UFC 131 Thoughts..And One Funny Hall/Nash/WCW Story That Cost Ted $400K.

Quick one...trying to write before tipoff of nWo Heat vs. Mavs...

UFC 131 from Vancouver was a solid show and worth my $54.95. Much better event than UFC 130.

Vancouver crowd was emotionally invested but for some reason they weren't mic'ed well because the natural sound in the arena did not come through consistently at home.

Not sure why UFC doesn't light the crowd on fighter entrances. I'd like to see the fans reactions especially considering that UFC usually has a full house. Makes the event feel bigger and seeing/hearing excitable fans makes one enjoy the 'live event experience' at home.

MMA judging is still a work in progress. Some scores Saturday night were laughable. However, I did think, of the fights that I saw, the right guys won. MMA judging obviously needs work and to become more consistent.

Loved hearing the corner men speak to their fighters between rounds. Good stuff and often times more entertaining and enlightening than the obligatory replays from the previous round.

Junior Dos Santos was just too fast for Shane Carwin. JDS' jab was his 'go to' punch and worked whenever JDS wanted to use it. Carwin looked a little 'off.' Perhaps Shane lost too much weight and it seemed as if he may have even had bad right hand. Carwin simply did not seem to be himself. Guys his age coming back from surgery and almost a one year layoff are put into a tough spot. Bottom line is that Shane Carwin wasn't the 'beast' that he usually seems to be.   

Wrestler Carwin, when he's on his game, should have been able to effectively take down Dos Santos and to better control JDS on the mat. That did not happen. Nonetheless @shanecarwin is one tough SOB. Much respect for Carwin having a fighter's heart.

Dos Santos has great hands but one has to wonder how the Brazilian will handle UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velásquez' all around game especially Cain's kicks and mat wrestling abilities.

Dos Santos as the early favorite with the gambling folks is a head scratcher. Is it because of the 'rust' that Velásquez will allegedly accumulate between now and when the two, young studs fight in the fall of 2012?

JDS-Carwin going three rounds would have taken monies out of my pocket had I had the opportunity to place a wager. I thought for sure that the heavyweight tilt would end by KO or stoppage. Fatigue became a big issue in the second round which should concern Dos Santos fans as Velásquez likely won't tire when the two fight for some mighty big money. 

Will UFC play up the Brazilian-Mexican heritage of the two fighters when JDS challenges Velásquez? Neither fighter is overly verbal so one can assume that to garner 'money' sound bytes we PPV customers will need to hear from others involved in the fight. The English challenged Dos Santos and the quiet, somewhat introverted Velásquez should remain 'real' but every great fight needs some hype because hype sells PPV's to casual fans. The die hards are obviously going to watch the next fight for the UFC Heavyweight Title but what special programming will educate and motivate the causal fan to buy what I expect to be one helluva an attraction.

Funny note...Kevin Nash told us at the taping of the WWE Legends Roundtable last week that years ago when I mentioned on Raw one Monday night that I was going to bring back 'Diesel and Razor' next week, that WCW attorneys freaked out because Nash and Hall had only signed 'deal memos' and not their final contracts. To expedite the final, final contract signing WCW, to make sure that 'Razor and Diesel' wouldn't appear on Monday Night Raw, apparently threw another $400K to each guy to get the deal done ASAP which happened  in a sports bar inside the CNN Center. Then, TBS flew the two men home in a private jet. 

Yep...WCW legal beagles actually believed what 'Good  Ol J.R.' said while in TV mode and they quickly spend another $800K of their company's money.

It's an example of another brilliant decision by TBS blue suits even though I'm happy both Kevin and Scott got more money. That decision was akin to WCW having major, high production cost PPV's and not charging admission. WCW did this on occasion as many weill remember (Sturgis) while spending more of Ted's cash and we all know how that worked out.

@wweclassicsOD is telling the great stories of the Monday Night Wars and I just can't help myself but to add a few personal observations of one of the most controversial and interesting periods in the biz. The shows that I host begin airing in the fall. I am a big fan of WWEClassics.com and WWE On Demand and invite all fans to sample both products. You won't be disappointed.  

For those that have asked, I do make personal appearances at card shows, fan conventions, etc but do not make appearances at independent wrestling events. 

Thanks for all the well wishes from those that have Tweeted me @JRsBBQ regarding my upcoming abdominal surgery this week. No worries here. All will be well and I will come out of it better than ever.

We'll have our on line store back open in a few days. Come back and check out the blogs, Q&A's and follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Thanks!

Boomer Sooner....


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 Mornin' JR!

I just want to offe my encouragement to you gettign through your upcoming surgery and to say I will pray for you shortly after I submit this comment.

I appreciate all your hard work on the mic and "in the kitchen", you've been an important part of my entertainment dollar since the Battle of New Orleans (Gilbert-Steiner-Sting in the UWF) and now your Chipotle Ketchup is second ONLY to Heinz on my table. I'm sure your lovely mrs., being another Pittsburgh product, understands that sentiment means a lot. 8-)

~Mark La Roi

Everybody's gonna be at the same level in the end...but not after that.

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