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art one of my podcast with @RealKurtAngle is holding at #5 this morning on the iTunes Top 300 Sports chart and we have many of you to thank for that. This conversation is one of our best shows ever and I encourage you to download it for free at podcastone.com and via iTunes. Let's grill.....

Excited to head to Waterloo, Iowa next week for the annual Tragos-Thesz Hall of Fame induction banquet that I will MC on Saturday July 19. Looking forward to seeing The Steiner Brothers, DDP, Larry Hennig, Randy Couture, Jerry Brisco, Dan Hodge, Dan Gable and many, many others. This is a wonderful weekend for fans to attend as it's affordable, fan friendly and great for young fans as well. I could spend hours in the Dan Gable Museum especially in the pro wrestling wing of the facility. Tickets are still available for the indy show on Friday night and the Saturday Banquet. You can call 319-233-0745 for all the info that you need. I hope to see many of you there.

Wanted to mention last week that I really enjoyed the @GailKimITSME vs. Angela Love match last Thursday on @ImpactWrestlilng on @SpikeTV. The ladies worked hard, I knew who the villain and the heroine were, and they had the time to tell a viable story. This stuff isn't rocket science folks. However, we seem to be living in an age where pro wrestling is more 'over thought' these days than ever before and we can all see the results of that mindset.  

There is no need to reinvent the wheel....keep it round....just make it out of better material. 

I had a great conversation Tuesday night with @SeanGrandepbp who is the radio voice of the Boston Celtics and a life long fan of pro wrestling since he was 8 or 10 years old growing up in NYC. Sean attended events at the Garden as a young kid and has maintained his love affair with the biz all these years. Sean was a huge, Bob Backlund fan back in Bob's heyday as WWWF Champion and Sean is one of the brightest minds regarding the business that I know. He could easily run a pro wrestling company and his insight is going to make for a great podcast in a few weeks. Sean talks about the WWWF angle that hooked him, MSG memories, the discovery of wrestling on TBS, the art of broadcasting in today's wrestling biz, and so much more. All my podcast guests are listed on the home page of the site with the date that their shows will premier.  

I'm hooking up in OKC on July 14 with @RealMickFoley for his one man show at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at 7:30 pm. Looks like I may take the stage with Mick for the Q&A portion of his outstanding show. Let's hope that he has a full house. Ticket info is available at realmickfoley.com.

Montreal RAW leftovers....liked the paring of Ambrose vs. Orton but wasn't crazy about what I perceived as a somewhat uncreative finish. I thought how the villian got to his finishing maneuver, the RKO, was flat. Not sure it helped Randy the villian in the manner in which he won. 

Have you noticed on TV wrestling bouts, no matter the brand, how flat most disqualifications and count outs have become. I wonder if the decision makers are paying attention to the fact that they are taking the air out of the sails of their audience when these ill timed finishes are utilized?    

Hope ROH learned a few things on how to properly promote a PPV from their first effort. One can't sell goods out of an empty wagon meaning that ROH has to do a much better job of promoting their PPV's. I'd also think that $19.95 is a great price point. Again, if Sinclair broadcasting took a portion of their UNSOLD INVENTORY on their many TV stations and ran ROH PPV promos it couldn't help but sell more PPV's.

Saw the results of the WWE live event in Tokyo and every fan favorite won. Hmm....

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Not sure what to believe or not to believe regarding the physical status of Daniel Bryan but most of what I'm reading isn't positive. Often times a surgery will reveal other issues and it seems that may have been the case here. The bottom line to this entire matter is to get Bryan healthy and, above all else, not to rush him back into the ring. I feel confident that WWE would never allow this to occur but certainly in the territory days of years gone by promoters would want the talents to get back in the ring ASAP. Plus, the talents themselves would push the envelope because most of them did not have guaranteed contracts and if they did not work they did not get paid notwithstanding they paid their own medical bills. Times have changed much for the better in those areas. 

With Bryan out TFN, it's also imperative that WWE be cautious in how they market, promote and build Roman Reigns. Overexposure can result in a backlash neither of which the WWE or Reigns needs at this point in his development. Does Roman Reigns or any other WWE talent need to be on virtually every TV show that is produced such as RAW and Smackdown? Absolutely, not.

The reason that we don't have any plans for the balance of the year with our RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross shows is because I don't do Saturday dates during Oklahoma Football season and I enjoy my Fridays and Saturdays with football related activities. We have already started strategizing for 2015 and have several unique opportunities planned.

Don't forget to check out @steveaustinBSR Broken Skull Challenge on CMT this Sunday night. If any one successfully beats the Austin designed obstacle course I will be shocked. It's $2 Steak tough to say the least.

Lots of @Sting speculation as to what 7-14-14 means but to spill the beans, if I knew,  would be to spoil a cool surprise. Needless to say, I'd suggest, without leading anyone astray, that watching RAW Monday night would be judicious.

Yep...I still think that @KingJames should return to his home state of Ohio and rejoin the Cavs and rebuild the franchise near his home in James' image. Build it and they will come....build it and then buy it. My Tweet on this matter made ESPN's First Take this morning I'm told. As much as I am a Kevin Durant fan it's obvious that the NBA is LeBron James' league here in 2014.

Next Tuesday might I'm visiting with @TonySchiavone24 for a Ross Report Podcast scheduled to drop in August. Can't wait to catchup with my old broadcast partner. I'll be soliciting questions for Tony on Twitter next week.

Looking to work on a piece for @FoxSports on all the college football players who came out of then West Texas State University and went on to become star, pro wrestlers. The great news is that several of those men are still with us and I can speak with them. Stay tuned.

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