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Firstly, Happy Holidays to all and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Our holidays will be low key and spend visiting with family and likely taking in a movie or two with the Mrs.  My wonderful wife says that every day around our house is a holiday which always warms my heart. I really out punted my coverage when AI married my little, Italian, Pittsburgh wife.

My conversation with VADER aka Leon White aka the Baby Bull aka Bull Power drops tonight (Tuesday) at 9 pm ET on and via @iTunes. Leon has had an amazing career both in North America and abroad especially in Japan where he was one of the most prolific wrestlers to ever perform in that country. It's hard to say if there has ever been a more athletic big man ie super heavyweight than Big Van Vader. I think that you will find Leon's story very interesting.

Also later today,  I will be catching up to Chris DeJoseph aka Big Dick Johnson in his WWE days who's now co-Executive Producer of Lucha Underground which airs on Wednesday nights on the El Rey Network with one of the most updated and unique formats for any pro wrestling show in years.

Ken Shamrock will be on the Ross Report Podcast in February on a show that we will tape in January.   

We're counting down the days until I fly @Delta to Tokyo for the January 4 PPV  that can be seen for the first time in history in English commentary in North America via all the major cable and satellite TV platforms. If you live outside North America or can't access cable or satellite you can watch the PPV on the @FlippsTV App.

To put this PPV broadcast in perspective, it's highly unlikely that I will forgo the OU vs. Clemson Russell Athletics Bowl in Orlando to stay home and finish my prep for the #WrestleKingdom9 event. I will watch every second of the game but the Jan 4 PPV in the Tokyo Dome is special and requires special prep and we owe it to the fans to be ready to "Bring it!" I may have an 11th hour change of heart but the travel elements of flying to Orlando and then flying back to Oklahoma, being home a few hours and then embarking on a LONG flight to Tokyo might not be wise.

I watched the Christmas edition of RAW Monday night from Minneapolis Monday night and these are some of the things that I liked:

Ziggler vs. Harper...both men sold well, which is missing in many talent's game within the business these days, and told a great story of competition and made me feel better about the IC Title status and how it an be heated up. I knew Harper had 'it' when I watched him down in NXT and Ziggler has been ready for 'prime time' for a good while now. I like how WWE has begun to utilize Dolph.

Rollins vs. Cena....nice chemsty..competitive...and we got a clean winner and a disgruntled loser who will want redemption. Leaving fans feeling empty with a impotent count out or disqualification can do more harm than good in any promotion.

Interesting Ascension vignettes...almost Road Warrior-esque which will be interesting to see how the audience accepts. WWE needs a hot, fan favorite tag team for Ascension to come in and ravage to get the fan's attention.

Loved the effort of Ambrose vs. Rollins and I'm a fan of each talent but I felt like they depended too much on weaponry in their match. Less is more especially after we've seen the recent TLC PPV plus other cage matches recently. These two beat the hell out of each other....again.

I enjoyed @JerryLawler sweater. Only the King could pull that one off.

Really curious as to how "New Day" is going to be accepted by the fans once they are launched officially IE in earnest. Today's fans don't seem to be too willing to provide second chances. I'd surmise that dressing in Carolina Blue and espousing such positivity that today's wrestling fan may be a little hard on the talented trio who I happen to like personally and professionally. These three need to be special and draw positive attention to themselves by what they do in the ring and how they present themselves. If it's the same old stuff, it won't work. This sis where talents need to brainstorm and strategize on what they can do differently while they are being repackaged.

I'm told that the video used to promote the upcoming Bones Jones vs. Daniel Cromier UFC PPV fight on January 3 is classic. It's a head scratcher that these scene setter videos aren't used more regularly in wrestling especially on 2 or 3 hour broadcasts. I find it best for @ufc to see DC beat Jones as it potentially then would give UFC two more main events to feature in 2015. I will be missing this fight on my birthday as I will be in Tokyo for #WrestleKingdom9. Thank goodness for wi-fi.  

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Let me First wish you and your's and Merry Xmas and many happy New years no matter if it WWE or any other company Thank you for all you done for us fans you have giving us love all the time and never ask for anything back most people all they do is bitch about this and that and don't give thanks to the one that hurt their selfs night in and night out for our enjoyment. if they really want to make a impact support what these company are doing why because they support the people we love. again Thank you J.R. good luck in the Russel Brand Bowl game they said your guys couldn't beat my team well your team heart and will did. Clemson vs OU should be a great War on the field. Roll Tide!