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Thanks for checking in with us. Nice, quick trip to Laredo, Texas on Tuesday for the Friday Night Smackdown taping with the HHH vs. Undertaker match being the highlight of the night in what was well over a 20 minute battle. The match was physical and intense and was the best old school main event I have seen in a good while on free TV.   

I have answered numerous Q&A's this morning and hope you enjoy them. Please consider making the questions shorter and with less conjecture so I can get to more of them in a more timely manner. 4 parters, for example,  with long, long dialog don't have a good chance of getting addressed. Thanks. JR

It was not really a major surprise that lovely Torrie Wilson was released from the WWE this week, as Torrie's chronic back issues were becoming problematic. Torrie has had an outstanding run in the business and came along in a timely fashion and had some really nice years financially with WCW and WWE. Torrie was a tomboy at heart and was much more athletic than many fans realized. I remember booking a live event card once in her home town of Boise, Idaho and thanks to Torrie's efforts doing media, the live event over achieved. She was a great interview and there wasn't a male DJ in the world that didn't love having her as an in-studio guest. Torrie had a great physical presence in the ring while her Playboy experiences were some of the hottest that any WWE Diva ever did. Torrie was always a good sport and worked diligently for the WWE during my days in the corporate tower. She even endured the TV storyline of her father, Al Wilson, and all that entailed. Finally, she was the first to remind me that her Boise State football team spanked my Oklahoma Sooners in the famous Fiesta Bowl that has been replayed seemingly a million times on a variety of media outlets. Was I angry at her remarks? Are you kidding me? Who could stay angry at one of the nicest ladies ever in the WWE? Sure as hell not me and especially not over a football game. Whenever Torrie decides to settle down, some lucky man is definitely going to "out kick his coverage".

Gregory "Hurricane" Helms did the smart thing by not over reacting to a negative situation that occurred in, what I understand, a sports bar after 1 a.m. recently. Gregory is a very bright young man who is still on the mend, but he used common sense in not getting involved in any physicality, even though the other guy probably deserved to have his ass kicked. The "nothing good after midnight" rule applies here, but I do applaud Helms for using discretion as the media would have loved to have had another negative wrestling story to headline the TMZ's of the world.

Gasp....Floyd Mayweather did not actually get $20M for his fight at WM24 or so we have been told...the boxing media, always known to never "hype" an event is appalled, pray tell. I don't know exactly what "Money" made for the fight, but I assure you he was pleased and who's to say that the monies he negotiated won't be flowing in for a while longer?

The media and others exaggerate numbers every day....have you been keeping up with the Presidential race and some of the news outlets' outlandish polls?

I recently read where wrestling websites exist solely on the back of the WWE, which I find perplexing. I don't necessarily agree with that assessment, but everyone has a right to their opinion. Without the WWE there is lots of other wrestling to cover globally, not to mention the ever growing mixed martial arts biz.

The stock market baffles me, which is probably why I am not overly invested in that medium. The WWE had a strong, or at least it seemed strong to me, quarterly result but their stocked dropped which doesn't do yours truly any favors.

I did not solely create the idea of the WWE Legends Video Game, but thru the Legend's Program that I did help launch, the video game concept was an idea I floated around the WWE about 10 years ago. It was akin to always wondering what it would be like for, say, Roger Clemens pitching to Mickey Mantle in a baseball video game. Now wrestling fans will be able to book some amazing dream matches with many of the greats that will be featured on the Legends Video Game. Yes, some old timers won't want to be a part of the process, but what can one do? Those veterans who want to help other old timers who did not plan for their future or drank their future away, etc would be well served to be a part of the video game and donate their earnings to those more needy, if that was there mindset. At least the Austin vs. Hogan match could be booked on the Legends Video Game.

Speaking of video games, I hear thru the video game world that the multiple postponements of the TNA video game is highly unusual, which will lead some to believe that there are issues. Hopefully there are none, but multiple false starts does raise an eyebrow or two.

I can't be sure why certain things jump into my mind, but this morning I thought about when I used to travel with Don "The Spoiler" Jardine, whose car was always immaculate and smelled so fresh, which was a contrast to the cigar stained, beer spill odors of so many other wrestlers. Don always had classical music on the radio, as well, and gave me a great education of what it took to be a great, wrestling villain. More people who have had long, productive careers in the wrestling business had one common denominator and that was that they worked the territories and were able to exchange ideas and philosophies on long car trips. It's amazing what happens when one doesn't have access to a cell phone, etc. A conversation actually takes place.

I read where Kurt Angle has been having more neck problems, which gives me cause for genuine concern. Getting that "one more match" and then "another match" out of a flawed body is flirting with disaster. I have great respect for Kurt's athletic ability and helped hire him in the WWE and I hope he doesn't stick around as a wrestler for one match too many. Especially when he has so many other skills that have little to do with putting on a singlet and risking his long term health.

