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I'm going with Champion Cain Velasquez this Saturday night in the UFC debut on Fox TV vs. Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Title.

Interesting points to ponder about this fight:

-Neither man has ever been knocked down in a UFC fight.

-Combined, both men has spent less than sixty seconds on their back in a UFC fight.

-Dos Santos has never been taken down in a UFC contest. 

-Cain is 15 of 22 in take down attempts.

Keys to the fight: Cain's striking defense, Junior's takedown defense, and, with it scheduled for 5 rounds, cardio conditioning which likely favors the Champion. 

Brock Lesnar is a part of the broadcast presentation Saturday night on Fox which has seemingly been kept an under promoted secret for some unknown reason. Lesnar still equals TV ratings and he likely has more main stream name identity than either Velasquez or Dos Santos. 

Mark Canterbury aka Henry O. Godwin (HOG) is recovering from a serious car accident earlier in the week in which he sustained a broken femur, largest bone in the body aka thigh bone, at least 12 broken ribs, had his appendix and spleen removed and is currently in ICU. Tough hand dealt to a legit tough man. 

Mark was thrust on the WWE radar after an impressive TV bout vs. The Undertaker back in the day. His efforts albeit in a losing effort turned heads and as I have said many times here,  the talent maximized his minutes.

Yours truly even got slopped in a Hog Pen Match at an In Your House PPV that originated from Hershey, Pa that featured HOG vs. HHH. Ah, the good old days. Please keep Mark in your thoughts and prayers. He's a sweetheart of a guy.  

My close, Oklahoma friend and WWE HOF'er Jerry Brisco is undergoing multiple tests this week at a high level medical facility to attempt to determine what has been causing the former mat great to have a series of strokes. From what I gather, there has been positive news on that front. I expect to talk to Jerry soon and will keep his fans apprised. 

Unfortunate situation at Penn State with the scandal involving former, long time Nittany Lion coach Jerry Sandusky which has resulted in coaching icon Joe Paterno being fired Wednesday night via telephone. I think no matter the circumstances of the firing that JoePa deserved to be told in person and not on the telephone but I also feel that the PSU higher ups did what they had to do in removing JoePa from the team. I expect there to be a complete house cleaning at Penn State which means that every coach on the football staff will likely be out of work in a matter of weeks. One disturbing aspect of this story, thanks to non news outlets like ESPN, is that this tragedy was largely made to be a football matter when the allegations of child abuse are far from such. 

We got a Twitter question, @JRsBBQ, about Terry Gordy memories. Gordy was the best teenage wrestler that I ever saw in our business. Bam Bam was a natural and had amazing, organic timing in the ring and never played the role of a pro wrestler. What you saw in the ring was who he was. Unfortunately, as so many in the business have experienced, starting out so young and with all the curves in the road, Terry made some bad decisions during his career that shortened his life. That's another reason why I am of the belief that it is much better for an athlete to have completed their college degree or developed a secondary skill before embarking on a career as challening as wrestling/sports entertainment. 

So, no, I am not for teenagers attempting to break in to pro wrestling full time.   

Not surprised to see Jerry Lawler do an interview at NYC Comic Con where he said that he would rather wrestle than commentate. I've known that for years and it should come as no surprise to any long time fan. Great ball players had rather play the game that they love than to broadcast it. Jerry has proven time and time again that he can still deliver inside the squared circle and I personally feel that his matches with Miz several months ago were some of the best outings that Miz has had in the building of his body of work. Lawler is so talented that he can deliver at the announce desk better than any one in WWE while we all know that his heart will always be in the ring. King's in ring psychology is still top shelf.

Another question we received concerned what match would I have liked to have seen that never occured. I could likely write book about this topic as I've been around since 1974 and many matches, due to politics, basic timing, injuries, etc, that were big money matches never occured. One obviously is Austin vs. Hogan but Austin vs. Lesnar would have been special as would Austin vs. Goldberg. As I said, this topic has numerous bouts that would fit the bill.

We are still getting great feedback on the Rivalries: Bret vs. HBK DVD which is always nice to receive. I'd love to do more of these types of sitdown, no holds barred interviews with a variety of talents and not just rivals. Verbally going one on one with the greats of the business is compelling to me. 

