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Greetings to all and to all a good day! Thanks to those that support our family's efforts in building our family brand of JR's food products for sale online at and in Manchester, England via It's GRILLING TIME!   Just a few random thoughts: WWE will release the Legends of Mid South Wrestling on September 10 of which I have seen and really enjoyed . It brought back some wonderful memories of working for the bombastic albeit it brilliant Cowboy Bill Watts and "going to school" every single day. This DVD will be, without question, one that many fans will wonder why something memorable from their past was left out. Honestly, there is no physical way to include all the great content from the WWE acquired Mid South/UWF library in one DVD. I hope that you will check it out in a few weeks. If it sells well, perhaps another one will be produced.   My August 24-27 Spoken Word Tour of the UK should be completely sold out in a few days if tickets continue to sell as they have been at Only a handful of tickets remain for Cardiff and Glasgow, a few more for Manchester, which is our biggest venue on the tour, and as I've mentioned London has been sold out for several weeks.  Plans are being made to expand this Spoken Word concept to include North America and perhaps Australia as several interested parties are contacting us.  My story of how I backed  into the good, old boy fraternity of pro wrestling in the 70's by doing several, low level jobs for even lower pay, surviving the territory days, launching my broadcasting career, moving into the cable TV world of the game along with the new entity known as PPV, then navigating the corporate world of grappling first with Turner and then with WWE is a story that is unlike anyone else in the history of our business. I've had a blessed career and  am anxious to share it with great fans.    If one is a fan of the genre, old or new, I think you will enjoy my presentation. I'm very excited about it and plan on bringing my "A" game and especially look forward to the Q&A aspect with the audience in an intimate setting.  I promise that there will be NO wardrobe malfunctions! I plan on attending Summer Slam weekend and will be doing an appearance or two at AXXESS.  Steve Austin's Podcasts are really 'must hear' pieces of business and I may record another podcast with Steve while I'm in LA for Summer Slam. Depends on if he buys dinner. Follow Steve on Twitter @steveaustinBSR Q&A's are updated here on the site. Nice, succinct, smart questions are preferred. Asking who is sexier, Torrie Wilson or Trish Stratus isn't considered a smart question, for the record. All questions don't make the final cut but I enjoy interacting with fans nonetheless. My wife saw the Eagles last night in Pittsburgh and said that they were awesome and played three hours and took one break. (Hey, us older guys have to deal with Mother Nature occasionally.) With that said, and just as Jim Carrey told The King and me years ago, always place talent and experience over youth and look even though Hollywood doesn't. That philosophy motivates me daily.  Lots of people sending me spoiler info and wanting me to comment on things that I haven't seen. Just so everyone knows, when I go to see a movie, I don't want to know how it ends before I buy a ticket. So...with that said the only "Spoiler" that interests me are stories about the late, Don Jardine who was arguably one of the top five masked men to every step into a ring wrestling as 'The Spoiler.' NCAA football's targeting rule is a potential train wreck as it adds another bam-bam judgment call that football officials have to make while having to process info that could have a player ejected. Hopefully common sense will override the proverbial "letter of the law." Watch how many veteran NFL players have "mild strains" of varying degrees in the next few days. Few NFL veteran wants to practice in July or August and if they do they want those practices to be limited. I predicts lots of minor 'injuries' to be in the news over the next few days as NFL training camps open.  My personal take on NXT talents is simply that, my opinion. There is SO  much more to becoming a successful WWE Superstar than merely the ability to perform in the ring. Some fans who seemingly have no management experience and perhaps haven't moved out of their folk's home just yet, simply don't get that simple, common sense philosophy. I don't have an exact age in mind that talents should be called up to the primary WWE roster. Some people mature at different ages and some never mature and become reliable pros who strive every day, no matter the hand that they are dealt, to improve their game in ALL phases and to place the company before their own agendas.  Plus, just because a talent from the past was on the main roster at 19 or 20, why does that make it right for everyone. Plus, who says those specific call up's weren't a bad decision in hindsight? It's insane the amount of dumb asses who Tweet me @JRsBBQ an anti #OU Football tweet and then get PO'ed when I don't answer them back. It's like I want to say, "What are you, 12?" Speaking of Oklahoma Football, their biggest issues aren't who starts at QB. Whoever starts at quarterback is going to be more mobile and have more play making via the run than any QB the Sooners have had in a decade. OU's biggest issues are putting a defense on the field that has an aggressive, solid front seven and keeping the offensive line healthy. I plan on attending every OU game this season and will remain loyal and supportive of my team win or lose. Isn't that what real fans do? I'm north of 850,000 followers on Twitter @JRsBBQ and personally invite you to come along with us.  If you're not watching Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' you are missing the best, new show on TV this year.  When grilling shrimp on your grill, make sure that the shrimp are clean and that they have been sprayed with grilling spray to keep them from sticking. I like to grill shrimp on skewers because they are easier to handle and I use one seasoning...JR's All Purpose Seasoning which does the trick. Cook 2-4 minutes over low heat and really pay attention as to not overcook.   Thanks for stopping by and don't forget that Norman Homeland stores stock the complete line of JR's products so if you are driving down I35 south of OKC, make a quick pit stop and stock up and save.  The convenience store, J Botie's in Norman at 36th and Main also stocks JR's Beef Jerky.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.        @JRsBBQ