As reported here several weeks ago, it was inevitable that the talk would start about a MMA bout between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. No matter what either man says, they are in the world of earning a living one fight at a time, as a rule, and this fight, if properly built over time, would be one I definitely would purchase and the sports world would talk about because both men have ample, international name identity thanks to the WWE. I think this one is a year or more away, but if Lesnar can get on a roll, and I think he can, and if Lashley is carefully booked in the early stages of his MMA career this match could be a super attraction.

Upon talking to Gerald Brisco recently, I asked him to tell me what he recalled about the time that Lesnar and Angle had an impromptu match in South Dakota many years ago. I watched it from ringside and didn't think that either man had a decided advantage for any extended length of time but Gerald remembers that it was Angle that got the better of the situation on that occasion. This is one of those stories that will grow and be embellished as the years go by.

We all should keep RVD's wife Sonja in our prayers during her battle with colon cancer. This is one fight that I can relate to and Sonja is a strong minded, Oklahoma girl who I have a strong feeling will overcome this obstacle in her life. Sonja is also one of the truly nice people I have had the privilege of meeting and is a great "wrestler's wife".

For the record, I am not a fan of stripping any one of a title and feel that titles should be won and lost inside the ring. I know I am old school, I get reminded of that on a fairly regular basis, but that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Don't count out a Jeremy Shockey trade just yet as the Giants can perhaps now leverage a better deal than they could going into the 2008 draft. Shockey, one of the most talented tight ends in the NFL, seemingly wants to have a fresh start and New Orleans is still in the hunt or so I hear. But what do I know....Hell, I'm just a 'rasslin announcer. :)

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After reading what some people have said regarding the three primary United States Presidential Candidates appearing on last Monday's Raw and the fact that now these eligible voters now are NOT voting is incredulous to me.

The price that our forefathers paid to insure that all Americans had the right to vote was a steep one and to declare that one isn't voting because the candidates briefly appeared on Monday Night Raw is "box of rocks" stupid. That's akin to the outrageous Howard Stern saying he would never vote for an individual for President of the United States who watches wrestling. I have heard other "reasons" as to why some candidates won't get some folk's votes including, "I would never vote for a woman"...."I would never vote for a person of color (or variations thereof of that ignorant statement)...or "I would never vote for a person who is 72 years of age".

When I hear this logic employed, the old cliche of "Pet Coon Goofy" becomes applicable. Please vote if you are eligible and don't be adumbass.

I have seen on various wrestling websites that polls and columns have been written about who is Ric Flair's greatest opponent or "Naitch's" greatest match. I have read some really entertaining and informative material on this subject, many of which brought back some great memories. After looking at many of the bouts up for nomination as Flair's greatest opponent or Ric's greatest matches it's humbling to realize that I have had the honor of broadcasting more than my fair share of these classics.

In my opinion, Ric's greatest opponent, as far as match quality and continuing to raise the bar each and every time they competed, has to be Ricky Steamboat. I know Ric feels this way too. There is no doubt that the greats of the game like Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes,Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk, etc, among many others, deserve "props," but Steamboat truly brought out the best in Ric and visa versa.

Flair and Steamboat had many classics over the years and some of their stuff in the late 70s was awe inspiring, but their rivalry in and round 1989 was the stuff that most fans will remember and be best familiar with, as it was during the days of PPV and live, cable TV specials. I do not recall in my 30+ years in the business a better and more compelling, dramatically athletic story being told in the ring than between these two artisans in '89 while we were all atWCW working for Ted Turner. These two were silky smooth, but don't think for one second that these two men were not overtly physical with each other, because they me on that one.

For any young wrestler or wrestling wanna be, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with Flair vs. Steamboat in any form you can access it and truly study the chemistry these two had and the philosophy as to why their matches created magic.

Steamboat, for my money, is a WWE Hall of Famer to be, and it would be great to see Ric Flair induct arguably "Naitch's" greatest opponent.

Great effort by Bernard Hopkins against the talented and tough Joe Calzaghe a few days ago in what was an entertaining "prize fight" as my late dad would say. I loved the between rounds banter between Calzaghe's trainer/father and his son, the fighter, which had me wanting to put on the trunks....well, sort of.

The documentary film "Beyond the Mat" is making its rounds again I see. This documentary which was originally scheduled for limited released as an "art film" or so I was told, has to have done well in a financial sense for the producers. Especially considering that I don't think the producers had much money invested in paying those of us who took our time and appeared on the film and contributed to the production of it. I know I was never paid a dime for my contributions on it, which used to bother me more then than it does now. Nonetheless, for those that haven't seen it, "Beyond the Mat" provides a unique and somewhat one dimensional look at the dark side of the business in what some would describe as an exploitative manner. I also can't deny that it is at times a compelling production. I just wish I had not been mislead and could have earned a fair payday from it.

