UFC Scores Again on PPV.."Queen of the Ring"..Why Are Some People So Angry?..

Here's hoping that everyone's having a great , Memorial Day Weekend. Alls well in hot Oklahoma. We fired up the grill last night with some Dolly Parton sized chicken breasts that we allowed to marinate overnight and they were real and spectacular! Worked perfectly with our 'big salad.' Today is burger day with the not so secret ingredient being a little JR's Chipotle Ketchup mixed in while making the patties. Moving right along....

The  UFC's latest effort Saturday night was a hit from where I was sitting. Always the bottom line of any PPV investment is "Did I get my monies worth?" This answer is absolutely, as the event delivered including an overachieving under card. 

Random, UFC thoughts:

The UK's Hathaway is a 6'1" welterweight who is young and destined to be tough to deal with as time marches on if he continues to mature. His 'Hitman' nickname also works for me. Welterweights with Hathaway's reach and leverage are problematic for most in the weight class.

UFC had a significant upgrade in the graphics they utilized and their overall production values of the event Saturday night. The PPV looked slicker to me.

I do think that lead PXP announcer Mike Goldberg should not be voicing over the video packages that highlight the combatants. Sometimes it was Goldberg pitching to Goldberg which is generally considered a taboo. If Goldberg is reading copy prior to the show to build the packages then it would be easy for a 'big voice guy' to handle it and not overexpose their lead guy.

Goldberg and Rogan had a solid night and Rogan always enlightens and entertains me with his vast knowledge of the game and his legit passion for the genre in general.

During the fights themselves it is good to see the Octagon was the focal point and that the crowd not so lighted up as the focus should always be on what's happening in the Octagon. I'd argue the same thing for pro wrestling but I would likely lose that one.  

UFC did do a great job in showing off their many celeb's in attendance which gave the event a 'hip' and 'must see,' appeal. There were many shots of 'pretty' women which never hurts an event of this nature. 

'Little Nog' got a gift with a split decision victory over last minute replacement Brilz who came to fight and won the first two rounds without question. Brilz, a Cornhusker from Omaha, did make a name for himself in the controversial loss. Norgueira apologized after the fight and winning fighters should never say that they're sorry.

One of the reasons that UFC is such a great spectator sport is its unpredictability. Heavyweight Russow's shocking KO last night in the 'bottom of the 9th with two outs' was miraculous. Russow might never look great on a calendar but he's got a helluva chin. 

Don't you love it that UFC generally always provides actual winers and losers. People pay to see such unlike in the entertainment presentation of pro wrestling where non finishes are often times overplayed. 

Would love to know why Dan Miller decided to fight Michael Bisping standing up? One always assume that Fighter A will always attempt to attack Fighter B w/ A's strength which in this case was Miller's ground/submission game. Bisping has great charisma and Manchester toughness, without question. Bisping will likely always be booed somewhat in the USA but that would be the least of my worries as long as there is a butt every 18" to see him fight. I'd like to see Bisping fight Anderson Silva in 6-8 months if it can be arranged. Bisping isn't quite ready for that task just yet but he seems to be on track.  

It was smart marketing for 'The Expendables' which will be in theaters in August to be all over the UFC PPV especially with UFC legend Randy Couture in the ensemble cast that also includes Stone Cold Steve Austin.

 As a viewer, I did think that times that the in fight promotion of a variety of products and events was a little too much and made some of the bouts feel cluttered or 'too busy.'

I had been an Evans' lean all week and never backed away from my prediction and it came to fruition as Rashad won all three rounds and somewhat convincingly defeated Rampage Jackson. Jackson had his chance in the 3rd and final round to win, the only way that he could at that point, by knockout, but he missed at least three, big shots with Evans down and vulnerable that would have won it for the Memphis native. After that offensive flurry by Jackson, Rampage was never the same and looked gassed and unable to pursue Evans to attempt to finish Rashad. 

It is tough for any athlete to report to camp in the 250 pound range and then have to pull weight and train down to weigh 205 the day before the fight at weigh in. That's what Rampage allegedly did while Evens stays around 210 or so full time I am told. 

Speed, conditioning, and better take down skills seemed to be the winning formula for Rashad Evans who now can turn his sights on Maurico 'Shogun' Rua the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. 

