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It's another red hot day in Oklahoma with a great deal going on as the on line business is keeping us busy as well as our continued efforts to place our products in more grocery stores. WWEShop will have our Original BBQ Sauce, our best selling product, and our top of the line J.R.'s Beef Jerky in stock next week and they will be SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY. I hope all fans who have emailed us repeatedly over the past few years wanting international shipping will take advantage of this offer. It would mean a great deal to our on going efforts to grow our business if this goes well through WWEShop.   

For those that are asking WWEShop will start out carrying our Original BBQ Sauce and Beef Jerky only at this time but I'm sure that they would be willing to stock our other products if there is a viable demand for them. Hopefully, when our products go live on line at WWEShop.com there will be a 'run' on them next week especially from our supporters who live abroad. 

World on the street has it that UFC 114 Evans vs. Rampage did over 900,000 pay per view buys which is an amazing number when one takes into consideration a couple of factors. The month of May was an extremely busy PPV month with the Mayweather fight, a TNA PPV, a WWE PPV, and a UFC PPV all occurring prior to Evans vs. Rampage which, by the way, aired on Memorial Day weekend. when many people were traveling or away from their TV sets for a variety of reasons on the holiday weekend which had to have affected PPV buys to some degree. Common sense says that there is only so much disposable income to go around and getting north of 900,000 buys is big time no matter the event, the month or any of the aforementioned existing circumstances. Rampage vs. Evans 900k buys would rank this fight as one of the top UFC PPV's ever. Secondly, the main event wasn't for a title and titles mean more in the UFC than they do in any of the aforementioned PPV's that occurred in the month of May. Evans vs. Rampage was built on a personal issue that saw the participants genuinely not like each other and they freely expressed those emotions that the public felt and emotionally invested. 

Bottom line is that making an emotional investment in a personal issue that is based in believability generally equates to success. 

MLB Umpire Jim Joyce messed the bed and likely his legacy when he blew a call during a perfect game Wednesday. Being a high school and college baseball umpire for approximately twenty years back in the day I can relate to blowing a call. I've missed plenty of them as has anyone has who ever officiated sports. Sports are much about the human element that's involved and without question Joyce will be branded as "the Ump who blew the perfect game" for the rest of his career which is unfortunate. Will the pitcher who failed to strike out the hitter who hit the grounder live with the same distinction? Of course not. 

Have you tried the new, Montreal Chicken Seasoning for grilled chicken? It's terrific and I suggest adding a little liquid smoke of your own choosing, seasoning the chicken throughly with the Montreal flavor, use, preferably, skinless breasts, and then leave them in the fridge over night before firing up the grill. You won't be disappointed. As always one key to grilling is marinating what it is you're grilling over night if possible.

Checked out 'Half Pint Brawlers' on Spike Wednesday night. I hope the show makes it and it might if the producers allow the viewers to get to know the 'Brawlers' away strictly from the 'Jackass-like' antics that are featured. Through character development will help encourage viewers to watch the show. If this show is more about the characters, their lives, their travel, challenges of being a little person and less about wrestling it might make it. I'll watch it again.

Interesting article in an  Asheville, N.C. newspaper on Edge where he said he could see retiring in two years. I think many in Edge's generation who have made big money, and he has, and have wisely saved and invested it, and I suspect that he has, will not hang around the business too long simply so that they can preserve what physical health that they can. Edge has had significant injuries in his illustrious career specifically his neck surgery and if asked, and I haven't, I would advise him to call it a career sooner than later if he can financially afford it. Too many wrestlers have to stay longer than they need or should because of financial issues but I would be shocked if Edge even remotely comes close to that syndrome. Guys in Edge's generation can easily take a look at previous generations of wrestlers to learn what NOT to do as it relates to their career and personal life style. Smart wrestles who work hard, get a break, and plan for their future by using a professionals help can often times comfortably retire from in ring wrestling by the time that they are in their 40's.  

It still amazes me that the wrestling biz often times gets the lion's share of the blame when egocentric, immature performers who do inadequate financial planning run into 'Randy the Ram-like' problems. They lament of the '300 days a year on the road' and the multitude of injuries they miraculously endured which necessitated them to abuse prescription pain meds which has become a worn out tale.

We've received more orders from military families who are buying our Beef Jerky by the case and we are using the United States Postal Service to mail their orders to their soldier's APO mailing addresses. The Jerky weighs 1.75 ounces per bag and is a great fit in a soldier's back pack and is a super taste of 'Americana.' It also has a shelf life of one year.

Speaking of orders, we are including signed, Topps Trading Cards in many orders now instead of signed 8X10's. Bottom line is that these items are FREE even though some raise hell when they might not get what they want as it relates to a FREE item. We will always try to accommodate all our customers and pride ourselves on such but when it comes time to tap because of a handful of overly obnoxious people we will do so. 

Emailer asks...is TNA becoming WCW? What in the hell does that question mean? 