I see on the media dirt Internet sites that TV personality Star Jones, the former panelist on ABC's "The View," who lost a ton of weight, is, reportedly and unfortunately, getting a divorce. Years ago at a WWE function in New York City at WWE New York, as I recall, a then single and somewhat heavier Star Jones was introduced to the then single Jonathan Coachman and many on lookers thought that Ms. Jones, by the gleam in her eye, had just found the man of her dreams. She was apparently enamored by "The Coach" but the Smackdown talker used his basketball skills to "avoid contact" and Ms. Jones' "full court press". Just think, what if....

Let me be the first to suggest that the broadcasting tag team of Mike Adamle and The Tazz broadcast the 12 Diva Tag Team bout this Sunday in The Baltimore at Backlash, which is sold out, for the record. I'm not sure theMamajuna-fueled Jerry Lawler could handle to speak. I am looking to see how Natalia "Nattie" Neidhart represents herself and her famous Hart family on her first WWE PPV. I expect it will be well indeed. I have high expectations for young, Ms.Neidhart.

I read a story recently that reminded me of the first telephone conversation I ever had with Vince McMahon. It was the late 80s and I was inBixby, Oklahoma working for Bill Watts' UWF . McMahon wanted to hire Missy Hyatt to come to work for the WWE to host a TV segment called "Missy's Manor". Bill Watts had Missy under contract and did not want to even speak with McMahon OR want to release Hyatt from his employee even though the large Cowboy did not particularly care for Missy or really for any other lady in the biz for that matter. Bottom line, the talent was not being utilized to their fullest potential for Watts, McMahon was wiling to provide the talent with an career opportunity, so why in the hell should the talent not be allowed to move on? I was assigned to handle the matter and did with no compensation from McMahon (what was I supposed to get a future "draft choice"?) which did not enamor me for a few days with Bombastic Bill.

Reportedly the WWE European Tour grossed approximately $14.5M in ticket sales alone and the total revenue number will be even more staggering when the merchandise dollar figure is added to the mix. In my opinion, the most significant future growth within the WWE is going to be on an International basis and as I have said before I can see Monday Night Raw being produced several times a year outside the USA as time goes on.

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I'm taking powerful eye drops (a form of a steroid...gasp) every hour that I am awake that should have me good to go by Monday night's big 3 hour RAW, that will most certainly have Wrestlemania 24 implications. I'm just thankful I'm not driving from Oklahoma to Milwaukee this week or that would be an adventure.

I'm looking forward to seeing our old pal Gordon "Red" Batty and his son in Milwaukee. Red is the equipment manager for the Green Bay Packers and is honoring me with a signed Brett Favre Packers jersey that we will hang in our newest J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q, which we hope opens in mid April even though my money is on May 1.

Speaking of Favre, did you see the Sports Illustrated piece comparing #4 to the "Nature Boy" this week. Fun piece and it was obvious the author was a Flair fan at some point in his life. Of course, the expected and obligatory dig from the legit sports guy was present but all in all it was a fun read. Check it out on

Wrestling lost one of its classiest and toughest competitors this week with the passing of Don Curtis. Don was a great collegiate wrestler and football player and is one of the very few men I have never heard his peers say one negative word about. In the wrestling business that is virtually an impossibility, with all the jealousy and insecurities that often times exist in the old locker room. Don and Mark Lewin made a superb tag team and Don eventually became Eddie Graham's promoter in Jacksonville for many years. Don was a bona fide credit to the business and if wrestling had more men in it like Don Curtis it would be much better off.

Pet Peeve of the time limits for the vast majority of wrestling matches. Time limits make the sports entertainment presentations have a little more "sport" to them and add to the sense of urgency. Point made...soap box stored.

I get asked questions all the time from wannabe wrestlers about how to go about training. There are several good schools that offer legit training, but one suggestion is to investigate and contact Danny Davis in Louisville. Danny is producing two TV shows a week in addition to all the in ring training and Davis is one of the best, most honest guys around.

One of my favorites, Larry King, will have a Wrestlemania themed show next week on CNN featuring Vince McMahon, John Cena, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Chris Jericho, who could well steal the show. I'm kinda surprised that the King of Talk did not request Maria considering her Playboy cover is every where as we speak and Larry's fondness for lovely ladies. Larry was known to be quite the ladies man in his day and his former makeup artist in Atlanta and former WWE Superstar, Terri Runnels, has shared many a hilarious story on the talk master.

John Legend will sing "America the Beautiful" at Wrestlemania 24 which could have eliminated the ultra talented legend from being on Lilian Garcia's Christmas card list. :)

Wrestlemania will be "Posse Central" with the likes of "Money" Mayweather, 50 Cent, John Legend, Kim Kardashian (Reggie Bush??), and one of our all time favorites, Snoop Dogg. WM24 catering should be an interesting place to hang.