I'm happy that I bought my second UFC PPV in the month of May and look forward to being in Las Vegas in July for the Lesnar-Carwin fight which is going to be a slobber knocker as Carwin has never let any one survive outside of the first round in amassing an undefeated record.  However, make no mistake about it, I'm a Brock Lesnar guy all the way.

BTW emailers are still sending me 'attitudinal' missives regarding my decision to stay with WWE, of which I am very comfortable, for the record, and not to go to work elsewhere. Some are on the feedback section that many send in after a blog is posted while others can be found in the Q&A section. Others that went low road have been deleted. I have no issue with any one expressing their opinion but the profanity isn't necessary. 

I wonder how many people that feel compelled to vent at least place an order occasionally? That would seem fair, right?

I wonder how many people that vent and cut promos actually know any of the details of various conversations and meetings that I have been involved in regarding this matter over the past several weeks? I can answer that one, none of them.

Saturday I read over 240 pages of "Queen of the Ring" which is the story of Mildred Burke and the unbelievable world of old school, women's wrestling. I am loving this book and I will say without hesitation it is one of the better books I've read in years. This one would make a great movie as the characters are so colorful and the story has so many provocative and controversial layers as it's a real page turner. I'll finish it today. 

Planning on going to WWE's next PPV to help out behind the scenes and that will likely become a monthly road trip. Once a month sure as hell beats 51 weeks a year. 

Have a safe weekend and enjoy it! Any orders we get this weekend or Monday will be shipped out on Tuesday. Don't run low on your products and it's always good to have some of JR's BBQ Sauces and Chipotle Ketchup in your fridge. Plus, don't forget our 'Championship Original' Beef Jerky that many aficionados swear by. Thanks for stopping by and always count your blessings. 

Boomer Sooner!


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J.R., You are a very talented man and I know any company would be lucky to have you.  I don't know why anyone would say anything negative regarding your personal career decisions.  Obviously they are more like "flavor of the week" fans, which aren't true fans in my opinion.  I hope you can work something out with the UFC.  It would be a dream come true if you and Joe Rogan were PxP announcing together.  I think this would rival (or perhaps be better than) your partnership with the King during the attitude era.  Regardless of what you do, I'm happy for you and look forward to anything you decide to do.  I'll still follow you.  Also, looking forward to your book.  Take Care.

It really doesn't matter what others think you Did what makes you happy that's all that matters.

Why are people so angry?  I think is selfishness.

I consider you to be the last of the great wrestling annoucers. I put you along side Lance Russell and Gordon Solie in my personal "trinity" of wrestlng broadcasters. I believe that today's pro wrestling environment will not allow anyone to develop their skills the way you did.

The fact that you will no longer be "with me" as I watch the matches makes me angry. It is silly I know. I perceived you as more like a fellow member of the audience than a "WWE Superstar." I think the anger results from the fact that your decision was not the one that I wanted. That is selfish.

I know you will do a great job evaluating and developing young talent. I believe you did a great job during your previous tenure in the talent relations department. I understand you made the best decision for you and your family. I respect that. Thank you for your years of service at the announcer desk.

Well JR, it looks like most of the negative comments are from the TNABOTS, who are so emotionally scarred at this point from not being taken seriously that they see everyone who turns away from even the theoretical position with that company as a personal slight. It's sad and I feel for them because they have the talent base there already to draw in the hardcore wrestling fans, as opposed to the casual sports entertainment kids, yet are being led astray by awful leadership and a pen that ran out of ink a decade ago. Jealousy, selfishness, envy; all of those emotions certainly play into the dogging of your decision to stick with the known quantity instead of the crumbling shack of a WCW tribute band that is TNA.

Anyway, stick with your guns. People will come around once they see your stamp of approval on some young kids who come in and reignite the stale WWE scene, and maybe they will even come here and apologize to you before placing an order for the three bottles of Chipotle ketchup left in stock after I placed my order, or maybe even a few cases of BBQ sauce as a peace offering. You can even market a Guilt Package for all the whiners.

Two things: first, I can't wait to read your articles for various papers/sites. You do a nice job on here and I think you'll do a great job covering stuff. Have fun with it. Plus, I can't wait to read the book. I've enjoye many wrestling books and I'm sure your's will include great stuff considering your experience.

