UFC 109 Post Event Thoughts..

Huge day at JR's Family BBQ where we had a "wait" for most of the evening with many OU fans in town for the Sooners vs. Texas hoops game Saturday afternoon. Big win for Jeff Capel's crew on an emotional day as the late, great hoopster Waymon Tisdale was honored today. Waymon, who was a star at OU in the 80's and played for years in the NBA, died last year of cancer after having his leg amputated in his fight with bone cancer. When Waymon was a high school player at Tulsa's Booker T. Washington High School I had the privilege of officiating a few  of his games. Awesome guy... always smiling.

We expect a big day at the "Q" Sunday with folks getting some good football food to enjoy during the Super Bowl.

Watched UFC 109 Saturday night and even though I am a big fan of MMA and enjoyed the show I would have to rate this PPV with a 5 or 6 on a ten scale.I'm not displeased with my investment of money or time but the card needed some more fights to come through to really put the show over the top. I'm still happy that I bought UFC 109 but it really needed one more fight to deliver the goods and some nights that doesn't happen.

Trust me...I know the feeling after broadcasting likely more PPV shows that any one in history. They all aren't going to be 10's. Even the one's that look great on paper don't always deliver and this PPV was essentially promoted as a one fight show.

Randy Couture easily defeated Mark Coleman via choke out in the second round. Couture is smart, confident, in immaculate physical condition and obviously has an amazing, training infrastructure surrounding him. Couture just doesn't make many mistakes and keeps himself out of trouble and under control much more often that not.

Couture is money and he will always get my dollars when he fights on PPV. Couture winning another UFC title before all is said and done would not be beyond the realm of comprehension. Couture is great for UFC and for MMA in general.

Mark Coleman's performance made me sad. Coleman is an old warhorse who looked slow and unfocused. Coleman was so much leaner at 205 than the beast he used to be when he was much larger a decade ago. I was hoping that Coleman would make a better showing all the while knowing it would likely take a miracle for Coleman to beat his fellow UFC Hall of Famer.

Tito Ortiz's comments to Coleman after the match were obviously ill timed(or were they) and controversial based on Coleman's reaction. I'm sure that Ortiz's remarks don't come with the UFC's blessing but it made me want to see a Coleman-Ortiz bout especially if Coleman trained with Couture's camp and had Randy in his corner during said contest.

You got to believe that Chuck Liddell will address Tito's conduct on the next "Ultimate Fighter" at some point.

Paulo Thiago's submission of Mike Swick was nasty and sudden. I thought Swick had a legit shot going in to this one, too.

Chael Sonnet upset Nate Marquardt with a three round decision that might have been different if the match had gone five rounds. Nonetheless, Sonnet impressed me and had his game plan together to keep the match on the mat which gave the former amateur grappler the advantage. Marquardt is still in the hunt but now Sonnet is in line for a big money match, hopefully, with Anderson Silva perhaps later this year. This match really helped me enjoy this PPV and came at a good time in the show. Nice work by both men and I became bigger fans of both of them with their efforts.

Embarrassing to see a Gracie perform so poorly as Rolles Gracie either had physical ailments that I am unaware of or he simply wasn't in fighting condition. Gnarly case of nepotism.

I would love to be able to hear what's going on in the corners between rounds. This would be a great place for the announcers to lay out and let us hear the dialog that's on going. Natural sounds are golden to fans sitting at home.

Plus, I don't care to automatically see replays between every round unless they are strategic, sensational or help tell the story of the match in play.

Strange that there wasn't more video profiles of some of UFC's big stars who are going to be depended upon to sell PPV's in the upcoming weeks. New fans watch with others and need to know who the players are to help the newbies to become fans and PPV consumers.

Also found it strange that as relevant as Brock Lesnar has been in the UFC landscape that his name wasn't mentioned that I heard until just before the main event and then in passing. Lesnar's physical condition has been a hot topic for several months and with him coming back to fight one would assume that we PPV customers would need to know that info. Or at least get an update, a telephone interview, a statement via satellite or something to that affect.

Penn State's Phil Davis seems to have a marketable and bona fide upside. Davis has a great MMA, athletic body and was a 4 time All American for the Nittany Lions and also possesses a college degree...all valid, personality building blocks.

Is it always necessary to talk over every fighter's entrance? Hearing the live audience react helps one emotionally invest into what they are seeing.

Seemed as if the ring announcer had his share of energy beverages as he was "jacked" and showed ample enthusiasm. Ample.

UFC 109 had its moments but I would have liked to have seen one more match have been a slobber knocker. I'm still pleased that I bought and taped the show. I will watch it again Sunday instead of overloading on the Super Bowl pre-game show festivities.

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Remember...karma....Saints +5.

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