Just thinking out loud here, but if Kim Kardashian, reality TV star, were a wrestler would she use the "Stink Face" as her finishing maneuver? She has the equipment for it, not that it's a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

Have you caught "The Dirt Sheet" starring John Morrison and The Miz on lately? It has been entertaining and it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see it make its way to ECW TV. I wish Morrison and Miz would be traded to RAW.

I received a wonderful signed copy of Bret Hart's autobiography and it is definitely a "must read," just as most sane people have said. I don't do book reviews per se, but this is one helluva read and I have much admiration and respect for Bret for his tireless efforts in telling a thorough and honest story. If you are a fan of wrestling to any degree, this is one book I strongly suggest you read. Chris Jericho's is another. I am looking forward to getting some tights, etc from Bret to frame and hang in our new restaurant. It is great seeing "The Hitman" making appearances at fan conventions on occasion, which is an indicator that he is feeling better. I really miss seeing Bret wrestle I can tell you that.

I spoke with the Rock recently about the hiring of the new Athletic Director at Rock's alma mater, the University of Miami, where the Great One has donated a ton of cash to help endow scholarships and improve the athletic facilities. My friend Kirby Hocutt, formerly here at Oklahoma, is the new head honcho at "The U" which should make every alum very happy. Rock is jacked about being a part of the WWE HOF Ceremony on Saturday March 29. I am not a TV programmer, but I can't see how the entire HOF Ceremony shouldn't be televised as it can't be any worse than the never ending story known as the Academy Awards Show. Perhaps next year MyNetworkTV, Sci Fi, or USA will step up to the plate and cover the bulk of the festivities. ESPN does a nice job covering the Pro Football Hall of Fame so why not the WWE HOF becoming a major TV event?

As we mentioned here several weeks ago it should come to no one's surprise that Bobby Lashley is training to compete in the MMA and will be a viable commodity for some MMA organization to bid for and Lashley using TNA as a little leverage for a big money MMA deal is predictable, but smart. Bobby's MMA window is closing as he isn't a kid fresh out of college and he needs to hit for a big lick of cash sooner than later in MMA. Pro wrestling will always be there if and when Lashley decides to go back into the ring. Lashley is an intense and gifted athlete whose skills and comfort level may well be best suited for MMA and I wish him well. I like it that he is taking his time, training, and allowing the offers to be fielded as they come. Lashley should have plenty of suitors.

It would be nice to see some fireworks between Mayweather, Jr. and the Big Show Monday night at their weigh in on RAW. This concept might be risky, because I don't think "Money" has totally gotten just how powerful the 400 plus pound Big Show is and the fact that Floyd is going to scoop into WM24, make a HUGE payday and bolt while Show is going to stay in the WWE for the foreseeable future and continue to earn a living. I have known wrestlers in the past who would "go into business for themselves" in matters such as this to protect their individual persona's. The problem is if Show manhandles "Money" prior to WM24 would Floyd want any more on March 30? Floyd has not endeared himself to the WWE locker room or so it seems. I could be wrong on that assessment, but that's one man's opinion.

Finally, last week the Mrs. and I lost our 18 year old cat Molly that we nicknamed "Molly 3:16' after she "kicked out" of an illness many years ago. We adopted Molly when she was 7, while living in Connecticut. With my corporate work load and travel schedule, Molly was my wife's constant pal and kept her company while I was away. I never liked cats before we gave Molly a home, as growing up with a redneck, hardass father we were not allowed to have any pets in the house. Molly won me over and it was heart breaking to have to put her down after she suffered what is thought to be a series of strokes. I realize that in today's world of controversial feedback from fans that this subject will likely be lampooned which is fine. I felt like I owed it to my wife Jan, Molly and all our friends and the wrestlers that had visited our home over the years that Molly entertained to mention her passing.

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I just wanted to let all of you know that if you have posted a comment and have yet to see it posted, don't panic, we have them, but are understaffed at the moment. J.R. will continue to post his blogs and we encourage you to continue to comment on them and we will post as we can. We are trying to get some new things in place to help manage everything and would like your feedback on how to implement.

In the future, we would like to manage comments in 2 ways:

The first is when J.R. posts a blog and you simply have a comment to make, we would like that to remain the way it is now and you simply comment on that particular post.

The second way is how we will handle questions. We would like a separate place on the site where you can ask J.R. a question and then your question will go into a different location. This way we can keep comments separate from questions and hopefully have a better format to access the information.

Once we get this set up, we would also like to have a user based system to help with our current spam issue. This way, you would create a user and if you wanted to post a comment, you would need to log in first. If we can get this going properly, the inappropriate comments (criticism is OK, but foul language and name calling is not necessary) will still go into moderation, but the users that have posted comments in the past that have followed the guidelines will post immediately. It would almost be a forum type setting and we may have that in the future, but until then, this would help with comment moderation.