Our JR's Cookbook, which is personally autographed, is now available for worldwide shipping via one of the new packages at http://www/wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss. Not only does this book have many 'guy friendly' as in novice cook recipes but also includes tales of the road and many 'Top Ten' lists that wrestling fans will enjoy. BTW the recipes are largely made up of recipes we found at my late Mom's home after she passed away.  

An emailer to this site's Q&A section asked about my 'troubling times' while at WCW. For the record, I never had any inordinate amount of negative experiences at WCW and leaving their was the best professional move that I ever made. Going to WWE in 1993 helped make my career without question. The truly good things in life don't come without a struggle or a challenge and it's up to us to either rise to the challenges that face us or decide to embark on another road. BTW that 'other road' isn't without challenges either. It's called life.

WCW was chaotic at times with so much mismanagement that included upper management people and agenda laden decision makers within the wrestling side of the business but I had many more enjoyable days working in Atlanta than bad ones. Being taken off the air because I was 'too Southern' still ranks, in my egocentric opinion, as one of the poorer thought out decisions of which I've been a part. 

I am ticketed and ready to fly to Boston this weekend to make sure I'm not late for Monday Night Raw and the long awaited and still unknown Michael Cole Challenge in Boston. I have no idea what the 'Challenge' is but one has to figure that Cole has something unique planned for yours truly in Bean Town.  Raw starts an hour early for this three hour special that will be highlighted, arguably not by the Michael Cole Challenge, but the return to live, WWE TV of @TheRock. 

The Q&A section of the site has been updated as of Thursday afternoon. Did your question make the cut or did we address a question that you may have?

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Huh? Smokin' Joe Frazier died and you don't mention it? You even gave Chris Moltisanti (a fictive character) a Rest In Peace years ago.

Another match that i would've liked to see that never happened is Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart. Had Bret not left WWE after Survivor Series in 1997 we would've eventually seen it after Angle debuted in WWE 2 years later. Could've been a wrestling classic.

The Undertaker vs Sting is another one that we never got to see. I think this past years Wrestlemania was the closest we'll ever get to seeing it now as both guys careers are winding down.

Another Dream Match we never got to see would've been Shawn Michaels vs Ricky Steamboat. Imagine those 2 in a 60 minute Ironman match.

Its official: The entire world hates Penn State University and eveything it represents.

 Just finished watching Shawn vs Bret. It ws excellent. One question, is the full match available anywhere?

Other dream matches that never happened are Bruiser Brody vs Hogan, The Undertaker vs Andre the Giant and Cena vs Hogan.

Another few dream matches that never happened...Bret Hart vs Ricky Steamboat, Stan Hansen vs the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Randy Savage...i know Austin-Savage happened at least once in WCW in 1995 but imagine if that match happened around '98-'99 when Austin was in his prime as Stone Cold.

Now there's a story (Texas media of course) that Penn State is after Bob Stoops.  Given that PSU needs an outside coach with a sterling reputation who will come in and clean house and give the program law and order, it makes sense they'd offer Bob a blank check to come back east.  Of course Ohio State might want him too.  Have to wonder if Bob will get tempted this time.

Funny you should mention x2 - first, you talk about leaving WCW over the "too southern" thing.  Hasn't Cowboy Bill mentioned before that putting you in the chair to replace Boyd Pierce was due to perceptions of him being "too southern?"  Tony Schiavone certainly is a southerner, even though he doesn't sound like one.  Of course, he wasn't a wrestling announcer, not even close.  Perhaps that's why they were so eager to replace you with him.  Second, to the person who commented that you didn't mention Joe Frazier's death - sorry if I haven't been paying close attention, but are you busy or are you transitioning more towards Twitter?  I can read just fine without my attention span going haywire, so I don't have that much use for Twitter.  Just wondering why I haven't read anything over this way about Killer Karl Kox.  Despite what Garrison Keillor wrote in one of his books to the contrary, my hometown was devoid of wrestling promotions growing up.  Once we got cable in 1979, with the possible exception of nascent pre-MTV music video programming, Georgia Championship Wrestling was about the only thing worth watching.  My first memories of watching wrestling were of Kox managed by Bobby Heenan.

"Here is the result of The Epilogue...God exists by two falls to a submission." - John Cleese, 1969

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for putting the Penn State fiasco in perspective. This isn't about Paterno. It's about those children who were molested. The fact that this has become about football makes my stomach turn. Instead of lamenting Paterno's job situation, people should be sending some good thoughts to the victims and their loved ones.