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Catching a beautiful Sunday here in Norman, Oklahoma after more tornados this week that killed 9 people in our area. We have been very fortunate thus far and certainly need to build a tornado shelter here at our home. That matter has been re-prioritized I can assure you. Let's Grill...  We have less than 100 tickets remaining for our Spoken Word show in London on Sunday August 25. The VIP Meet and Greet tickets for London sold out in the first few hours tickets went on Friday. Tickets are also on sale, including the VIP Meet and Greet tickets, for Cardiff which is our first date on Saturday August 24 at the Cardiff Hilton Hotel and for the Manchester Comedy Store on Monday August 26. Tickets can be purchased for this first ever Spoken Word tour for all three events at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/   I can't wait for the opportunity to interact with the fans in such intimate settings and I look forward to not only talking about my journey that started on a farm in eastern Oklahoma, working in the territory era, and culminating with being an Executive Vice President of WWE and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  The Q&A portion of the three shows should be a blast. I've updated the Q&A section of the site as of Sunday morning Okie time. Check them out and feel free to ask your own questions but I encourage you to keep them succinct.  RAW  last week had an increased freshness to it. If one looks back a year ago you will find many talents who were not on the RAW radar but today are prominent on the WWE's flagship broadcast.  Perhaps the Wyatt Family introductory vignette put the freshness tag over the top for me and I consider "new' as being better more often than not. The Wyatt vignettes were expertly produced and edited which isn't surprising coming from WWE TV personnel. Speaking recently on Bray Wyatt's "2nd gear" that some did not understand it is essentially the same thing as a great,  defensive lineman in the NFL being able to explode off the ball and then change gears again when needed to make a play. It's not something that every athlete, no matter their size, possesses. Wyatt's grandfather, WWE HOFer Blackjack Mulligan was a massive beast who was once recruited to play college football by the legendary Bear Bryant along with football coaching legend Bum Phillips so athleticism runs in the family. Wyatt's father, Mike Rotunda was an outstanding, two sport star at Syracuse in football and in wrestling. So the bottom line is that Bray Wyatt has good athletic DNA.  Nonetheless the level of success that the Wyatt Family achieves is going to be largely up to them and not the family scrapbook. I like the trio and feel that they will contribute quickly once they arrive in WWE on RAW or Smackdown. I'd also assume that we will see another Wyatt Family vignette on RAW this week.  The key for any young talent getting the 'call up' is to never rest on their laurels as if they have 'made it.' They haven't 'made it.' They've only been provided the opportunity to 'make it' as becoming great and becoming a perennial main eventer is an on going, evolutionary process. It includes conducting one's self like a professional, continuing to study the game and maintaining an aggressive regime with their strength and conditioning program.  I'd also assume that we will see more of the on going breakout build continue for Curtis Axel who's now being mentored by Paul Heyman.  @RealKingRegal and I have both said for months that, after seeing various Curtis Axel matches on NXT, that the 3rd generation athlete was ready for something significant. However, even though a talent is 'ready' there has be be a place for him or her to make an impactful entry or re-entrance to RAW or Smackdown.  Pairing Axel with @HeymanHustle is highly strategic and having the young Minnesota native face HHH and John Cena his first two weeks on RAW has people talking. That's more than they were doing when the kid was named McGillicutty.  Bottom line based on the feedback that I receive either on Twitter @JRsBBQ or here at our Q&A section of the site, is that many fans have little to no patience to allow a talent to organically evolve or a storyline to develop in a deliberate, logical manner. Many fans, again I assume the younger ones,  want instant gratification as in '30 minutes or it's free' sort of  a deal.     Got an email that reported that Bobby Eaton was slowly improving and was up and walking around in the hospital and would likely get a pace maker installed this coming week to help Bobby's heart condition. Please keep Beautiful Bobby in your prayers.   It's hard to name a ton of teams that were better than the Midnight Express...at least it is for me. They are right there with the Assassins as the TOP villain tag duo I've ever seen.  Happy to see that @HeelZiggler is getting better after sustaining a major concussion but he's still not ready to step back into he ring until he passes a battery of medical tests and is thoroughly evaluated by WWE medical personnel. Back in the territory wrestling days, Ziggler would have likely returned already because promoters only paid wrestlers when they worked. Wrestler health and safety wasn't a huge priority in past generations of the territorial system or so it seemed to me. The "good, old days" weren't so good in many ways. With Ziggler out, Big E Langston has been getting more in ring work which is a good thing. @BigELangston is a keeper in my view whose best days lie ahead of him. He's a quality human being who is an asset in any locker room environment which has significant value from where I sit.  Anyone who actually thinks that WWE attempting to develop a relationship with the NFLPA is wrong or ill timed has a very unique view on the recruiting of world class athletes for WWE especially with the fact that there are no full time territories developing large numbers of talents for WWE to potentially utilize. Approximately 400, excellent athletes will look for work outside the NFL each year and if they are young enough and have the required aptitude for the genre then why wouldn't WWE want to give some of them a look?  Order JR's products online at http://www.wweshop.com and in the UK part of the world at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. Keep us in mind for Father's Day shopping. Our packages make for great Dad's Day gifts.  You're invited to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ.  Always like to remind every one of the @steveaustinBSR podcast which is a hit and my friends @MichaelCole and @JCLayfield and their @LayfieldReport APP and radio show.  It's very entertaining to hear one's friends talk about topics other than wrestling, etc. These men are serious about their respective projects and I enjoy supporting them.  Thanks for stopping by and come back and see us.     Boomer Sooner! J.R.     @JRsBBQ   
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 Agree with you on the Territory days, but i guess the sense of thrill & danger is what drove some talent like Joe Luduke. & i always thought that was part of what you paid for! 
J.R.: If someone wanted to send get well wishes to Bobby Eaton, how would they do that?  I live 40 miles from Little Rock.   I used to watch the Midnight Express on Mid-South Wrestling and I used to watch Memphis wrestling on WMC-TV with Dave Brown and Lance Russell when I was a kid.  I saw Bobby Eaton wrestle numerous times.  The story of his courtship of Bill Dundee's daughter says a lot of him as a person.  His is a lesson that the best wrestlers are not always the ones that get a big push. You referenced your dad having hunting dogs when you were a kid.  We have beagles, walkers and birddogs.  Thanks!