We would like to know your thoughts on this and ask that you post any suggestions here. If you have another idea that might work, feel free to let us know. This is your site too and we would really like to know your thoughts.

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Ah, the glamorous life of a ‘rasslin announcer… Tuesday morning I left the Mohegan Sun at 3:45 a.m. for my trip to Hartford’s Bradley Airport to fly back to OKC via Dallas. A short night to say the least, but I got to watch SportsCenter like 3 times and catch up with LSU’s victory over Ohio State for the National Championship of college football’s most elite division. LSU is tough to beat, essentially at home, and Les Miles’ squad is talented and fast and proved too much for James Laurinaitis’ Buckeyes to handle. Laurinaitis is the son of Road Warrior Animal and the rumors abound that James will declare for the NFL Draft which remains to be seen. My take on that matter is that a kid has to take the big, guaranteed money IF it is there, but there is nothing better than the college experience if the large cash isn’t a guarantee via being a first round draft pick.

I met a bunch of fans after Raw Monday night at the hotel and did my best to sign all their autograph requests and then even took photos and signed some autographs Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. which should invoke some scary images. By the way, the crowd at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena was hot Monday night – and that certainly helps any TV show, as the Raw fans went above and beyond the call.

Many fans were disappointed that Ric Flair was not on Raw Monday and I don’t know why he wasn’t but I do know that many fans are talking about the Flair retirement scenario wherever I travel. Hopefully “Naitch” will make an appearance next Monday when Raw originates from Mobile, Alabama. From what I can tell it would see that Raw goes full time HD in two weeks.

I received a nice email Tuesday from Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who is relaxing in Hawaii after his exhausting book tour. Bret and I are going to try and hook up one day soon and he has been kind enough to be willing to provide us some “Hitman” gear for our next J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q, which is opening in Moore, Oklahoma in April. I have not spoken to a single individual who has read Bret’s book who hasn’t said that the book wasn’t simply awesome. I can’t wait to read it and the one common denominator regarding the book is that it is honest. Some wrestling books I have read were so bogus it was embarrassing for all involved, even though many of the less than honest and self serving publications still made the author some pretty good bucks.

I read on the internet that both Brooke Hogan and Chyna were being considered for “Dancing With The Stars,” which I found provocative. I sound like CNN’s A.J. Hammer, if that is his real name, as there is no doubt that both ladies would add some spice to the proceedings if one or both came to fruition. Sounds like yet another reality show in the making. Just what the world needs… Speaking of Dancing With The Stars, has any one seen anything of the lovely Stacey Keibler lately? I sure miss the sweetheart’s smile… and her legs!

Does anyone else think that Britney Spears needs to be committed before she leaves her two little boys without a mom? Good grief, when is enough of this foolishness enough? Can someone please say intervention? Britney gets more, albeit negative, pub than anyone in show business. Where are “her people,” but more importantly, where in the hell are her parents?

I don’t know who, but either Roger Clemens—or his former trainer is lying about The Rocket’s alleged steroid and HGH use. I have met Clemens on a handful of occasions, a couple of times at the Cotton Bowl for the OU-Texas football game and in Vegas on Super Bowl weekend a year or two ago, and I like the guy and think he may well be the greatest right handed pitcher of all time. I hope Roger comes through this ordeal intact as I hope Roger is being up front and honest, but these performance enhancing drugs have a more heightened focus on them today than I can ever remember. Bottom line is, just don’t do the damn things. The unfair competitive edge and the vanity that goes along with many of these chemicals needs to be eliminated and the FDA can help this cause especially the HGH issues. So can the American Medical Association. I understand Congress getting involved with these issue, but it is hard for any American citizen to debate the fact that Congress doesn’t have more pressing issues on their plate than this issue. Hopefully Congress can expedite these hearings and develop a plan to solve the problem but using the term “Congress” and “expedite” in the same sentence may be oxymoronic. It sure seems that after the Benoit tragedy and the subsequent publicity that was garnered and has significantly subsided, that many politicians have lessened their desire, or so it seems, to have Congress investigate wrestling.

We are getting ready to launch a new Valentine’s Day offer later this week, so please stay tuned for that. Plus, much to my surprise, the “Big Nuts” marketing campaign is doing really well. I can’t wait to see someone with a “Big Nuts” shirt on at a Raw TV event! We sent some gift buckets out for holiday gifts, including some “Big Nuts” shirts, and they were main event hits. I hope you will consider allowing us to be your source for all your unique gift ideas in our online store that never closes.

Bar-B-Q’ed Feedback time….or let’s get Sauced!