Emailer asks...why was Barry Windham never NWA Champion? I can assure one and all it wasn't because of his lack of in ring ability because at one time BW was one of the best in the game. I think it had a great deal to do with timing as in who else was in the chase or hunt for the NWA Title at the time plus some power brokers may have had lingering questions about Barry's commitment to the road/business. Have you seen the Flair-Windham TV bout from Worldwide Wrestling from years ago? Classic. Barry was a tremendous wrestler. Just think, Barry Windham is Husky Harris' uncle.

Emailers are congratulating me on my new 'contract' with WWE....I do not have a 'contract' but am a regular employee like many people who are not TV talents. That arrangement works just fine with me  BTW. Plus, no one should feel badly that I'm not on weekly TV any longer. I don't feel bad about it and neither should you. I feel confident that I will do selected, talent work with WWE in the future but just not on a weekly basis. 

As egocentric as I am, I will likely always believe that I can still kick ass at the announce table with the best of them no matter the genre and particularly in the pro wrestling world. However, team players help the team and that's still my primary goal just like it's always been which has helped my career endure many ups, downs, and cyclical times.  

An emailer says why do the Usos remind him of 'Three Minute Warning' and why is Ms Snuka their 'spokesperson?" The Usos are Samoan which might remind some of other prominent Samoan wrestlers but they personally don't remind me of 'Three Minute Warning.'  I did not know that any one officially appointed Ms. Snuka as the 'spokesperson' of the Usos. They've only done ONE interview on WWE EVER so how in the hell can any of us judge them on ONE INTERVIEW? Can't these young competitors be given an opportunity to evolve and develop? Why are some wrestling fans seemingly willing to pass judgment so quickly? 

The Ultimate Fighter on Spike was a compelling broadcast Wednesday night with the departure of Tito Ortiz as coach of the red team. Chuck Liddell's drawing power will be on display in June when he fights Rich Franklin in Vancouver on PPV. Many UFC fans are already pointing to the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin Heavyweight Title fight in Vegas on July 3 and the Iceman-Franklin contest might not be the priority that it should to many consumers. It will take a concerted effort by UFC too create adequate awareness for this PPV especially considering that the May cable/satellite bills will be in our hands by then. 

Personally, I am becoming a big fan of WEC, too. I like the action the smaller athletes provide and I quickly forget that they are not as big in size as some of their UFC brethren. An athlete's heart and passion can never be judged by pounds.

Congrats to Chris Jericho for apparently signing a deal with ABC to host a game show and here's hoping that it is a huge success, is picked up and Y2J lives happily ever after. Chris is a true Renaissance man who I remember recruiting while sitting at the Bombay Bicycle Club in Tampa with Gerald Brisco way back in the day when Chris was trying to decide if he wanted to stay in the dysfunctional WCW or try his hand in the challenging WWE. Chris is one of my favorite, all time talents that I've worked with in my career. Jericho, like Edge, will be another talent who will never over stay their time in the ring. 

The Big 12 should stay in tact until they can get a new TV deal done and then consider adding or subtracting teams that don't carry their weight. However, what happens if the economy continues to flat-line and the networks have to cut back on what they can spend for college football packages. Don't think that can't occur. The NFL may even experience some of that in the future. CEO's have to turn a profit for their companies and 'image' shows like NFL are cool but in today's world losing big money isn't. One could afford to lose a few bucks when every thing else was good. Every thing else isn't good, financially, in the TV world thanks to advertisers having to reevaluate the spending of their promotional dollars. 

Please consider keeping our products in stock during the Grilling Season which, BTW, around here is a 12 month cycle but for many novices it ends around Labor Day. Thanks for all your business, for regularly using our products as gift ideas, for sharing cases of our Sauces, Ketchup and Jerky with pals, and for generally recommending our products to others. Your support is sincerely appreciated. 

Be well. Count your blessings daily. 

Boomer Sooner!


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I thought Barry Windham was NWA Champion.

You are correct. I made a mistake first and foremost and also was thinking long term champion ala some of the men like Race, Funk, Brisco, Flair, etc. Nonetheless I made an error. Sorry.

JR... I've read pieceso f your blog here from http://wrestlinginc.com. I've never felt compelled to come to your site and reply to anything, but you made a comment in this blog that I have to respond to.

You said:

".I do not have a 'contract' but am a regular employee like many people who are not TV talents. That arrangement works just fine with me BTW. Plus, no one should feel badly that I'm not on weekly TV any longer. I don't feel bad about it and neither should you."

Sir, we don't feel bad for you. You do just fine without you at the table. Shit, if anything we get a good laugh listening to Matt Stryker and his plethora of adjectives... We "feel bad" because we have grown up watching you. You are a piece of our childhoods... a piece of our lives. We don't care how you make (or don't make) your money... It's a matter of... well... we miss you. I'm sure I'm not the first guy to say it, but you are the voice of WWF/WWE programming. A lot of people (myself included) grew up watching every damn wrestling product, however many times a week for YEARS. I'm 26 now, and to this day, my friends and I hang out and watch PPV's. When we watch, 50% of the time someone is going to do a JR impression and call anything they can a "slobberknocker".

Please don't mistake why people feel bad about not seeing you on tv. It's not sympathy, sir... More a love for a dude that we invited into our homes for so many years.

