one. As usual, Macho Man is an emotional and deserving selection and , as usual, I'm not sure when he will be honored. Yeah, I know, it's past due.    

Another Twitter do we get autographs from JR? Obviously, the most optimum way for us it for you to buy the packages at that include authentic , autographed items. However, if one sends a self addressed stamped envelop with the item to be signed to JR's BBQ, PO Box 721294, Norman, Oklahoma 73070 we will be happy to help. Remember, you MUST include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelop) and the item to be signed for this to get done. Remember, no SASE, no deal.

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Ole Anderson was one of the greatest in ring performers, probably one of the top 5 promos, and had one of the finest booking minds in the history of the business.  All people want to remember is "The Black Scorpion," but that was a product of the times and not really Ole's fault.  He's done a number of shoot interviews and a great book, so it's all there folks if you care to take a look.  I don't expect he'll ever be honored in any way by Vince McMahon, and I don't believe he'd want to be.

Re: Wade Barrett. He reminds me of a favorite from my childhood, Lord Athol Layton.  Similar size and look, and an articulate speaker as was Layton, who did great work as an announcer.  I enjoy watching him.

Nice blog as always, J.R.! Love reading your thoughts!

Some names i'd like to see go in the HOF are Rick Rude, Bob Backlund, Taz, Stan Hansen, Chris Benoit, Lex Luger, Dean Malenko, Bruiser Brody, Madusa/Alundra Blayze, Owen Hart, Vader, The British Bulldog, Kamala, Earthquake, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Big Boss Man, Ole Anderson, Paul Heyman, Mike Rotunda, The Faboulous Freebirds, Larry Zbyszko and Yokozuna.

I also like the Jericho silence as it's unique and will be worth it when he finally does speak. Young people have no patience and can't think long-term.

I for one can't wait for the return of The Undertaker and will enjoy every moment of it as this may be his last run. Some may say Hogan, Flair, Austin or Michaels but i say The Undertaker is the Greatest Wrestler of All Time based on his skill, show stealing moments and longevity.

And of course Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth for the HOF as well as The Rock.

And also Magnum TA and Mick Foley for the HOF.

As well as Dr.Death Steve Williams and Brian Pillman for the HOF.


I agree with many of the potential HOFers that you mentioned.  It is only a matter of time before Rude, Backlund, Malenko, Hart, Vader, Bulldog, and Yokozuna are inducted in my opinion.  However, I don't see Hall going in unless he is someway, somehow able to clean himself up.  If he can, it would be sweet to see him and Nash go in together as the Outsiders.  If he continues down the path he is on now, though, I just don't see WWE taking a chance on having him involved with the company in any capacity.  Oh, and there is no way that Benoit will ever be mentioned on WWE programming again, much less go into the Hall.


Was Edge's induction too early?  My answer is "maybe", but he was going to go in at some point in the future, so why not now?  I hope this guy has one more match left in him.  Easily one of my all time favs.

I was confused by Brodus Clay's debut at first.  I know a lot of people were expecting him to return as this badass heel character who was just going to destroy everyone, but you know what?  The more I think about it, the more I like his in-ring persona.  My favorite moment of his match from Monday night was when he knocked down Hawkins and said "My bad!"  I don't know, I just found that to be very funny.

I believe that Taker will return for this year's Mania, and I believe that his legacy will always be the man who went 20-0 at the big dance.  In my opinion, he should come back, take one more victim, and retire with the 20-0 record.  He should then return next year as the head of the new Hall of Fame class. 

And as for Barrett, he is impressing me very much.  I love his look, his attitude, his entrance theme, his strength in the ring, and his promos.  I think he is the total package, and I see a World/WWE Title run in his future. 

Another guy I like very much is Jinder Mahal, as well as Sheamus.  I also loved watching Zack Ryder on RAW.  He is a very entertaining guy, and is very over with the crowd.  Can't wait to see more from these young talents in the future.

got my hall of fame tickets this morning & have spectacular seats! ready for my 7th consecutive wretlemania trip.

Dake the Snake

Great blog as usual JR. I never read 1 of your blogs before that I didn't like and I have read most of them.

Of course I never knew Ole Anderson personally so I can't comment on how he was away from the ring or backstage. But from following him since he first invaded the old NWA, Cowboy Lutrall/ Eddie Graham teritory, he was always a force to be reckoned with. Either in tag team, as Horseman, or in singles match.

Keep up the great work JR!!!

 I can vouch for JR's Hot BBQ sauce.  It's my favorite of all the products too (I was a big fan of the dry rub as went great on fish!)  The Hot BBQ sauce is now the only sauce I use and buy.  It's delicious on everything (I even made a cold turkey sandwich with the BBQ sauce after Thanksgiving).

Edge deserves to go in the HOF for sure this year....he gave 100% effort every match which is why he's in the physical condition he's in now and forced to retire. Three more names for the HOF are Ron Simmons, DDP and of course Booker T. Damn that's a decade of inductions there....

 Hey JR love your site and appreciate your work. Do you think WWE would be better if they combined the World Title and WWE Title? I just think there are too many titles. Do you think having so many titles takes away from a title's prestigue?

This is kind of a seperate related question. I am a big fan of Ric Flair but I honestly hate what they are doing with him on TNA. I just think they are making him look bad. Can you get them to stop? I know you have nothing to do with TNA, but maybe you could ask him to come back to WWE where he is at least respected.

Thanks Again