Hey JR,

My question is about the troops. Why is it WWE only mentions the American soldiers over there in Iraq? There are troops over there from all over the world, and yet WWE only credits the American troops, which I feel is wrong. WWE should acknowledge the “World” part of their initials more often with respect to this. – Dreamboy3000

The broadcast isn’t meant as a political statement in my view, and acknowledging the American troops from an American based company seems in line. This question borders on the political, and I am not a political guy by choice, inside or out of the wrestling biz. Politics of either ilk addressed are akin to a case of the diarrhea. YES I KNOW THAT POLITICS ARE PREVALENT IN WRESTLING, BUT THAT STILL DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO LIKE THEM.

JR -

Happy Holidays to you and yours and this maybe a minor question, but I’m 34 and the classic stuff is what I like the most when it comes to the DVD’s that come out…Whether its Bret Hart’s, The Road Warriors or Ric Flair and The Four Horseman…So my question and I know it’s a mute point, but why didn’t they use the World Class music for The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling… I remember how the theme song used to go… Just wondering why it wasn’t used…Don’t know if you’ve had a chance to watch it… Can’t wait for Raw to get here in VA next month! See you guys soon – Al (From NJ)(Now in VA)

I am not sure, but most likely it was an ownership or music licensing issue. I thought was an excellent look at World Class and that era and enjoyed it very much. COULD THE WCCW DVD HAVE BEEN BETTER, MOST LIKELY, BUT IT TOLD A DAMN GOOD STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE ORGANIZATIONS IN WRESTLING HISTORY. YOUNGER WRESTLERS SHOULD LEARN FROM THIS STORY, AMONG OTHER TRAGEDIES THAT HAVE OCCURRED WITHIN THE BIZ.

Hi JR,

I just LOVE your new format of answering questions! It is so interesting to read the original question, mistyped and all sometimes, and then read your comment or feedback on it. And yes, football in college and the NFL is very exciting right now. I hope you and your family had a great Christmas!

Johnny in Laredo, TX

Long night at the office for OU, but they are young and they will hopefully learn from the less than stellar experience. Passion can’t be willed or coached, as an athlete/wrestler must have “it’ – or not. OU needs more players with big hearts, lots of passion, and “it”. THE OU COACHES TOOK A BEATING FROM THE MEDIA AND SOME FANS, BUT A GOOD PORTION OF THE BLAME GOES ON THE PLAYERS.

Do they give tours of WWE headquarters? Also could you give us an update on Bobby Heenan? – Philip from Maine

Ask the WWE about their tours or lack thereof, as I don’t know. They are an office building that is not open to the public. I am not sure what you would tour or see, unless it might be the TV facility which works seemingly 24/7. They are like a CBS or a USA Network, in that it’s all offices and studios and nothing really for the public.

I DO KNOW THAT BOBBY HAD ANOTHER SURGERY ON MONDAY WHICH WILL MAKE HIS THIRD OVER THE PAST FEW WEEKS, BUT I DON’T HAVE AN UPDATE AS TO HOW IT WENT. BOBBY IS UNDERGOING SOME CHALLENGING TIMES, HEALTH WISE. I am attempting to get an update on The Brain, but all our thoughts and prayers in his regard would not hurt. As soon as I have spoken to Bobby’s wife, I will provide accurate info.

Hi J.R,

First off I hope you had a great Christmas with your family, I watched The 4 Horsemen DVD again last night and again laughed at the promo Arn cut where he said Jim Cornette’s suits looked like something Stevie Wonder would pick out. I also have enjoyed the RAW 15th anniversary DVD immensely especially the whole post-Montreal interview in its entirety, although I wish they had included Ric Flair showing up the night after Survivor’s Series 2001. I am looking forward to Stone Cold’s DVD next year and would love to see a Ricky Steamboat DVD also down the road, as well as maybe a “History Of Wrestling Stables” DVD. God Bless You J.R. – Dan

Thanks, Dan. Wrestling promos were much better when wrestlers were provided bullet points and then went on their own instincts and passion rather than have someone try and script what the wrestlers should say. There is so much great wrestling history in WWE’s archive; it will be very interesting to see the new releases as they are released!

Hey JR, – I am an undertaker fan. I would like to know what would happen to Smackdown once the undertaker retires from the wrestling business? Could anybody fill the void of having a main even superstar like him? – Jasel

No one is irreplaceable – not even The Undertaker. Nonetheless, The Undertaker’s legacy will live forever in the WWE.

Hey JR,

Quick question for you: Some friends and I were talking about the extreme popularity of Ron Simmons these days and his one-word gimmick. My question is this: what are your feelings about retired superstars getting the type of screen time that Ron does? Do you think that hurts the younger folks that don’t get a chance to shine in backstage interviews/spots? – Jim

I think that older stars can be effectively used to help create awareness for the younger stars, if it is efficiently presented. If Ron Simmons’ air time for saying “damn” is retarding the growth of younger wrestlers, then something is really wrong. I would like to see the WWE utilize Arn Anderson and Dusty Rhodes in verbal roles as well. That’s just me.