PS- I like the bbq/autograph combo you have. I'll be ordering soon. Wish I could have gotten to the restaurant.

Be good,


how does the "emailer"s here email you? and we missed you on TV JR but I think at least now you can have more time to rest and I think it would be good to train not only new wrestlers but also new commentators. Also, on your other post, you said wwe.com will soon deliver your products to farther places. Do you know if it delivers to the Philippines?

You have to register with the site and then use the Q&A section of the site. I think WWE ships worldwide.  

Easy to forget Windhams NWA title run, that was at the end when the NWA world title was secondary to the WCW title.

Nice to see your web guy put in that captcha system, I was really getting tired of seeing all those spam adds

Barry Windham is one of my all-time favorites. People today forget just what an incredible talent he was, and if you overlook the six inches and sixty pounds, he looked remarkably like Sting. At least that's what Sid Vicious said.

Anyway, I was never a fan of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, but it was better than the call Mr Joyce made to ruin that perfect game.

Hey, if I'm going to have to do math to log on now, you're all going to have to suffer bad literary jokes.

I don't see the Big 12 lasting more than a season in one piece. If you're lucky, though, you might get to see your Sooners being run out of the Horseshoe every other year.

Chris Jericho is another guy who just doesn't seem to get as much respect as he deserves. Sure, he's held world titles, and beaten the rock and austin in the same night and so on, but if there was any real justice, he would be the guy with the Cena-esque title reigns, and Cena would be pumping gas at the Citgo.

Speaking of stiffs, I believe the question about TNA becoming WCW is because a lot of the talent is the same, a lot of the people behind the scenes are the same, and the mistakes have been the same. Right now they are built very similarly, in that they have the old name guys wasting tv time while the younger guys keep the seven fans they have coming back for the next episode of IMPACT!!1!!!11! I hate to say it, but it seems TNA is in fact WCW 2.0, but they never bothered to fix the glitches that ruined it the first time around. It's a damn shame because they have the in ring talent to dominate the day when put up man for man against the WWE roster, but the writing is so bad that it detracts from the overall show to the point where no one wants to watch.  

JR, I'm from Asheville, and I really enjoyed the show last friday night.  I was excited to see your blog, when I read that you spoke on the interview that Edge did with the Citizens Times.  However, I find it distasteful when you take digs at wrestlers who had to continue to perform, for financial reasons.  You often call Ric Flair one of your dearest friends, yet you make statements like this.  Just sounds like you are trying to satisfy Vince or something.  Truth be told, if Vince wouldn't have relieved you of your on air duties, you could be perceived as someone from the old school who held on too long.  The guys that wrestle past their forties are just going to work and putting food on their tables, yet every once in a while you make remarks about guys who don't know how to let it go.  I think if a man wrestles into his 60s it's his business, and you really don't have to comment on it.  Especially when you're really just getting paid to stay off tv, and away from TNA, and other entertainment/sports brands.  I enjoy your true personal insight often, but sometimes you veer off into conversation that just sounds like what the WWE would want us to be told.  Once upon a time fans could still celebrate old school wrestlers at indy shows.  But Vince fixed that.  Since the Y2J-Legends angle that sooo much effort was put into during the build up to Wrestlemania 25, guys still working at later stages in their life is viewed as taboo.  Good job.   

You sound very angry. I personally could care less if a guy wants to wrestle until they're 100 if they can climb in the ring. My point is that I am saddened to see so many guys that 'have' to put their bodies on the line because they blew their money that they earned. McMahon has zero to do with this site and I would be willing to bet that he's never spent on minute on it so your theory about me wanting to keep Vince happy is not accurate. I am great friends with Ric Flair and I love to see him on TV but I don't want to watch him wrestle on a regular basis because I worry about his health. If that makes me wrong then so be it. BTW this isn't any thing that I haven't told Ric. I'm also sorry that you think that I'm apparently a charity case and can't carry my share of the water at the announce table any longer. Did you ever think that just perhaps, just maybe, that you were wrong on your assessment of my career? Your opinion is as good as the next man's but your reasoning is flawed in this case.       

JR, you are the exact opposite of a charity case.  You certainly don't need me to tell you that, but that's not what I was implying.  Anywhere you announce will turn into a hit and,  if I'm wrong I'm wrong, but anyone would be a fool to let you go, and I think Vince knows that as well.  The WWE has a history of changing it's guard, and you're too valuable an asset to let go, hence me saying you were now getting paid to ride a Segway through WWE headquarters, and backstage at events, lol.  Me and millions of fans feel that you could announce effectively for another twenty plus years, and still remain better than the rest.  I apologize for any confusion there.  Me being "angry" like you said, over how i perceived something you said and my respect for you as an on air announcer/person are totally two seperate things.      

Thanks for the email. I'm happy that we both understand each other better. My ability to announce has not diminished and I don't want to come off as an old goat who still 'thinks' he's got it and doesn't. Announcing isn't like wrestling as some of sport's greatest broadcasters have done their thing well into their 70's. I appreciate you getting back to us.