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Happy 'hump day' IE Wednesday and hope all's going well. I'm counting down the days until we travel to WM29 which is always a highlight of the year for my better half and me. Ding, ding, ding....  Great choice by Mick Foley to select Terry Funk to induct Mr. Foley's baby boy at the 2013 WWE HOF induction ceremony. The Funker is Mick's mentor and idol. I think it's pretty cool when a Hall of Fame inductee can actually have their all time favorite wrestler, their father like figure within the business and their role model as it relates to in ring style and approach to the game induct them.  Speaking of Terry Funk, he was arguably the most UNDERRATED broadcaster that I ever worked with as we did several prime time broadcasts during the WCW days in Atlanta. Terry was a great story teller, understood the business explicitly, was a great listener and he always put the in ring talent first.  If I were asked, I'd suggest that the Funk/Foley duo be the first out of the gate on Saturday night April 6 in the sold out Madison Square Garden to kick off the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. We're, taking a caravan of buses from our hotel in Jersey to MSG which should be a sight to see considering the Big Apple traffic. All JR's products will be sold at the new, WWE Super Store located at the MetLife gate just inside the stadium Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. JR's Beef Jerky which can't be shipped to many countries will be available every day but Sunday so get yours early. Stock up on all our products and save on the shipping. The stadium is across the way from the IZOD Center where AXXESS will be held. The entire package is very conveniently located.  I will be officially at the WWE Super Store on Friday April 5 from 1-3 pm signing our products and meeting fans. My only AXXESS appearance is Saturday y morning from 8-10 at the Legends booth.  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ as I may make a surprise appearance at the Super Store on Thursday too. That's my plan.  Hoping to attend the NCAA Women's hoops action this Sunday in OKC. We're season ticket holders of the OU Women's Basketball team, got those Jack Nicholson seats, and am a big booster of Coach Sherri Coale's squad.  Heard the Mark Henry/Ryback weight lifting contest that airs on Friday Night Smackdown was damn impressive and blew the NFL record away as it relates the number of reps on the 225 bench  press.  I have tons of research to do before I begin attempting to write the book on my career. If anyone has any suggestions hit me at the Q&A section of this site. All ideas are appreciated. The smartest bookers in the world follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. I wonder if this would even be mentioned if we knew the age of the keyboard warriors? Likely not. The vitriol, at times, is crazy. It proves the old adage that when one acquires bits and pieces of knowledge that they become 'dangerous' re: a given topic.  Fandango is a lightning rod right now because many or perhaps a few vocal 'fans' don't like the TV persona even though they have yet to see it fully on display in a match of significance. I'm of the persuasion that I'll reserve my opinions until I actually see the talent get it on bell to bell. Chris Jericho is the perfect opponent to perform with Fandango at WM29 because Jericho is all about stealing the show ala the great @ShawnMichaels no matter Y2J's role. Fandango can also expect Jericho to beat the hell out of him along the way. Believe that! Got a text from Ric Flair early this morning and Naitch is feeling great and has been provided medication to dissolve the blood clot that is in his leg. The doctor's are highly  optimistic that the meds will do the trick and eliminate a potentially, dangerous issue. Ric and I will get together Wednesday evening in Jersey to catch up which is one of our WrestleMania traditions.  The $4.99 special where you get a bottle of JR's Chipotle Ketchup, a collector's squeeze bottle from our old restaurant and a personally signed trading card is still available at The good folks at in Manchester are on fire shipping JR's products throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. They are also on Twitter if you have questions on shipping, etc @americansoda. I updated the Q&A's here on the site as of Wednesday midday. I'm working on some unique speaking/appearance projects. Stay tuned.   Enjoying the serious nature that the Rock/Cena rivalry has taken the past few weeks and it is a departure from 2012 or so it seems to me. Closing a WrestleMania with such high expectations and having a 'different' match than last year are tremendous responsibilities notwithstanding the fact that the match is for the WWE Title which should be the primary issue. Cena vs. Rock is a target of varying levels of controversy from some fans but pales in comparison to what their own peers will place upon the show closers in their own matches at WM29.  NXT alums The Shield and Big E Langston will do their thing at their first WrestleMania event and one can speculate what current NXT performer will be in the lineup next year at WM30 in New Orleans. It will happen I can virtually guarantee you.  Thanks for stopping by and tell a friend about our site, the blogs, Q&A's and photo gallery. We appreciate the business that many of you assist us with at and @americansoda.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ        
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NO no No JR !   IT'S   FAN     DAN     GOOOOOOOO  !!!!
Hi JR, why do you think Vader and Bam Bam, who are two of my favorite 'big guys' in the business, never became WWE Champions? Bam Bam and Vader also haven't been  inducted into the HOF (although I am sure Vader is a lock down the road) I remember the Legends Roundtable where you mentioned Vader while discussing great big wrestlers, so I feel you might share some insight on why his potential was never fully reached?