Hi JR,

What do you think the chances are of a British born world champion? I was also a fan of the European title, as it gave us a person to support. Do you think it will ever be brought back? I think that a US title alienates everyone outside of the United States. What do you think? – Dan (UK)

A British born world’s champ is probably more likely today than ever before. It all depends on the individual, and personally I could care less where the champion is from, as long as he can carry his share of the water.

hi jr!

i just want tell you that wwe is going ok, but we need see more wrestling then talking and with this vince thing i really wouldn’t like see him on the show alot its about the wrestlers not about the chairman i would like see the rating go up then down. and also i would like see them push jeff hardy more for him to win the title it’s about time we get the new wrestlers too win because like triple h and shawn michaels & etc.. they been in the biz for long time its time change up for once in wwe so what is your opinion about this?

You make things sound so easy and, unfortunately, they are not. There are lots of influences at play and many cooks in the kitchen that affect how matters evolve. When wrestlers are put in a position to be B level actors, at best, or comedians, it oftentimes falls flat. Many people have their own visions for the product. And mine is reality based physicality, spiced with natural verbalizing. OVER THE YEARS WATCHING WRESTLERS ASSUME THE ROLES OF BAD ACTORS IS UNCOMFORTABLE.


Do you feel that the Undertaker gets the respect that he deserves in the ring and not backstage? Why does Vince or creative have Edge defeat the Undertaker, when Edge is by far over-rated when it comes to in-ring ability? – Joshua Howell

I totally disagree that Edge is overrated. ‘Taker is one of the most respected men, and deservedly so, in the entire company.

Hi J.R.! Thanks for answering my earlier question. I think Jillian’s CD is selling because people love, or at least react strongly, to the gimmick. But of course pretty much anything with the WWE name is a guaranteed sell. Have you ever heard Jillian “really” sing, as in not screaming the lyrics? I’m curious as to how good she can be. – Jody L.

I don’t even know if Jillian can “really” sing. Her singing hasn’t occupied many of my thoughts lately, to be honest with you.

Hey JR,

I know you don’t have control over talent or where they go, but in your opinion what do you think the possibility of Rey Mysterio going to Raw would be? Many of us feel he’s an amazing talent (as would most agree), but all in all the good possible rivalries on Smackdown available are slim for him now. He has been on the Smackdown roster longer than anyone on it currently, except for maybe The Undertaker. I think the only people of real interest he hasn’t had a rivalry with is Undertaker, Edge and Batista (and all three would be great, but then what?). What are your thoughts, Beefmaster Jim? – D

Rey seems to be staple on Smackdown and I don’t see him moving from there anytime soon, especially with Smackdown appealing to a strong and ever growing Hispanic audience.

Hello JR,

I have been a long time fan of the Pro Wrestling Industry and always wanted to be involved. I wanted to be an in ring talent, but due to injuries I have sustained, that dream will never come true. Do you know if the WWE corporate hires people who could work from a different location? since I would not be able to relocate for employment, but would love to work for the WWE. I do have a b.s. in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. Any advice/suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. – Carl

Contact the WWE Corporate website, Carl, and good luck.


I was wondering what is the best way to break into the writing side of the wrestling biz. Also, at the beginning of the Legend’s Show, there is a clip of a ring collapsing because of there being too many guys in it. Any idea when that occurred?

Thanks and take care. Sean Kilkelly

I would assume that the ring collapsed because there was too much weight in it and the ring wasn’t properly supported. Ring crew snafu. I do not know how the writer’s are hired as that is not my area. Another WWE Corporate website question.


I was looking at the wwe website and noticed on the Royal Rumble page that the title belt Randy Orton has around his shoulder says Triple H on it. I know mistakes are made, but thought it was really weird seeing that, as Triple H has never worn the spinning title. Is this a forecast of things to come in the near future? – . John O’Donnell

Most likely a human error, as HHH is now out of the Rumble.

Hello JR! Hope you had a pleasant and relaxing festive period.

In the spirit of the traditional ‘best of’ lists that crop up at this time of year? I wondered what your best moment of 2007 was? For me the return of Chris Jericho was just about the best, he brought real star quality to Raw that night. – Adam P: Surrey: England

My best moment was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, hands down.

Hey JR.

Couple quick things. First, you say you think the NHL is poorly marketed and promoted. What would you change about it, being the sports buff you are? Hockey is the only team sport I follow and I’m a huge NHL fan. Which segues nicely into my wrestling question, I’m also a huge Stevie Richards fan, and I haven’t seen him since an early September ECW when I was fortunate enough to be in attendance (in Atlanta) for a stellar match involving Richards, Tommy Dreamer, Kevin Thorn and Elijah Burke. What’s up with Stevie and when will he be back? – Godz

I would have to give this ample thought, which I choose not to do at this time, but watching hockey on TV is challenging. I like the game too, but it is not a TV friendly vehicle. Plus I think the league has to develop cross over stars that I can emotionally invest in. Stevie has had some injury issues and is in healing mode.

