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Great day to catch up on things here with a new blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'll also include addressing some Twitter questions from @JRsBBQ. Ding, ding, ding.

I enjoyed several elements of Monday Night Raw that originated from San Diego. I attended the OU-UCONN Womens hoops game and watched RAW via DVR so whether that influenced my perception of the show or not, I don't know. It was nice not having to endure the commercials.

The broadcast had ample star power. Even though Undertaker was there on video tape his presence was felt. 

The HHH/HBK in ring segment was compelling. I could have listened all night to their interaction. This segment was a hit and provoked thought of which some fans are over thinking. Nothing new there.. 

Didn't hate the 'debate' that started the show as it did provide talents with an opportunity to speak. Speaking on TV is essential. No talk generally equals not a star. 

Seems as if Kofi/Jericho have some chemistry in the ring. Kofi is starting to step forward and hopefully he remains hungry and aggressive in those efforts. Jericho is already a star who is destined for big things likely sooner than later. 

It seemed as if I sort of drove up on Orton and Show squaring off in the ring. This is the bout where Orton got concussed and has now been eliminated from competing at the Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday. Concussions are not and cannot be dealt with any way but seriously. WWE does a really nice job regarding talent's injuries with a full time medical doctor at every event along with a certified athletic trainer. 

Saw on where Santino was replacing Orton in the Smackdown elimination chamber bout. That's a jaw dropper.

Michael Cole was especially smarmy Monday night. Just thought you'd like to know.

It seems as if the Diva division in WWE is slow beginning to be more significant. Beth Phoenix is evolving into an intriguing character while Tamina has been evolving steadily. Of course, folks are clamoring for a Kharma vs Phoenix match which will likely happen some day. Kharma only gave birth to her son on New Year's Eve so her coming back full time is likely still a ways away.

The award for the best sports entertainment kiss in recent memory goes to Eve Torres and John Cena.

Someone asked on Twitter if I thought that she was a 'Jezebel" and I don't think she quite in 'Jezebel' land just yet. Time will tell though.

CM Punk dominated Miz more than the scoreboard perhaps indicated. Punk has connected strongly to the fans while Miz' career seemingly needs to be jump started compared to Miz being in a WrestleMania main event just one year ago.

One thing one has to say about Zack Ryder, is that even though he was essentially confined to a wheel chair due to a multitude of injuries at the hands of Kane, he still represents his persona well wearing his merchandise. Perhaps he should consider trading in his hot selling T shirt and head band etc for a suit of armour.

Great video on the Rock who one can only imagine the ovation that @TheRock receives on April 1 when he's introduced in his 'hometown' of Miami at WM28. Having been to football games at the same stadium I can tell you that even without a dome that the noise in the stadium actually doesn't escape in the night's air as one might assume. Hard to explain but I've been on the sideline of multiple OU games there and it's noisy to say the least.

For those who seriously think that Rock and Cena are pals, think again. Go back to 2008 and listen to Rock's comments at the WWE HOF regarding John Cena. That was almost four years ago. These two stars are NOT on the same page and both have strong personalities and are game day players. Their one on one match at WM28 will be physical and competitive I can assure you.

What's Booger Red? A nickname that I unsuccessfully hung on the American Bad Ass Character, as I recall, IE the Undertaker. Booger Red was the nickname of another red headed, bad ass from Texas, former UT linebacker and hall of famer Tommy Nobis. If you look up 'Booger' in the dictionary, it is a southern expression meaning a frightening apparition of which Undertaker certainly is. Plus, he is naturally red headed. I thought the name worked but others didn't.

Will WrestleMania ever be held in London? I officially have no say or know but my guess is that due to the time difference and the absolute necessity of WWE PPV's starting at 7 pm eastern time it is unlikely. Airing a show on tape delay won't work in today's world. Look at what time the UFC starts their live, PPVs that originate from Brazil so that they can air at their normal time in North America.

BTW...I've answered tons of your questions on prior blogs that you have access to and that I hope you will read while you are here.

Twitter...I don't declare my favorite matches. Stop asking. I don't know but I'll take your suggestions.

Do the IC and US titles need more focus and to be featured more? If you ask the question then, to you, the answer is yes. I personally agree that both these respected titles could use some shine. Both their champions are excellent and are expected to be a significant part of WWE's future...Rhodes and Swagger. I like Ziggler alot too.  

Is Taker coming back as the American BadAss character? I honestly do not know. I enjoy knowing less, enjoyng the TV shows more, and seeing how things organically play out. I don't have the desire to know every detail of what's going on in advance of it happening as do some.

Why did Taker cut his hair? Beats the hell of of me but I'm sure that matter will be addressed when the time comes. Until then, I, like many of you, will stay tuned. I've never gotten so many questions on one topic on Twitter as I have regarding Undertaker's hair. Wow.

Do I still work for WWE? Absolutely. Just not on weekly TV. I'd like to think that I have several marketable skills that WWE will continue to utilize.

Will I ever return to the announce table? That's solely a WWE call. I'm a team guy and will contribute where ever I can.

Heading to the dentist. Not his name isn't Yankem. I will have more blogs this week and perhaps tonight if time allows. It's OU-K State womens hoops tonight in Norman and then I'm doing some scouting Thursday night at the OU vs OKlahoma State Bedlam Wrestling dual. One never knows what one will discover. I hear that OSU's heavyweight is a beast who's on Jerry Brisco's radar. I will certainly check him out.

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Hi JR,

Don't the UFC PPVs that are held in the UK air on tape delay over in the US?  They air live @ 8pm in the UK.


in the span of a week Jeremy Lin has established more twitter followers than dwayne johnson and jim ross combined. The losers who continue to chant "what" at wwe events who aren't aware its not 1998 anymore can keep entertaining themselves while the rest of real universe enjoy our new york's linsanity!!!

Ryder took a sick bump off the stage and out of his wheelchair on Monday.  I hope he was wearing good knee pads and wrist pads.  Then again, other WWE superstars have taken worse tumbles falling off ladders.  R-Truth took a bad fall on the previous Monday.

I just read that WWE has inked the Meadowlands stadium for next year's Wrestlemania.  I hope it's not too cold up in Jersey at that time of year.  (And I have the same worry about the Super Bowl in 2014.)

Throughout pro wrestling history, one thing (among others) always remains true: the promoter wants to push his under-talented son as a serious competitor.  From Greg Gagne to Erik Watts to Shane McMahon to Garett Bischoff, it never ends.  I might add Dustin Rhodes from the early '90s to that list, but Rhodes was decent.

To commenter DaveS: Jeremy Lin is exciting, but how is that relevant to Mr. Ross's blog?

 Project 2010 is versatile enough to help bring order to a novice project manager's