Two, I wanted to know if you'll still be included on the 24/7 roundtable things. Those are very good, but they've been quite watered down as of late. I liked Jimmy Garvin as much as the next guy, but they've been "out of the game" for so long, it's nice to have somone like you who has been around so many different eras.

Sorry to be so long. Have a good weekend,


I feel as if I can call you "Jim" because "we" have been together for over 20 years.   I live in Brookhaven, Mississippi and as most in my area - grew up on Mid-South Wrestling ( found myself sitting for 3 hours watching classic Mid-South/UWF footage just last night).   I remember coming to Jackson at the Coliseum and watching Ted DiBiase/JYD/Hacksaw Duggan and Reed/ The Grappler etc.   You made wrestling as real as ever; not to mention a release into something very interesting.  I hate to see your 'TV Time Remaining" coming to an end.  I know you are as talented behind the camera as in front.  I could go on and on, sorry.   The most important thing I can leave you is the following:  

May God keep your family and may wrestling keep your interest for years to come.

Thanks for everything!!!


hi JR i don't watch UFC at all i only watch WWE i hope to see you in the MMA commentator booth some day hope you and your family have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend God Bless you in what you choose to do in the furture Nicholas. you can email me at nicholaz@embarqmail.com

Awesome review of UFC 114.


Some people just will never be happy with you, no matter what you decide. These flaky fans that basically flip-flop over minute things annoy me for sure, but ignoring them seems to work the best. People love you for the honesty you put forth - don't lose sight of that because a few foul-mouthed jerks had a few too many cans of Busch Light and sat down behind a keyboard.

I am with you all the way on the Miller/Bisping fight. At one of the bigger MMA message boards, a cliche was developed for that type of thing - "Stand and Wang." This is a reference from Season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter - the BJ Penn vs Jens Pulver season. One of the fighters, Andy Wang, was a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJ Penn gave him the obvious advice of getting the fight to the ground and using his grappling advantage. Instead, Wang decided to stay on his feet and use his extremely mediocre kickboxing skills, and gets dominated. After the fight, the guy cries about how he let his teammates down...which is somewhat sad, but ridiculous as he should have listened to BJ Penn's advice and taken the fight to the ground in the first place. I think Miller got into the "Stand and Wang" mode through round one and most of round two. The only other possibility is that they were trying to set Bisping up for the takedown by making him feel too comfortable and complacent on the feet - but anyone who has watched Bisping fight should have known that was a lost cause. Bisping's problem has always been that he's unwilling to plant his feet and sit down on his punches - and he showed the same tendency early in that fight. Miller's gameplan was awful, and it obviously cost him bigtime.

I was more than 'lean' towards Evans - I was 99.9% sure he would win that fight. Of course, my heart got caught in my throat a bit when Rashad got tagged in the third round, but Rampage was VERY disappointing - where did his killer instinct go?

I thought Brilz won 29-28 as well but it was a hell of a fight for the guy either way; and that Russow knockout was unbelievable. Just goes to show, especially with the Heavyweights, that you can not go lax on defense with any UFC class fighter - there is always the risk of a short punch knocking you out cold. Duffee is young, and he needed to learn that lesson, though it's admittedly a hard way to learn it...

I understand you going with Lesnar all the way - we'll have to agree to disagree there. I don't dislike Lesnar or anything, but Shane Carwin is an incredibly generous, kind fighter who is very enthusiastic about talking with fans and has done some great charity work. I really like to see athletes that dedicate a large amount of time to charity work - given the state of society, we need more kindness out there.

You've got some good insight on MMA though, I would not argue with that.

JR, I can honestly say that commentary will never be the same in the WWE world.  First and foremost there is always a story to be told.  No one does it like you do.  You are our Gordon Solie of this generation of the WWE Universe and you have been ever since I can remember.  You will truly be missed on television.  I'm glad you have found other options available to you in the company and I have no doubt in my mind you will find the next big superstar. 


Glad to see you're keeping your position with WWE.  You are sorely missed on air.

I look forward to listening to your book in the near future since I rarely have the time to read for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch.

May God bless you and yours for decades to come.