Hey J.R. Thanks for partially answering my question last time, but the wrestling i was referring to was in-ring. So what advice do you have for me? thanks. – Jeffro

Hopefully you have a college degree, first and foremost. Then attend a wrestling school and Danny Davis or Harley Race’s schools are two of the best. Making it as a wrestler is a LONG shot at best, just so you will know.

Hey JR, i have a quick question. Have you heard when Candice Michelle or Gregory Helms will be back in the ring again? – Jordan

Candice is due back in January as I last heard, but Helms is more likely to return in 4-6 months from neck surgery. I HAVE HEARD THAT HELMS IS DOING BETTER. THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF HIS RECOVERY HAVE BEEN CHALLENGING.


Silly question… When calling a match, do you predominantly look at the monitors at your broadcast position, or do you look at the action directly in the ring? It seems (and I may be wrong) that you and your colleagues tend to look at the monitors more often. Is this because of the greater variety of viewing angles available with the monitors? – Jeffrey

I watch the monitors because they show me the same thing that you see at home, and that is what I am paid to describe.

Howdy J.R.,

Do you think that one day WWE will produce a Deisel/Kevin Nash set? And where can a city boy like myself pick up some of your famous beef jerky in new york? – Alex Sanchez

Our J.R.’s Beef Jerky is available here on our website, as are all our products, and we usually ship within hours of receiving your order. I would assume that Nash is a lay-up for a DVD some day and deservedly, so especially if the WWE can conduct a thorough sit down interview with him when he is contractually able.

Dear Mr. Ross,

I really enjoy the talk shows you host on WWE on Demand, when there is real debate with such men like Mick Foley or Eric Bischoff. The rest of panel usually sucks up to the WWE. Don’t get me wrong. I love the wwe, but nothing is perfect. I feel maybe the panel should always have Foley and Bischoff. Maybe instead of 4 guests there, it should be 5 or 6 guests. This show brings me a great feeling of the behind the scenes of wrestling. I thank you for providing it to the fans and keep making more please! – OM

Some guys are more willing to be more honest than others who may be perceived to have the old proverbial conflict of interest. It is a tough fence to straddle. BUT IN TODAY’S “I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING” SOCIETY, NOTHING WILL EVER BE ENOUGH.

hey jr, could u tell us fans about ur fav. hbk matches? Maybe a top 5 list, in no particular order? Cheers! – Sid

NOT SURE WHAT EXACT MATCHES, BUT OPPONENTS WOULD INCLUDE BRET HART, MANKIND, VADER, THE UNDERTAKER, HHH, AND THE BRITISH BULLDOG. I actually was entertained by the DX mocking the National segment. DX has done many memorable segments, which makes it difficult to pick one out off the top of my head.

jr – u are the best commentator in the business ever, and I’m honored you are reading my words. my favorite wwf superstars consist of hhh hbk and foley, but do you think jeff hardy will finally live up to his billing as the new Shawn Micheals? and do you think he would truly make a good wwe champion? the fans sure would get behind him. – swift

For any fan to compare Jeff Hardy to HBK isn’t fair to Jeff. HBK has a long body of work that will live for years to come. Jeff needs to put several years of great matches together before he can be compared to Shawn Michaels, in my opinion. However, there is no one hotter than Jeff Hardy in the WWE, as we speak. I hope Jeff’s dreams come true, for sure.

What is the status of Paul Heyman. He is one of the best and innovative writers of his day. Is he being used in that way or is he still being paid to sit at home to prevent him from going to TNA? – Artez collins

I never knew that Heyman was being paid to sit home and to not go to TNA. Whoever said Heyman wanted to go to TNA or if TNA wanted Heyman?? Paul is creating projects for film and TV as I understand it. He called me on January 3 to wish me a happy birthday, but I missed his call.

Why hasn’t the WWE established a secondary title in ECW? Maybe a special title that can change hands on a DQ or count out or a Television Title that would be defended every week on TV. Artez collins

I am for eliminating some of the watered down titles in wrestling—not adding more to them.

Good ol’ J.R.!

Remember the good days of crazy gimmicks? Do you think the WWE will start using them again? If not, why doesn’t the WWE make each and every superstar DIFFERENT!! Yeah Batista, Triple H, and Bobby Lashley are recognizable, but they are all kind of the same character if you know what I mean. They are just B.A.’s with big muscles. Ex. you could have Lashley with his military background as a gimmick or Batista like the “REAL” Ultimate Warrior. What do you think? – James B

Not my cup of tea. I like reality based wrestling when it can be properly executed—and not the over use of “gimmicks,” as you call them. I am not “anti-gimmick” – I’m just not over crazy for the over use of them.

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